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Cross Slash as seen in Dissidia.

Cross Slash is a recurring attack in the series, usually a powerful non-elemental sword attack. It first debuted in Final Fantasy VII as Cloud Strife's second Limit Break in the game, and usually appears when the character himself appears.




Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Cross Slash appears as a Band ability for Ceodore and Hooded Man. It costs 7 MP to use and inflicts non-elemental damage to one enemy. There is also an upgraded version called "Cross Slash Prime".

It is important to note this Cross Slash is not the same as Cloud Strife's Cross Slash. In the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII, and related games, Cross Slash is called "Curse Slash". Thus, the Band ability shares the name with Cloud's Limit Break in the English release only.

Final Fantasy VII

Cross Slash is the second Limit Break of the first tier of limits for Cloud. It is obtained after using Braver 8 times, and it deals damage equal to 3.25 times that of a normal physical attack as well as inflicting Paralyze on an enemy.

Final Fantasy VIII

Cross Slash is an enemy ability, used by the Grendel enemy, and merely inflicts non-elemental physical damage to one party member.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Cross Slash is a Limit ability of Soldier, better known as Cloud, which can only be used once he is equipped with the Materia Blade. It has a range and effect of 2, speed of 25, and requires 200 JP to use. It inflicts non-elemental damage to up to two enemies.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Cross Slash is a HP attack of Cloud. It is one of his two initial HP attacks, and hits the opponent up to three times, and can only be used while Cloud is on the ground. It requires 180 AP to master.


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