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The Cronese Mandate was a Sector in the Outer Rim Territories created by the Galactic Empire within the Tion Cluster.



It contained the worlds of the former Kingdom of Cron, including the historic capital of Argai and the Imperial sector capital of Chandaar.[1][2]The Human inhabitants of the Mandate were known as the Cronese: they were rivals of the Tionese. The Cronese Mandate was near the Cron Drift and the world of Ossus.

At the time of the Galactic Civil War, the ruler of the Mandate was Robeir XXIII, head of the House of Cron. The Cronese had an independent defense fleet, but were overseen by Imperial troops. Most of the Mandate's trade was in minerals mined in the uninhabited systems.[1]


The Mandate contained 464 inhabited worlds as well as many uninhabited systems. It was the largest of the three sectors of the Cluster, as only about 136 worlds were inhabited in the other two combined. 14 of the Mandate's worlds were the former holdings of the Kingdom of Cron.[1]



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