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October 20th, 2552

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Human-Covenant War

"Step away from that cash machine, or I'm going to blow your pretty head off!"
—Crone, to Sadie.

The Crone was a resident of New Mombasa during the Covenant invasion of Earth. In Sadie's Story, she took the title character hostage at the city's casino district.


Needing to find a cash machine with a video phone, Sadie Endesha entered a casino. The casino was being vandalized by the Crone and other looters. Vergil generated fake police sirens in an attempt to scare off the looters; the Crone, however, recognized the noise as a "neat little trick" and continued to loot the building.

The Crone took Sadie at gunpoint while prying open a cash machine. When a Covenant Phantom landed outside, Sadie took cover, but the Crone continued to loot the machine. A Brute attacked, ripping the machine off the wall and pinning the Crone beneath it. Believing that the Brutes were after "her" money, the Crone attempted to defend it; she failed to fend off the attackers, and one of them executed her with a Mauler.


  • In the story, she appears to be wielding an M90/A Shotgun. It is unknown how exactly she obtained a military-grade weapon; she may have stolen it from an NMPD officer. However, Misriah Armory is known to sell military-grade weapons, including the M90, to civilians, according to an advertisement of the company.
  • She was voiced by Laura Kenny.[1]


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File:The Crone.gif NPC The Crone
Location: In Ankrahmun, Ruins Tomb
Occupation: Banshee
Notes: She was Vashresamun's favourite handmaiden.
Items traded: None.
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