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The statue of Crondis at the Pharaoh Queen tomb.

Crondis is a goddess with the head of a crocodile, and is one of the members of the desert pantheon, a collection of gods and goddesses that are worshipped mainly in the Kharidian Desert. Her following is particularly strong in Menaphos and Sophanem, the twin desert cities of the Menaphites. Because she is rarely spoken of by NPCs, little is known of her. Should you pick up the crocodile-headed Canopic jar in Icthlarin's Little Helper, you can fight her. She is Level 75 and oddly has a male character model.

Crondis is the goddess of physical pleasures, much like her sibling, Apmeken, who is the god of mental pleasures. Her following is somewhat small and consists mainly of people with professions such as cooks, hunters, and sybarites (a sybarite is somebody that enjoys all of the fine things in life). Unfortunately for many of her followers, however, worshippers of Crondis are often considered lazy by the citizens of the desert, largely due to her sybarite following.


  • Crondis is probably based on the Egyptian god Sobek.
  • Although Crondis is female, her statue in the Uzer Mastaba looks very masculine, and doesn't have anything as chest covering, unlike most other things without chest covering Bandos chestplate and Verac's brassard.

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