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Personel File: Carter, Cris (Star Trek: Minnesota (RPG)) Last Update: Stardate: 46788.4

Personal Information

Age: 31 Race: Human - Full Rank: Commander Strengths:

-Helm -Tactical -Command

Parents and Intermediate Family

Father: Cmdr. Robert Carter [DECEASED] - XO of the USS Missouri - the ship was destroyed at Wolf359

Mother: Lt. Cmdr. Sarah Carter - Science Officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D

Sister: Lieutenant JG. Nancy Carter - Counselling Officer aboard the USS Hood

Starfleet Academy

Academy Enterance Exam

Took test at: Starfleet Academy Number of People who took the test at Starfleet Academy: 847 (This count does not include testing at other facilities) Number of People Accepted: 300 Carter Accepted: Yes Carter's Average: 91% - 29th out of 847 Psych Test Results: Pass

The BIAH System:

Index: B = Basic, I = Intermediate, A = Advanced, H = Honors

1st Year of Academy

Engineering 101 (Average - 90%) Flight Control 101 (Average - 95%) Computer Operation - B (Average - 85%) Security 101 (Average - 87%) Alien Cultures 101 (Average - 92%)

Notes: Carter did well in his first year, showing more skill than he had shown in his original Enterance exam. He passed all of his exams well.

2nd Year of Academy

Engineering 201 - I (Average - 89%) Command 201 - A (Average - 93%) (This course includes basic negotiation and command skills, including flight control) Security 201 - B (Average - 86%) Computer Operation - I (Average - 87%) Medical 201 - B (Average - 90%)

Notes: Carter has done well in his second year, and has become more active in sport activities. He has participated in the Starfleet 3 Mile Run for the second time this year, and is improving in his skills.

3rd Year of Academy

Engineering 301 - A (Average - 93%) Command 301 - A (Average - 94%) Computer Operation - A (Average - 88%) Temporal Mechanics - B (Half Course) (Average - 89%) Alpha Quadrant Alien Cultures - I (Half Course) (Average - 96%) Spacial Survival Skills - I (Average - 94%) (Earned 92% in planetary isolation exam)

Notes: Carter's 3rd year went quite well for him, with his marks improving. He has been granted access to Honor courses for advanced teaching.

4th Year of Academy

Engineering - Engine Maintenance - 401 - H (Average - 90%) Engineering - Ship Repair - 401 - A (Average - 88%) Engineering - Ship Operations - 401 - A (Average - 93%) Command - Starship Command - 401 - H (Average - 95%) Command - Alien Species - 401 - H (Average - 98%)

Notes: Carter's final year went very well for him, showing expertise in Engineering and Command concepts.

His record and marks have been transfered to the following Starships or Starbases:

-Jupiter-Station (Science Facillity) -Starbase 1 (Sol-Starbase) -U.S.S. Honshu (Nebula-Class) -U.S.S Merrimack (Constellation-Class) -U.S.S Serenity (Nebula-Class) -U.S.S Minnesota (Nebula-Class)

Final Results: Graduation Graduated 29th in class. Acecpted on: U.S.S. Serenity - Helm - Ensign

Psychiatric Evaluation:

Captain Cris Carter - Psychiatric Evaluation

Cris Carter has been a fine officer, following his duties well. He has had a few major medical difficulties in his history in Starfleet.


Mr. Carter was taken over by aliens who attempted to infiltrate Starfleet Command. He hacked into 2 Starfleet vessel's computers and found vital and classified information. Because of the situation, Carter was not court martialed. He took a 2 week LOA after the event. All memories from the event are still retained by Carter.

Lieutenant Junior Grade

As transfered to the U.S.S. Minnesota, Carter was assigned as Assitant Helmsman and Relief. After some time aboard the Ship he became the department head


Mr. Carter was present on the U.S.S. Minnesota during the Borg attack at Sector 001 and underwent some therapy after seeing a very good friend dying on the Bridge. He underwent the therapy for 10 days before returning to active duty.

Lieutenant Commander

Carter takes Command of the U.S.S Minnesota after the Borgs Attack in Sector 001, the dead of the Executive Officer and the Commanding Officer. The loss of his Captain and many Crewmembers treatend him bad


3 Years after the Fight at Wolf 359, Carter was finally promoted to Commander. He ist still acting Captain of the U.S.S. Minnesota. He hasnt been replaced by a Starfleet Captain becuase Starfleet thinks, he earns thi sship

Recommendations & Commendations

Lieutenant Sarah Justin: (Pre-Starfleet) "Though young, and not part of Starfleet, he helped during a time of crisis."

Captain Ronald Mayweather: "Performed excellent in the face of danger."

Admiral Aquarius: "Excellent performance in the field of Command"


James Atkinson Award

Presented by: Admiral Aquarius Posting: U.S.S. Minnesota - Nebula-Class Reason for Award: For helping to save the ship and for 'Interesting Planning'

Past Assignments

U.S.S. Minnesota: Carter's post on the Minnesota took place during the Borg attack at Sector 001. He was the Minnesota's helmsman. After this event, he remained on board and became acting captain due the lack of Starfleet personnel.


Civilian: Carter was a civilian from stardate 34004.2 to 35778.9, was promoted to Cadet by Admiral Aquarius (Aquarius is now retired).

Cadet: Carter became a Cadet on Stardate 36361.7. Carter completed Starfleet Academy on October 12th 2359 and was reassigned to the Serenity.

Ensign: Carter became an Ensign on Stardate 39821.1 being reassigned to the Minnesota and becoming a full-fledged Starfleet officer.

Lieutenant Junior Grade: Carter became a Lt. Jg. on Stardate 40544.9, while still assigned to the Minnesota. As a Lt. Jg., Carter has begun intermidate Piloting and Flightcontrolling.

Lieutenant: Carter became a Lieutenant due his excellent Service on Stardate 41445.6 Still assigned to the Minnesota. He met Nicole DuBois and had a relationship with her

Lieutenant Commander: Carter became a Lieutenant Commander on Stardate 44788.4 He is still assigned to the Minnesota. As a Lieutenant Commander, he has been helping taken over the Command of the U.S.S Minnesota as Acting CO.

Commander: Carter becomes a Commander on Stardate 45788.4 due his Outstanding Service in leading the Minnesota through the Frontlines and threats.

File 223

- Unable to Comply

File 47 - Starfleet Recreational Records: [Access Granted]

Carter performs well in terms of fitness. He works out everyday at the Minnesota gymnasium. If no gymnasium is aboard a ship, he works out in his quarters.

Carter took part in Starfleet's 3 Mile Run during all 4 years at the academy:

1st year: 21st place 2nd year: 15th place 3rd year: 10th place 4th year: 3rd place

History Profile

He has created a company with Lt. Tom Paris.

End of Personal File


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