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Fallout 1 & Fallout 2

To cripple an enemy, aim for the arms and legs. If you have a crippled leg you can't run and you use more Action Points. If you have a crippled arm you can't wield two handed weapons. If the arm crippled is the arm wielding a gun, the accuracy of the weapon will decrease significantly. If both arms are crippled, you can only use unarmed attacks.

In Fallout 2, crippling of the eyes resulted in blindness.

Fallout 3

Main article: V.A.T.S.

Although body part damage can be achieved through manual aiming, VATS allows more effective targeting of particular body parts. The effects of crippling specific body parts is listed below.

  • Crippling the head will reduce overall accuracy and perception of the target. If inflicted upon the player, the screen will intermittently get blurry and a ring will be heard through the speakers. A status condition of Concussion is displayed.
  • Crippling the torso will result in the target flinching far more often from shots than normal.
  • Crippling the arm of an enemy will result in any weapon reliant on that arm for holding to be dropped, and will also drastically reduce accuracy. The weapon itself is not damaged, and the enemy will likely pick the weapon up again anyway. If inflicted upon the player, overall accuracy is reduced, but the currently equipped weapon is not dropped.
  • Crippling a leg will result in impaired mobility. On creatures with a leaping attack (like Deathclaws, or Feral Ghoul Reavers), they will no longer be able to do so.
  • Crippling the held weapon will ruin it and make it unusable, and will fly out of the target's hand. If it is an explosive ordinance, like a frag grenade, it will explode, dealing damage to the target holding it, and cause splash damage to anything around it. Sometimes, destroyed grenades can still be reclaimed, but they will be relatively useless.
  • Some enemies have alternate targets: Robots (Combat Inhibitors), ants (Antennae) , and other such creatures have special targetable parts that, when crippled, will force them into a frenzied state, where they no longer discern between friend and foe and will attack anything around them..
  • Certain weapons (such as the Railway Rifle and Dart Gun) are more adept at crippling body parts.

Crippling any body part will result in the target momentarily pausing to clutch at the crippled body part. This can be very useful during combat, as it may give you a few precious seconds in which to finish off your target. When using explosive weapons, such as grenades, you cannot target specific body parts while in V.A.T.S. You simply target the enemy as a whole.


Healing a crippled body part

In combat, the player may also sustain crippling damage. This was originally to be a mini-game. In order to repair this damage, you must:

Conditions in the Fallout games

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Guild Wars

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In-game description:

Condition. While suffering from this injury, you move 50% slower.


  • A crippled character can be easily spotted as they move with a severe limp.
  • Crippling weapon upgrades lengthen the duration of Crippled by 33%.


Name Target Duration Stats Notes Skill type Attr Cam
Axe Rake
foe 15s
    5 Adrenaline        
+damage & target must suffer from deep wound Axe Attack WarriorAxe C
Crippling Slash
Foe 5..13s
    6 Adrenaline        
Also inflict bleeding Elite Sword Attack WarriorSword N
foe 3..13s
    10 Energy     15 Recharge
Sword Attack WarriorSword C
Desperation Blow
Foe 15s
    5 Energy     7 Recharge
+damage, knockdown self & random chance of causing deep wound (20s), bleeding (25s), crippled (15s) or weakness (20s) Melee Attack WarriorTact P
Drunken Blow
Foe 15s
    5 Energy     7 Recharge
+damage, knockdown self & random chance of causing deep wound (20s), bleeding (25s), crippled (15s) or weakness (20s) Melee Attack WarriorTact F
"You're All Alone!"
Foe 8s
    5 Energy     10 Recharge
If foe isn't near an ally, give crippled & weakness for 8s Elite Shout WarriorNone N
Maiming Strike
foe 5..13s
    10 Energy     5 Recharge
if foe is moving. Deals +5..17 dmg Pet Attack RangerBeast C
Strike as One
foe 5..13s
    5 Energy     10 Recharge
Next attack Elite Shout RangerBeast N
Crippling Shot
foe 1..7s
    10 Energy     2 Recharge
Cannot be blocked Elite Bow Attack RangerMarks P
Melandru's Shot
Foe 5..13s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 12 Recharge
If foe is moving or knocked down, give cripple and +10..22 damage Elite Bow Attack RangerMarks F
Pin Down
foe 3..13s
    15 Energy     8 Recharge
Bow Attack RangerMarks C
Barbed Trap
Nearby foes 3...21s
    15 Energy 2 Activation 20 Recharge
Causes bleeding for 3...21s, hits for 7...20 damage Trap RangerWS C
Nearby foes 3..13s
    5 Energy 2 Activation 20 Recharge
Trap RangerWS F
Spike Trap
Nearby foes 3...21s
    10 Energy 2 Activation 20 Recharge
Each second for 2 seconds; also causes knockdown Elite Trap RangerWS C
Illusion of Haste
self 3s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 5 Recharge
When ends. When cast, lose crippled and move 33% faster. Enchantment Spell MesmerIll C
Palm Strike
foe 1..4s
    5 Energy ¾ Activation 7 Recharge
hits for 10..54 dmg. Counts as off-Hand attack Elite Skill AssassinCrit F
Black Mantis Thrust
foe 3..13s
    5 Energy ½ Activation 4 Recharge
if foe is hexed. Hits for +8..18 dmg Lead Attack AssassinDagger F
Leaping Mantis Sting
foe 3..13s
    5 Energy     8 Recharge
if hits a moving foe. Hits for +14..19 dmg Lead Attack AssassinDagger F
Crippling Dagger
foe 3..13s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 5 Recharge
if moving. Half range. Hits for 15..51 dmg Spell AssassinDeadly F
Mantis Touch
foe 5..17s
Image:LeadAttack required.png   5 Energy ¾ Activation 15 Recharge
Spell. Counts as off-Hand attack Spell AssassinDeadly F
foe and adjacent foes 5..13s
    10 Energy ¼ Activation 10 Recharge
Half range Spell AssassinShadow F
Hidden Caltrops
foe 1..12s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 12 Recharge
When hex ends, target moves slower while hexed Elite Hex Spell AssassinShadow N
Ally 3..7s
    5 Energy ¼ Activation 15 Recharge
Adjacent foes crippled and you teleport to target ally's location. Spell AssassinShadow F
Crippling Anthem
Party members 5..13s
    4 Adrenaline 1 Activation    
next party member's attack skill Elite Chant ParagonComm N
Maiming Spear
Foe 5...17s
    5 Energy     5 Recharge
Foe must be bleeding Spear Attack ParagonSpear E
Aura of Thorns
Nearby foes 4...9s
    5 Energy ¾ Activation 12 Recharge
Give cripple, for 30s does nothing, when enchant ends, give bleeding Enchantment Spell DervishEarth N
Veil of Thorns
attacker 5..13s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 20 Recharge
whenever hit by attack, attacker becomes crippled Enchantment Spell DervishEarth N
Crippling Sweep
foe 7s
    5 Energy     6 Recharge
duration multiplied for each enchantment on you(max 10..18s, min 0) Scythe Attack DervishScythe N
Crippling Victory
Foe 5..13s
    5 Energy     12 Recharge
If you have more health then cripple. Does +5...9 damage Scythe Attack DervishScythe E
Grenth's Fingers
Adjacent foe 5..13s
    10 Energy ¾ Activation 10 Recharge
Adjacent foes on enchantment end. On cast deals 20..68 adjacent damage. Deal cold damage for 30s Enchantment Spell DervishWind N
Grenth's Grasp
target foe 3..13s
    5 Energy ¼ Activation 10 Recharge
if wielding a cold dmg weapon, whenever using attack skills Elite Enchantment Spell DervishWind N
Harrier's Grasp
target foe 3..13s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 25 Recharge
when attacking moving foes Enchantment Spell DervishWind N
Signet of Pious Restraint
foe 5..13s
        1 Activation 20 Recharge
Lose 1 enchantment, if enchantment lost, recharges self Signet DervishWind E

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SWG Wiki

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Bounty Hunter Base Statistics

  • +20 Luck
  • +60 Precision
  • +40 Strength
  • +80 Constitution
  • +80 Stamina
  • +80 Agility

Table of contents


Bounty Hunters chase the worst foes in the galaxy. You will learn to use whatever dirty tricks you must to bring your prey down.

When someone needs an enemy taken care of, they hire Bounty Hunters to do their dirty work. Tracking down and eliminating people are what Bounty Hunters do best. As a Bounty Hunter, you must learn the tricks of ambush and assault so your prey does not escape.

Profession Progression

Bounty Hunter Skill Progression
Man Hunter I II III IV V VI
Assassin I II III IV V VI
Bounty Hunter I II III IV V Master

Aurilian Rewards

Terrain Negotiation

With Publish 27, innate Terrain Negotiation was introduced for Bounty Hunter. With certain levels, the Bounty Hunter gains greater ability to negotiate terrain. These are the levels and the amount of Terrain Negotiation granted to the Bounty Hunter:

Droid Tracking

At CL 22 (Bounty Hunter Essentials I), Bounty Hunters are given the ability to use Droids to track and capture their marks. As they progess in their profession, the Bounty Hunter gains better ability in using these droids. Here are the abilities that the Bounty Hunter learns:

Bounty Hunter Mission Terminals

Main Article: Bounter Hunter Missions Guide

In order to acquire missions a Bounty Hunter must visit a Bounty Hunter mission Terminal.
These terminals will list potential marks.
Marks listed by The Galactic Empire are contracts to kill Rebel players.
Marks listed by The Alliance are contracts to kill Imperial players.
Marks listed by Bounty Hunter's Guild are contracts to kill NPC's.

Once a mission has been selected the Bounty Hunter will be contacted, via Comm link, by an NPC representing the faction that is ordering the hit.
The Bounty Hunter will then receive the Bio-Signature for their mark and may begin tracking.

Bounty Hunter mission terminals are located across the galaxy. Waypoints are as follows:

Coronet, Corellia: -220 -4470 and -195 -4470
Doaba Guerfel, Corellia: 3166 5338
Tyrena, Corellia: -5130 -2300 and -5060 -2306
Imperial Prison, Dathomir: -6335 930
Smuggler Outpost, Endor: -905 1610
Kaadara, Naboo: 5190 6673 and 4928 6728
Keren, Naboo: 2085 2575
Dearic, Talus: 265 -3070
Bestine, Tatooine: -1445 -3658
Mos Eisley, Tatooine: 3375 -4845

Bounty Mission Difficulty

As the Bounty Hunter progresses in their profession, their marks also become more difficult.

Innate Bounty Hunter Specials

These skills and abilities are granted to all Bounty Hunters despite Expertise selections.

Description Special Level
A high powered attack that causes bonus damage. Assault (Mark 1) 1
Assault (Mark 2) 10
Assault (Mark 3) 22
Assault (Mark 4) 30
Assault (Mark 5) 42
Assault (Mark 6) 54
Assault (Mark 7) 66
Assault (Mark 8) 78
A quick high powered attack that increases your target's vulnerability to critical hits. Ambush (Mark 1) 4
Ambush (Mark 2) 14
An attack that causes bonus damage and lowers your target's movement speed. Cripple (Mark 1) 7
Cripple (Mark 2) 18
Cripple (Mark 3) 26
The Bounty Hunter draws on their combat training to heal some wounds. Heal (Mark 1) 7
Heal (Mark 2) 34
Heal (Mark 3) 58
Heal (Mark 4) 82
A trap that is used to lower the target's movement speed. Tangle Bomb (Mark 1) 38
Tangle Bomb (Mark 2) 62
Tangle Bomb (Mark 3) 86
A powerful flame attack that envelops multiple opponents at once in a cone of fire. Burn (Mark 1) 46
Burn (Mark 2) 74
An attack that lowers the target's movement speed while causing a bleeding wound. Razor Net (Mark 1) 50
Razor Net (Mark 2) 70
Razor Net (Mark 3) 90
Determine whether a bounty has been issued on the target individual. If it has, payment will be delivered upon elimination of the target. Bounty Check 86
Use Droids to track your mark Droid Track 22
This level 90 ability allows you to hide concealable devices such as traps from view. No one will see the device but you. Conceal Device 90
This level 90 ability allows you to make an attempt to detect concealed creatures or people in the area. Detect Camouflage 90


Introduced with Publish 30/Chapter 2, Bounty Hunters are now allowed the ability to choose their abilities/skills. Each Bounty Hunter are allocated "points" as they level. 5 points will be initially granted at CL 10, then 1 point every 2 CLs up to a total of 45 points at CL 90.

Most skills require a prerequisite, be it a minimum CL, or a prior skill.

Bounty Specialization
Endurance Marksmanship Evasion Pain Tolerance
Carbine Efficiency Rifle Efficiency _ _
Carbine Accuracy Rifle Marksmanship Kinetic Armor Energy Armor
Deadly Strikes Sniper Shot Melee Defense Ranged Defense
Relentless Onslaught Take Cover Power Sprint Duelist Stance
Bounty Hunting
Assault Efficiency _ Absorption Ambush Efficiency Lethality
Intense Assault Return Fire _ Ambush Intensity Trap Extension
Rapid Assault Antagonize Deflection Swift Ambush Cruelty
_ Fumble _ Advanced Ambush Intimidating Strike
Innate Assault Stun Shields Man Hunter Dread Strike

Expertise Bounty Hunter Specials

These skills and abilities are granted by choices made in the Expertise System.

Special Description Requirement
Return Fire When activated this ability will automaticly execute a bonus attack agains any enemy that strikes you. 4 Points in Bounty Hunting & 3 Points in Intense Assault
Cruelty Increases snare duration of Cripple, Razor Net, and Tangle Bomb effects 8 points in Bounty Hunting
Intimidating Strike (Mark I) An attack that saps your opponent's will to fight and drains them of action. 12 Points in Bounty Hunting & 3 Points in Cruelty
Dread Strike An attack that instills a sense of dread in your target and reduces their damage potential. 16 Points in Bounty Hunting & 1 Point in Intimidating Strike
Absorption Increases Kinetic Protection None
Deflection Increases Energy Protection 8 points in Bounty Hunting, 4 points in Absorption
Shields Surrounds you in a powerful energy shield that dramatically increases your mitigation versus Kinetic and Energy attacks for a short period of time. It takes quite a bit of time to recharge after the energy is depleted. 16 points in Bounty Hunting, 4 points in Deflection
Antagonize This attack does little damage but makes your target extremely angry with you so they are more likely to attack you rather than your allies. 8 points in Bounty Hunting
Fumble This attack does little damage but unnerves your target so much that their attacks are more likely to be glancing blows. This attack generates a large amount of hate and is likely to cause the target to attack you rather than your allies. 12 points in Bounty Hunting, 1 point in Antagonize
Stun This attack does little damage but stuns the target rendering them unable to move or attack effectively for a short period of time. This ability generates a large amount of hate and may cause your target to focus on attacking you rather than your allies. 16 points in Bounty Hunting, 1 point in Fumble
Assault Efficiency Reduces action cost of Assault special attacks None
Intense Assault Increases damage of Assault specials 4 points in Bounty Hunting
Rapid Assault Reduces cooldown of Assault specials 8 points in Bounty Hunting
Innate Assault Chance for a Free Shot, reducing Assault special action cost to zero. 16 points in Bounty Hunting, 2 points in Rapid Assault

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