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Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon




Akagi Ryū

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Crimson Dragon


Crimson Dragon

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The Crimson Dragon is the embodiment of the Red Star, a god. Long ago, before the Inca, the "People of the Stars", (also known as "Signers") called upon the "Red Star" for aid to save their lands from the Wicked Gods that threatened the peace of their civilization. The "Red Star" answered their call and came down from the heavens in the form of a Great Red Dragon.

The Crimson Dragon then sealed away the Earthbound Immortals, which we now call the Nazca Lines with the help of its servants, the Five Dragons. However consequently he lost Ancient Fairy Dragon to them, as the Earthbound Immortal Uru dragged her in with it when the Dark Gods were defeated.




Fortune Cup

The Crimson Dragon reappeared during Yusei and Jack's duel when "Stardust Dragon" and "Red Dragon Archfiend" battled.

Once again in their rematch, the Crimson Dragon appeared. However, everyone was witness to it and with the four Signers present on the Cup, its appearance was more defined than the last time. Each Birthmark was clearly represented and the dragon's head also changed. During the duel, the legendary Dragon God transported Yusei, Jack, Luna and Akiza into an alternate dimension and showed a disturbing vision in which Satellite is being destroyed by an unknown force and in its place, a dark mark resembling the Spider appears.

Dark Signers

The Red Dragon God shows itself once again to the four Signers at Rex Goodwin's place. As he invites them into, right after Yusei and Akiza's second duel concludes. As Goodwin reveals to them some secret concerning the Red Dragon. That being according to Goodwin that some sort of "fate" has been derived from the Crimson Dragon power's, one that to those who are Signers cannot escape from.

That same so called fate was the one responsible for that Yusei and Jack could arrive to New Domino City.

After the King of the Underworld finally revives and heads towards New Domino City, where the Condor Geoglypgh is, the Dragon God appears in the sky, and takes the Signers, along with their companions, to where the ultimate fight will be held. Though it also transports Yusei, Jack and Crow´s D-Wheel´s too.

After Yusei defeats Goodwin in the Ultimate Shadow Turbo Duel, The Crimson Dragon arrives, using Majestic Star Dragon to gain physical form, and destroys the King of The Underworld by flying right through it. It disappears soon after.


During season 2, the Dragon appears towards the conclusion of the duel between Leo and Luna against Lucciano. As Lucciano's Machine Emperor Skiel's attack towards Leo caused him to be blown off the riding lane, the Dragon uses a sphere that emerges from its claw, which ultimately engulfs the falling Leo, just to land him safely on a bridge that was below them. After this, it disappears.

Super Fusion! Bonds Over Time and Space

The Crimson Dragon appears during the movie Super Fusion! Bonds Over Time and Space, only to transport Yusei Fudo to Paradox in Europe, where Jaden Yuki is. It then protects Jaden from Sin Stardust Dragon's attacks.

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Crimson Dragon
English: Crimson Dragon
Attribute: LIGHT Image:Light.png
Types: Dragon/Synchro/Effect
Level: 12 Image:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.png
ATK/DEF:  ?/?
Card Lore: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters

When this card is Synchro Summoned, send all "Stardust Dragon," "Red Dragon Archfiend," "Black Rose Dragon," "Ancient Fairy Dragon," and "Blackfeather Dragon" from your field and Extra Deck to the Graveyard. The original ATK and DEF of this card are equal to the combined ATK of all "Stardust Dragon," "Red Dragon Archfiend," "Black Rose Dragon," "Ancient Fairy Dragon," and "Blackfeather Dragon" in your Graveyard. Once per turn, you can remove one "Stardust Dragon," "Red Dragon Archfiend," "Black Rose Dragon," "Ancient Fairy Dragon," or "Blackwing Dragon" from play. This monster is retuned to the graveyard at the End Phase of the turn it was removed from play. This card gains the following effects by removing from play the following monsters:

  • "Stardust Dragon" - Negate the activation and effect of a Spell, Trap, or Monster card and destroy it.
  • "Red Dragon Archfiend" - Destroy all monsters on your opponent's field and inflict 1000 damage to your opponent's Life Points.
  • "Black Rose Dragon" - Destroy all cards on your opponent's field.
  • "Ancient Fairy Dragon" - Destroy all Spell and Trap cards on your opponent's field and gain 1000 Life Points.
  • "Blackfeather Dragon" - This monster can attack your opponent directly.
Sets with this Card: Douglas Creations: Special Edition (DOUG-ENSE1) (DOUG-ENSE1 - ScR)

New Heroes Emerge!!

Card Limit: Limited
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Level 12  +

This article uses material from the "Crimson Dragon" article on the YCM wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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