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Crimson Command was the name given by the self-styled "High Admiral" Treuten Teradoc, a breakaway Imperial warlord, to the command of a large flotilla of Victory-class Star Destroyers by eight years after the Battle of Endor. Teradoc had built them under the premise that it was better to have a large number of smaller, more mobile ships than a smaller number of larger, slower ships.

The command was dubbed "Crimson" for the red-hulled Victory-class Star Destroyers contained within it. The flagship was 13X whence the flotilla's commanding officer, then-Vice Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, and its subsequent commanding officer, Colonel Cronus, commanded the unit into combat.

As of 12 ABY they numbered 73, with 11 being destroyed at the Battle of Harrsk's fortress. Following the unification of the Deep Core warlords by Admiral Daala, the unit's number would be increased to 112 warships, not all of which had red hulls, yet it would retain the name Crimson Command. In a series of guerrilla raids against the New Republic, two of the ships were destroyed, both at the Battle of the Chardaan Shipyards.

Cronus took twenty of the Crimson Command ships to help in Daala's assault on Yavin 4, leaving the remainder to continue their guerrilla raiding. During Daala's failed assault on the Jedi Praxeum, three Crimson Command ships (including 13X) were destroyed in combat against a New Republic fleet, killing Cronus and all those aboard.

It is unknown in what state Crimson Command remained after Daala resigned both her commission and command and during Pellaeon's tenure as Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, but by the time of Caamas Document Crisis seven years later, it seems apparent either most of the flotilla had been lost or split to help protect the Imperial Remnant's eight sectors.




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