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A Rodian crime lord.
"I want people to see me. I'm a crime lord. I can't do business if people can't find me."
Marn Hierogryph

A crime lord was the local or planetary boss of a criminal organization. Crime lords would often surround themselves with lackeys, mercenaries, or bodyguards for protection. Crime lords who oversaw smuggling were known as "smuggling czars."

The goal of most crime lords was to make money. They would achieve this by participating in any illegal activity that generated income, like extortion, gambling, loan sharking, kidnapping, spice cultivation, and distribution and slave trading.

Most successful crime lords had many police, security, and government officials on their payroll in order to operate efficiently. Gangsters also regularly entered into the service of crime lords, though usually these goons and thugs working for a crime lord were not paid nearly as well as the crime lord himself.

Some crime lords prefer to only participate in certain, more "honest" activities such as gambling, loan-sharking, and smuggling because these activities do not harm people as much as extortion or kidnapping. In these activities, the crime lords didn't use cruelty and violence as means of achieving a given goal. Some crime lords even worked with other crime lords to maximize profits.


Hutt crime lords

The Hutts were famous for their ruthlessness, and success in the underworld. Many Hutts would ransack ships for their load. As masters of the criminal underworld, they would steal, cheat, and murder without regret. They often hired smugglers such as Han Solo to transport illegal spice. They would often have a fortress of some kind, often on remote planets, such as Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. Hutt fortresses would usually be guarded by selected mercenaries or bounty hunters. Gamorreans and Weequay were common species to fulfill this duty. Leading an organization of crooks and scum meant competition. The Hutts that got involved with criminal activity were often killed, or enslaved. Only the more cunning and clever Hutts, like Jabba and Borvo, stayed at the top of the food chain. Some Hutts, like Jabba, had such an influence that they actually controlled entire planets.

Along with the Gamorreans and Weequay, Nikto and other ruthless species that wanted a piece of the action were common visitors to Hutt palaces. It was well known that no one saw a Hutt without something to offer. The Hutts associated with bounty hunters frequently, such as Boba Fett.

Known crime lords

A Quarren crime lord.

Behind the scenes

Crime lord is also a prestige class in various editions of the Star Wars Roleplaying game.


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