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(Jabberwockiscristatus saevitia)

Sometimes called the nightclaw, or the fanged death, the Crested Jabberwock is a medium-sized carnivore native to Kassan/Vega (Solomani Rim 0101 A-785757-E). Only a few members of the species have been transported offworld.

Fully grown Jabberwocks mass about 400 kgs. They are bilaterally symmetrical, homeothermic quadrupeds, standing about 1.2 meters tall at the shoulder and measuring some 2.6 meters in length. Their anatomy is unusual in that the animal has four two-chambered hearts.

The Crested Jabberwock is noted for its magnificent, multi-colored crest, which Is used In displays of territorial aggression and courtship. This gorgeous crest is highly prized by hunters and trophy collectors throughout the Solomani Rim, and have made the animal a highly prized and much-sought-after target. In as much as the Crested Jabberwock is one of the most aggressive carnivores known in modern exobiology (they have been known to attack prey five times their size), the challenge of Jabberwock hunting has long been considered the ultimate proof of courage and skill in some circles.

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