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This article is about the pet. For the monster, see Crawling hand.

A Creeping hand is a pet players can purchase for 5 Zeal in Soul Wars.

Players need a stuffed or unstuffed Crawling hand to buy one. It eats leather gloves.

The creeping hand can be stored in the menagerie.

A Player talking to a creeping hand.



Glitch on Lumbridge bridge where your Creeping Hand falls through the floor and gets stuck on the supports.
  • When feeding a Creeping hand it will say "Finger food; my favourite"; this is a reference to the mounted crawling hand in a POH who will say it eats finger food when asked.
  • Trying to feed the Creeping Hand anything else than a leather glove will result in the message "The hand doesn't like the look of that," but where are his eyes?
  • At random times the hand will yell out "I can't feel my arms!", yet it doesn't have arms.
  • At random times the hand will yell out "How handy am I?". This is another Jagex-style hand-related joke.
  • There is a glitch, still not fixed by Jagex, when taking a creeping hand southward on the Northern pier of the Pest Control island, it falls through the floor, and sometimes look like it is holding on to one of the supports. It does not work going northward, though.
  • There is another glitch when standing on a certain spot on the first bridge in Lumbridge, the hand will be stuck on one of the supports.
  • The conversation between the player and the Creeping hand is filled with Jagex-style hand-related jokes.
  • It is unknown how a Creeping Hand can eat at all, since it has no real mouth. The fact that it eats gloves is either another "Hand Joke" by Jagex, or just a way of being able to feed it. It is also unknown how it is able to talk without a mouth.
  • The inventory icon for the hand is a fleshy colour while the hand itself is pale grey.

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