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Creatures was a role-playing supplement published by Decipher.


Life Form

arachnid • bird • canine • crustacean • feline • fish • gaseous • insectmineralplantprimatereptile • serpent • single-cell microbe



alligator • army ant • bat • black widow • bull • buzzard • cheetah • chimpanzee • cobra • cougar • crocodile • deer • eagle • elephant • falcon • flying squirrel • gazelle • gorilla • hawk • horse • impala • komodo dragon • lion • monkey • moray eel • mountain cat • Norway rat • orangutan • owl • panther • pelican • pit viper • puma • rattlesnake • raven • sea hawk • sea snake • scorpionspidertiger • water moccasin • wolf • zebra


Aldebaran serpent • Andorian forest spider • Algorian mammoth • Alvanian Cave Sloth • Alvanian Spine Mite • Alverian dung beetle • Alverian ruegong • Arbazon vulture • Ba'ku ryhl • Baneriam Hawk * Bardakian pronghorn moose • Barrowbug • Bazgan floater • berserker cat • Bulgallian rat • Caldorian eel • Carnivorous rastipod • Cave-rat • Ceti eel • Circassian cat • Consciousness parasite • Corvan gilvoss • Cralluck • Dalvin hissing beetle • Degebian mountain goatDenebian slime devil • Denevian neural parasite • Dikironium cloud creature • Drathan puppy lig • Dryworm • Dytallic laser-beast • Eel-birds • Exocomp • Fan-fern • Flitterbird • Garanian bolites • GettleGlob flyGrint houndGrishnar cat • Hanonian land eel • Hara cat • Humming centipede • Interphasic organism • Kavarian tiger-bat • • Kazaloth • Kerosh • K'karee • Klabnian eel • Kolar beast • Krallinian eel • Kryonian tiger • Kurliean bear • Lala'vel • Lavaflies • Le-matya • Ligurian mastodon • Lycosa tarantula • Lynars • Mellitus • Mugato • Norpin falcon • Orillian lung maggot • Orion wing-slug • Plasma gator • Quasi-energy microbe • Rakonian swamp rat • Ra'tar • Rectilan vulture • Redjac


Acamarian • Aldebaran • Andorian • Algorian * Bajoran • Baneriam • Bardakian • Cardassina • Circassian • DenebianFerengiKlingonMedusanVulcan


carnivore • energy • herbivore

Feeding Habit

chaser • filter • gatherer • grazer • pouncer • scavenger


kilogram • kilometermeter


Acamar IIIAldebaran III • Algor • Alpha Majoris II • AndoriaAntos IV • Arbazon • BajorBa'ku • Baneria • Bardak • Bazgan II • Brentalia • Bulgal • Cardassia PrimeCeltris IIICeti Alpha VCeti Alpha VI • Corvan II • Degeb IV • Deneb VDeneva • Drayan II • Duibus VI • Dytallix BEarth • Errikang VII • Guzman III • Ingraham B • Kavaria • Klabna • Kryon V • Kurl • Levinius V • Ligor VII • Lycos VII • Neural • Orillia • Qo'noS • Regulus V • Rhymus Major • Rigel IIRigel IIIRigel VRigel VIIRinaxRomulus • Thanotos VII • Theta Cygni XII • Tycho IV • Tyrus VIIA • Vulcan


USS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-DUSS Farragut

Stellar Cartography

Alpha Centauri systemBadlands • Beta Portolan system • Beta Renner system • Briar Patch • Deneb • Milky Way Galaxy • Mira system • Rigel system


Class K planetClass M planet • Farallon • First Hebitian • Jurassic • Kirk, James • metaphysic particle • ultraviolet satellite

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From Muppet Wiki

Puppet characters considered "creatures" from Creature Shop productions on television, film, and stage.

See also Muppet Characters, Muppets vs Creatures


The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 247 total.







F cont.







L cont.







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From The Vault

Overviews per game
Fallout creatures
Fallout 2 creatures
Fallout 3 creatures
Fallout Tactics creatures
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel creatures
Van Buren creatures

This page lists creatures that appeared or were mentioned in Fallout games. For an overview of sources of mutation, see: mutations and their causes.

See also: robots.

















  • Toad, giant




Creatures in the Fallout games

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

A creature, in terms of game mechanisms, could be any object with a non-depleted Health bar.

Creatures are typically classified as either an ally or a foe. However, some special NPCs (usually service-providing NPCs) are considered neither -- they are not valid targets for skills that target either ally or foe. Some of those "neutral" NPCs can still be damaged by AOE skills not targetted at them though.

Health depletion

Quite naturally, only corporeal creatures leave a corpse behind them (not all of them are exploitable though). The death of any non-Spirit creature will trigger the effects of Soul Reaping, provided that conditions are met for the energy gain.


  • Spirits issued from Nature Rituals generally affect all non-spirit creatures within their range.
  • It's common that beneficial and non-damaging skills do not affect spirits at all, even if stated creatures, foes or allies in the skill description.
  • Neutral wildlife such as the bull-like beasts in Sunqua Vale are non-targetable (and don't appear as minimap dots) until angered but are still part of the big family.

See also

Nearly every creature encountered in the game can be found in the Bestiary.

Facts about CreatureRDF feed

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

All creatures and NPCs are listed in alphabetical order and sorted by planet, with exception of factional NPCs which are listed on the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire pages ( see also Static spawns).

Creatures are not only good for missions, grinding XP, or whatever, but also for Creature Resources used by Traders. This is done by players harvesting the carcass.

  • Note: Hunter's Maps: SOE re-arranged the creature and NPC levels for static spawns on all planets on November 11, 2005. You can find maps for the combat levels for each planet here.

Table of contents


Note: Most of the MOBs on Corellia can also be found on Talus.



  • Droids
    • none?







  • Droids
    • none?


Note: Most of the MOBs on Talus can also be found on Corellia.

  • Droids
    • none?


Yavin IV

  • Droids
    • Various R2-R4 Droids

Other locations

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From TibiaWiki



Creatures are the inhabitants of Tibia aside from human players and NPCs. Every different type creature has its own characteristics which make it unique.

Creatures share the entire world of Tibia, so they can be found all throughout the land. They will generally stay with other creatures of their own kind, and different creatures prefer different environments. This is why you can find Deer and Rabbits in grassy places. Slimes will always be found near water (usually underground), Dwarves spend most of their time in the mines and Demons prefer places deep underground. Usually, the most dangerous places are the hardest to reach.

Creatures sorted by:

Creatures by:



Amphibians are water-residing creatures who can breathe through their skin and spend part of their lives on the surface.

Toad.gif Frogs Quara_Predator.gif Quara


Arthropods are common throughout marine, freshwater, terrestrial, and even aerial environments.

Crystal_Spider.gif Arachnids Blood_Crab.gif Crustaceans Ancient_Scarab.gif Insects


Demons are mystical beings who use force and destruction to terrify mortals.

Madareth.gif Archdemons Demon.gif Demonlord Juggernaut.gif Demons
Demon.gif The Ruthless Seven Golgordan.gif The Ruthless
Seven Minions
Ghazbaran.gif Triangle of Terror


The dangerous elementals are apparently uncontrolled by any other creature. Their motives are hidden, but they are obviously intelligent in their tactics. They have also mastered many strong magic spells.

By their very nature, different types of elementals are almost never found together, but there is no apparent conflict between them.

Defiler.gif Bio- Death_Blob.gif Blobs Ice_Golem.gif Cryo- Massive_Energy_Elemental.gif Electro-
Lord_of_the_Elements.gif Elemental Lords Massive_Earth_Elemental.gif Geo- Massive_Water_Elemental.gif Hydro- Hellfire_Fighter.gif Pyro-


Humanoids are a group of creatures that have characteristics of humans. That may refer to their appearance, their logic solving and other qualities.

Dwarf_Miner.gif Dwarves Elf_Arcanist.gif Elves Behemoth.gif Giants Goblin_Scavenger.gif Goblins
Orc_Warlord.gif Orcs Island_Troll.gif Trolls


These humans have either chosen to or forcefully been removed from civilization. As a result they tend to murder and pillage; be alert when in human inhabited areas outside of the cities.

Valkyrie.gif Amazons Barbarian_Brutetamer.gif Barbarians Monk.gif Monks Necromancer.gif Necromancers
Assassin.gif Outlaws Pirate_Corsair.gif Pirates Yakchal.gif Sorcerers Enlightened_of_the_Cult.gif Voodoo Cultists


Hybrids are a result of inter-species relations, as such the offspring inherits qualities from each parent species.

Chakoya_Toolshaper.gif Chakoyas Dworc_Voodoomaster.gif Dworcs Minotaur_Guard.gif Minotaurs Werewolf.gif Misc

Magical Creatures

Magic creatures of Tibia are defined as being being able to manipulate magic at will from birth. Creatures such as Minotaur Mages and Elf Arcanists do not have a rightful place here because they were taught in the arts.

Braindeath.gif Beholders Marid.gif Djinns Mimic.gif Shapeshifters


Mammals are warm-blooded, vertebrate animals characterized by the production of milk in female mammary glands and the presence of hair, three middle ear bones used in hearing, and a neocortex region in the brain.

Kongra.gif Apes Black_Sheep.gif Artiodactyls Panda.gif Bears Husky.gif Canines Mammoth.gif Elephants
Tiger.gif Felines Squirrel.gif Glires Bat.gif Misc Mutated_Human.gif Mutated Mammals


These creatures either have no characteristics of any monsters and cannot be classified by real world names. Or their group is just so broad they cannot be classified.

Rotworm_Queen.gif Annelids Gnorre_Chyllson.gif Arena Bosses Terror_Bird.gif Birds
Ferumbras.gif Bosses The_Mutated_Pumpkin.gif Event Creatures Deathslicer.gif Traps


Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that tend to be scaled and lay eggs.

Frost_Dragon.gif Dragons Lizard_Templar.gif Lizards Thornback_Tortoise.gif Misc Sea_Serpent.gif Serpents

The Undead

This category concerns all the fiends that walk the earth undead or ethereal. It also includes those who are followers of the undeath god, Urgith, and will try to use their wicked magic to resurrect the dead and use them as their minions; they're commonly known as Necromancers.

Phantasm.gif Ghosts Ashmunrah.gif Pharaohs Undead_Dragon.gif Skeletons The_Count.gif Undead Humanoids

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