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Crayfish (also known as crawfish, crawdads or craydads) are a type of freshwater crustacean animal lifeform native to the planet Earth. [citation needed]

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About Crawfish

Commonly called ‘crayfish,’ this crustacean is found in the local waters around New Orleans; it's like a tiny lobster, and the tail meat is what is usually consumed. Crawfish, like shrimp or canadian-american lobster, belong to the scientific class Crustacea. Color and size varies with species, diet, and age. Most are red; some are green, brown, tan, or blue with black or orange markings in various combinations. Often juveniles will be a light tan color that turns to a deep red as an adult. They grow by molting, that is they shed their carapace or shell when they outgrow it, and form a new hard shell. When they first molt they are soft, and very vulnerable to attack by other crawfish or fish. It can take a couple days for the new shell to fully harden. They are normally one hundred percent aquatic, but they can survive out of the water as long as their gills remain wet. Omnivorous-fish, shrimp, meat, vegetables like peas, zucchini, carrots, sinking pellets, table scraps. They don't eat that too fast because it grows fast, and they like the cover above them. They are found in bodies of fresh water that do not freeze to the bottom, and which have shelter against predators.

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