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Scattered throughout multiplayer and campaign levels on Halo 2 and Halo 3 are UNSC crates, or large boxes, that contain supplies for ground based Marine forces. The contents of crates can be identified by their labels, and range from portable generators to armored boots. Although their only actual use in the game is cover from enemy fire, they do reveal a bit about the UNSC military, and play a key role in the environment of maps and campaign levels. They can also serve as cover or platform.


Halo 2


There is a range of different types of crates. This section contains information on all of them, ranging from smallest to largest. Kits are small crates that appear to be carried by Marine ground forces. Barrels contain liquid supplies. Small crates carry equipment used by ground troops, and large crates contain large pieces of equipment for use at fixed positions.




A small medical kit.

The first crate can be found only once or twice in the game; it appears to be a small medical kit Marine medics would use to treat the wounded. It has the word "Rescue" along with the international medical symbol. It is likely able to be found in various campaign levels at Marine positions, but it can only be found once in multiplayer on the map Foundation.

Nerve Gas

A small crate containing Nerve Gas.

This container can be found in a Brute encampment inside the armory. It is placed under another crate so it is pretty difficult to find. There's another one on Metropolis on top of the building where Sergeant Banks and a turret are next to a medical crate. The crate has been spotted on the multiplayer map Foundation as well. Perhaps it is with a bit of dry humor that Bungie placed this small crate right next to a medical kit within the same room. It might be inspired by the notorious VX nerve agent that was in modern times before it was banned.

Type: VX 7, possibly one of Bungie's 7 references.


Blitz Can

A blitz can.

This crate or barrel is for emergencies. You can also find blitz cans with Hydrogen fuel.

Item: Water - Pure


A barrel of pure water.

This crate (or barrel) can be found all over on multiplayer maps and Marine encampments in campaign. It appears to be a barrel of water for hygiene, cleansing, drinking, etc.

Type: Pure


A barrel of hydrogen fuel.

It's likely this is used by Marine ground forces to fuel various equipment, including generators and Warthogs.

Type: Fuel

Small Crates

Gas Mask

The label containing info for the Gas Masks within.

Gas masks are used by ground forces for protection against chemical or biological weapons.

Serial Number: 7880-53-413-1990
Type: S90
Item: Gas Mask/KR3/INF/BLK
Quantity: 64
Weight: 112 LBS
Lot: LYSE7Q409-53


Standard issue Marine head protection.

The standard Marine armor in the Halo series.

Serial Number: 9325-80-548-4127
Type: CH252
Item: Helmet/C-M/INF/W-OD
Quantity: 26
Weight: 82.6 LBS
Lot: TASA2G708-80

Body Armor

This crate contains standard Marine body armor.

This is for use by Marine ground forces for protection from energy and ballistic projectiles.

Serial Number: 2580-55-270-4193
Type: M52B
Item: Body Armor/C-M/INF/W-OD
Quantity: 12
Weight: 173 LBS
Lot: PILT4G312-55

Armored Boot

Standard Marine footwear.

Serial Number: 5893-22-418-2524
Type: VZ67
Item: Armored Boot/INF/V-OD
Quantity: 10 Pairs
Weight: 81 LBS
Lot: ROSW4C219-22

M6D Pistol

The box containing Halo: Combat Evolved's pistol.

Perhaps the strangest box on Halo 2, it contains the Halo: Combat Evolved pistol.

REQ: Unknown
Type: M6D
Item: Pistol/M6D 12.7MM Rec. Op.
Quantity: 50
Weight: 204.5
Lot: PLTDN45145-81

Large Crates

Machine Gun

The box containing a turret.

Used for base defense, this machine gun turret crate is found only on Headlong and Cairo Station

REQ: Unknown
Type/Item: M247 7.62 Gas Op. Auto Linkless
Quantity: 1
Weight: 893 LBS
Lot: VOYN3PV25-71

Emergency Food Prep Station

The label for a crate with the food station.

REQ: Unknown
Type: MK71
Item: Emrgncy Food Prep. Station
Quantity: 2
Volts: 220
Weight: 716
Lot: ROSW4C240-92

Replacement Transfer Case

A part dealing with the Warthog.

A transfer case is a part of the four wheel drive system found in the Warthog. The transfer case is connected to the transmission and also to the front and rear axles by means of driveshafts. The transfer case receives power from the transmission and sends it to both the front and rear axles.

REQ: Unknown
Type: D90Z
Item: Rplcmnt Transfer Case/M12LRV IDPG FT-DR
Quantity: 16
Weight: 203 LBS
Lot: LYSE7Q409-31

Security System

This crate contains security systems.

REQ: Unknown
Type: SL23
Item: Auto/Sec/Mon/System
Quantity: 32
Optical: 8
Digital: 4
Weight: 305 LBS
Lot: TASA26700-92

Portable Generator

A portable generator.

This portable electric generator/hydrogen fuel cell is likely used at fixed positions for power.

REQ: Unknown
Type: PG000E
Item: Port EL Gen/HY F Cell 18 KV
Quantity: 16
Gallons: 9
Hours: 24
Weight: 273 LBS
Lot: PILT4G312-70

Supply Drop Pod

Drop Pods are dropped by Pelicans to quickly deliver ammunition and weapons to soldiers.

Type:C Capsule


Halo 3

Halo 3 features most of the same crates as seen in Halo 2. Interestingly, the crates in Halo 3 have the exact same labels as in Halo 2, even though the pieces of equipment they represent have been changed. Of course it's possible that the crates contain older equipment.

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From Lostpedia

Ajira crate


First Introduced
Owned by
Found by
Used by

The Ajira crate was on Ajira Airways Flight 316 in the cargo hold, for the purpose of being transported from Los Angeles to Guam. After crashing on Hydra Island, it was one of the items that Ilana and her group needed to "move". ("Dead Is Dead")

Bram opened the crate for Frank Lapidus and later for Richard Alpert, finally revealing its contents--the dead body of John Locke. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")


  • The code AA823 is written on the site of the crate, 8 and 23 being two of The Numbers.

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This article is about the scenery object found scattered around Gielinor. For other uses, see Crate (disambiguation).
An example of several crates.

A Crate is an item that players can find in many buildings and a few dungeons in RuneScape. Most crates in Gielinor are supplied by the Karamja Box Company. Crates serve almost no purpose, apart from being used during some Treasure Trails and quests. Clues for Treasure Trails and quest items are often hidden inside of them. For example, a clue might say something such as "Search the crate in a house in Varrock."

Strangely, crates cannot be shot over using ranged attacks or magic. Some find this annoying, considering they would create quite a few safe spots otherwise.

Crates have a "search" option. When searched, crates used to give random items, such as damaged armour, broken arrows, broken staffs, broken glass, leather boots, leather gloves, and small amounts of coins. Now searching crates does not have a purpose.

Crates can be found in nearly every city, town, or village in RuneScape. Some areas with a particularly large number of crates include:


  • If a player is in Karamja, they can pack bananas into a crate next to Luthas's house. This is the only crate in Runescape a player may pack things into.
  • In Death to the Dorgeshuun, the player must pick up the crate Zanik was hiding in. A player could walk around holding the box, creating an awkward walking posture.
  • To enter the Gnome Tree Stronghold for the first time, players must help a gnome named Femi lift some boxes onto a cart. Then players may enter the gate.
  • In Gertrude's Cat you need the find a kitten in a crate in Varrock lumberyard.
  • In the witch's house in Taverley, a player can search a crate in her cellar and find cabbages, needles, leather items, thread, ect.
  • In the Abandoned Mine of Morytania there exists "crates" with a lower case 'c'. These can be found floating in the swamped area around the lift on Level 5.

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From TibiaWiki

This item is in the Household Items class
Attributes: Vol:15
Weight: 80.00 oz.
Loot value: 0 gp.
Dropped by: None
Buy from: Feizuhl (Ankrahmun) 10 gp
Eddy (Fibula) 10 gp
Sell to: Players.
Notes: Looks the same as Crate (Usable), Weapons Crate, Machine Crate and Crate (Jimmy).

See also: Items.
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