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The crashed balloon ("Lockdown")

At least seven crashes onto the Island have occurred.

  1. The mid-air break-up and crash of Oceanic Flight 815.
  2. Danielle Rousseau's science expedition's vessel crashed 16 years ago. She described the ship's instruments malfunctioning during a storm, and the "ship slammed into rocks, ran aground, the hull breached beyond repair." ("Solitary")
  3. The drug smugglers' plane was discovered with several dead bodies, including Mr. Eko's dead brother, Yemi. ("Deus Ex Machina")  ("The 23rd Psalm")
  4. An old abandoned ship called the Black Rock was discovered far inland in the Dark Territory. ("Exodus, Part 1")
  5. Henry Gale's hot air balloon was found suspended in a tree. ("Lockdown")
  6. During an intense storm, Desmond crashed in the Elizabeth while racing around the world. ("Live Together, Die Alone")
  7. Naomi's helicopter crashed in the sea, just outside of The Island. However she managed to jump off the helicopter and land on The Island. ("Catch-22")
  8. Ajira Airways Flight 316 crashed on Hydra Island.

At least one crash has occurred in the waters that surround the island.

  1. Frank and the Helicopter he was piloting crashed with the Oceanic Six along with Desmond, and Frank. The helicopter crashed after the Island had moved.

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