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Crash Course

Henry Gilroy


Fillbach Brothers


Michael Heisler


Ronda Pattison

Cover artist

Scott Hepburn / Ramón Pérez

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics

Publication date

December 31, 2008



General information

22 BBY


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Issue number


Preceded by

Star Wars The Clone Wars Volume 1: Shipyards of Doom

Followed by

Star Wars The Clone Wars Volume 3: The Wind Raiders of Taloraan

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Volume 2: Crash Course is the second in a series of digest-sized Clone Wars graphic-novellas.


Publisher's summary

In the latest galaxy-spanning Clone Wars adventure, Anakin Skywalker and his young Padawan Ahsoka Tano go undercover in the cutthroat world of Podracing in hopes of crushing a diabolical Separatist spy ring. Watch out, Jedi -- speed kills!

Plot summary

The search for separatist spy leads Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, to the Mon Gazza system, where one of the biggest Podraces in the galaxy is about to begin. The Jedi must enter the races to uncover the secrets of a spy network that they believe is much larger than just single agent and his contract. With Ahsoka as the racer, and Anakin, Artoo-Detoo, and the Clone Captain Rex as her pit crew, things seem to be well in hand for a successful mission-but Ahsoka's never driven a Podracer before...


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[[Template loop detected: Template:Utility/tvseries recurs|Template loop detected: Template:Utility/tvseries recurs]] ep 33

[[Template loop detected: Template:Utility/tvseries recurs|Template loop detected: Template:Utility/tvseries recurs]] ep 34
"Crash Course"
特訓だぁ! ロードバスター
(Tokkun dā! Roadbuster)
"Special Training! Roadbuster"
Production company WE'VE

The Autobots hold a race to unwind for a bit, while Megatron beats up Shockblast.



Kicker views a video message from his dad, mom, and sister Sally, with Dr. Jones waxing enthusiastic over the new energon grid. Of course, he urges Kicker to keep looking for more energon. Kicker turns the message off in frustration, only to have Sally show up in person. Hot Shot also arrives and tells everyone that their work is not done yet, as the Decepticons are still running rampant.

Scorponok leads a horde of Divebomb and Insecticon clones on a bombing run. Below ground, Megatron is impatient for Unicron's restoration to be completed. Shockblast comments that it's his own fault for failing to defeat the Autobots, and Megatron orders him to fight him.

Ironhide laments that he still feels like a rookie. Hot Shot takes him off on a space bridge run, to "show him something". Feeling bored, Jetfire and Kicker follow, to Misha's frustraton. Arcee notes that "the boys" are treating the new planet as their personal playground. Hot Shot and Ironhide arrive there, and Hot Shot announces that they're going to work on driving skills.

They arrive to find they're here for the Autobot Grand Prix, hosted by Sally and Skyblast (who somehow found sunglasses in his size)... and Ironhide's entered! The other 'bots are doubtful that the rookie can handle it, but Hot Shot gives him a vote of confidence.

Rodimus reports the race to Optimus, who's a bit surprised, but takes it in stride when Rodimus admits to organizing it. Ironhide crashes while trying to pass the others, and Kicker joins him to help out. Jetfire and Bulkhead go to "make things interesting". Downshift and Prowl wind up in a pileup, but keep going. Kicker shows Ironhide how to cheat by drafting off of Downshift, which Ironhide interprets as a cue to sideswipe Prowl out of the way.

Bulkhead decides it's a good idea to open fire on the track, destroying a section of it, delaying some of the racers. Kicker lectures Ironhide on what Hot Shot's been trying to teach him.

Only Hot Shot and Ironhide make it past all the obstacles, when Jetfire decides to add more missile fire to the mix. Optimus shows up with his valet Wingsaber in tow and, after verifying that the laser fire is harmless, decides to join in the shooting-at-one's-comrades fun.

Prime lands in the race course, and Hot Shot and Ironhide must get past him. Ironhide ends up holding Optimus at a standstill, and urges Hot Shot to reach the finish line. But before Hot Shot can get there, Arcee and a mysterrrrious helmeted rider with a lot of long, flowing black hair passes them all and reaches the finish line. It's Misha!! OMG!!!! Who coulda guessed.

In a shiny place, Alpha Q laughs with the Autobots as they celebrate, and finds he likes laughing. His planet is safe!

Hot Shot and Sally says farewell to Kicker and Misha, and depart.

Megatron has beaten the stuffing out of Shockblast, and only stops at the behest of Starscream, who needs him to finish the reconstruction of Unicron.

Dr. Jones finds what he suspects is an ancient temple where an ancient life force awaits to help protect the planet. Suddenly a figure emerges from the floor; energy strikes it, bringing it to life: Omega Supreme!

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


Megatron Scorponok



Guests none

Alpha Q.


"What's going on?! Is it an earthquake?"
"It's Megatron. He's on the throne again!"
"What has he been eating?"
"It's energon. He's crazy for it! He sits around in the dark 'cause he doesn't want to waste any of it."

Snowcat and Demolishor

"I hope you're using blanks."
"Oh, I am, sir."

Optimus Prime and Jetfire pretty much sum up the entire show

"Go.. get 'em... sir?"

Jetfire, suitably confused

Other Notes

Lost in translation

  • Ironhide is particularly miserable in this episode because of his recent defeat at the hands of Scorponok, and his desire to beat him is mentioned several times in the original version of the episode. This defeat, however, occurred in the undubbed episode "Return! Our Scorponok", and these references are removed from the dubbed version of this episode to pave over the hole that the absence of "Return!" left.
  • The dub omits the fact that while Jetfire is firing blanks at the competitors, Optimus uses real shots, which is why Hot Shot actually gets affected when he's hit.
  • Continuing the Energon dub's bizarre fixation with trying to push Primus out of the picture by giving his lines to other characters or just cutting it out entirely, the final scene of this episode totally omits the dialogue between Primus and Doctor Jones featured in the original version. All the necessary information is still conveyed by Doctor Jones (who is, uh, talking to himself), but it makes it seem as though he has somehow discovered Omega Supreme's shrine on his own, when Primus originally led him there.

Pain Count

  • "Uh?": 9
  • Team: 2
  • Energon is great: 2
  • "Let's do it!": 6
  • Stock footage: 1

Animation and/or technical glitches

Continuity errors

  • Dr. Jones tells Kicker he's just arrived on Cybertron via the Miranda II, and points helpfully to the Axalon.

Transformers references

Real-world references



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