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A detailed image of a Cowhide

Cowhides are dropped by cows when they are killed. If it is brought to a tanner, it can be turned into soft leather for 1 coin or hard leather for 3 coins. A tanner can be found in Al-Kharid, Varrock, the Ranging Guild, and the Crafting Guild. Soft and hard leathers can then be crafted into various pieces of equipment through the Crafting skill. The best place for Free-to-play players to kill cows for cowhides is the field nearby the Gnomecopters because players may deposit their cowhides and raw beefs they obtained with Beefy Bill, who charges a 10% commission. On the downside, cows are more scattered compared to Lumbridge's cow field.

Killing cows can often be beneficial for low-level free players as the cowhides and raw beefs obtained can be sold for a decent profit. It also grants combat experience, making it an activity worthy of a new player's time and effort.

To make more money, a player may tan their hides into soft leather for just 1gp extra and sell the hide for about 40gp more than a cowhide. Although it may take more time to tan the hides, the Al Kharid bank is near the Al Kharid Tanner and so it isn't that much of a hassle tanning hides.



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