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The scared Grunt.
"Cowardly Unggoy"
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He is the special dialogue Grunt for Halo 2.


Covenant Separatists

"Please, no hurt! Me like Elites. Brutes stinky bad bad. Me stay here, make sure no Brutes come behind mighty Arbiter. Heh, heh... Eh?"
—Cowardly Unggoy

The Cowardly Grunt can be found in the Halo 2 level Uprising. In the first room after the cavern, there are three apparently dead Grunts in the corner of the room. The center one is, in fact, actually still alive. For some, the only way you can listen to the Cowardly Grunt is by killing all the hostiles in the room.

He will not follow you and if you push him into a battle, he will not fight. He will also die from one shot to any part of his body by any weapon. If you push him close enough to the wall and melee him in the back with a brute shot, he will bounce a considerable distance.

Note that you can still switch weapons with him, even though he never attacks. He only appears on the Easy or Normal difficulties. Also, when the Thunderstorm skull is active, he will hold the Ultra rank. However, he is usually a Grunt Minor, the lowest rank for Grunts.

He is the only "Special Dialogue Unggoy" that doesn't appear in the last mission of his respective game.

You can listen to the Cowardly Unggoy here.

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Special Dialogue Unggoy

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