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Covenant Supercruiser
Production information


Technical specifications

Over 3576 meters

Engine unit(s)

Repulsor Engines

Slipspace Drive



Resistant to 3 MAC rounds and 488 Archer missiles or 1+ Nuclear mines


Resistant to greater than 1 Shiva missile

Year introduced

2552 - First Battle of Reach


9th Age of Reclamation


Covenant Navy, Fleet of Particular Justice


The Covenant Supercruiser was a classification of extremely powerful capital Covenant warships within the Covenant Navy.




Physical Characteristics and Armament

Its length of 3.5 kilometers was over three times that of the UNSC Marathon-class Cruiser.[1]

These ships were durable enough to withstand one nuclear mine detonation, or even three MAC rounds and nearly five hundred Archer missiles. However, during the Battle of Reach, it used a hit-and-run tactic to avoid fire from the ODPs' "Super" MACs.

Operational Use

One of these warships led the Covenant invasion Fleet during the the First Battle of Reach in August 2552, where it destroyed many UNSC ships, like the Musashi, the Minotaur and the Herodotus, but was destroyed by the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. The Autumn launched a remote controlled Longsword armed with a Shiva missile under the Supercruiser's shields, multiplying the destructive blast exponentially, by having the shields containing the blast.


The Covenant Supercruiser's weapon systems seem limited, but extremely powerful. It possesses an Energy Projector which shoots a thin needle beam at light speed, enabling it to cut through the hull armor of several UNSC ships at a time. First described as a type of sniping ship because of its combat tactics, this weapon can be described as similar to the Beam Rifle. This weapon needs to charge over time, but once charged, can unleash its wrath with deadly pinpoint accuracy.


Given its gigantic size (second only to the Assault Carrier and Supercarrier), it is supposed to be able to carry hundreds of fighters and/or dropships. Moreover, it probably carries large amounts of ground vehicles and troops, possibly legions.


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