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The Covenant Navy is a branch of the Covenant Military responsible solely for naval operations. Its roles include ship-to-ship combat, orbital bombardment, the deployment of fighters and bombers and the method of delivery for the Covenant Army.[1] At its best, it fielded thousands of warships, most being able to carry fighters, dropships, ground troops and vehicles.


Great Schism

Throughout the majority of the Covenant Civil War or commonly known as the "Great Schism," (as referred to by the Covenant Separatists) the Covenant Military was violently splintered between the Covenant Loyalists, who continued to believe in the Prophet's wisdom and the Covenant Separatists, who followed the Arbiter against them. The Covenant Separatists dominated the Covenant Loyalists at the Battle of Installation 00.

Known Fleets

Main article: Covenant Fleet

Known Covenant Fleet Units
Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose · High Charity Defense Fleet · Fleet of Inner Knowledge · Fleet of Furious Redemption · Fleet of Particular Justice · Fleet of Profound Solitude · Fleet of Retribution · Fleet of Tranquil Composure · Second Fleet of Homogenous Clarity · Regret's Fleet · Truth's Fleet

Vessel Classes in Service

Covenant Starship Classifications
Ground Support Aircraft Banshee - Vampire
Starfighters Seraph-class - Tarasque-class heavy fighter - Gigas-class fighter-bomber
Dropships Spirit - Phantom - Boarding Craft
Support Starships Stealth Corvette - Agricultural Support Ship
Light Capital Warships Frigate - Destroyer - CAR-class Frigate - CPV-class Destroyer
Cruisers Light Cruiser - Cruiser - CCS-class - Reverence-class - Battleship - Supercruiser
Carriers Carrier - Assault Carrier - Supercarrier
Space Stations High Charity - Unyielding Hierophant

Important Personnel


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