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Count Victor Draynor Drakan, more commonly known simply as Count Draynor, lives in a coffin in the basement of Draynor Manor. He is responsible for many deaths of avid adventurers who have fallen prey to his sharp fangs. Count Draynor is the target in the Vampire Slayer quest which requires the player to kill him to save the people of Draynor Village who have been terrorised by Count Draynor for centuries. Although he is believed to be a Vampire, he is actually a vampyre, and the brother of Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan himself. He is the weakest vampyre in RuneScape, owing to his leaving Morytania and dwelling west of the River Salve.



According to various members of House Drakan, such as Malak, Draynor is the brother of Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, the ruler of Morytania since the early Third Age. Known information regarding the vampyre race's biology and pre-Gielinorian history are very vague, leaving Draynor's origins and exact relationship to his brother unknown. Since Draynor presumably came to Gielinor with Lord Drakan in the Second Age, this would make him over 8,000 years old. If he came to Gielinor already matured, like the Mahjarrat Azzanadra, he may be considerably older.

Draynor and the rest of the vampyre race, after arriving in Gielinor, allied themselves with Zaros, a deity that was at the time gaining considerable power in the eastern mainland of Gielinor. Although Draynor and his brother both served Zaros for years, it is evident that Drakan was a far more prominent figure within the god's territory. When Drakan allied himself with the Mahjarrat General Zamorak and attempted to assassinate Zaros in his fortress, Draynor was not present amongst Zamorak's party. However, after Zaros's defeat and Zamorak's return from brief banishment, Draynor and the rest of the vampyre race allied themselves with him.

During the God Wars, Drakan shifted his attention to the Hallowland, which he had been promised by Zamorak for his aid in the betrayal of Zaros. The majority of the vampyre race, including Draynor, followed his brother into the Hallowland. Draynor aided House Drakan in its efforts to conquer the area, ultimately leading to the defeat of the icyene race and the establishment of Morytania. Draynor presumably held some power in Drakan's new realm of influence, but all information indicates his role in both the Fall of Hallowvale and post-war Morytanian politics were fairly modest compared to Drakan himself.

In 1100 of the Fourth Age, Drakan launched a campaign into Misthalin, where he hoped to gain new territory and influence. Draynor helped to oversee at least some military affairs during the Misthalin - Morytania War, and was at times present at Silvarea, where most of the fighting took place. During one of the war's battles, however, Draynor was separated from the main body of the Morytanian army, and, when he attempted to re-enter the region, was denied access by Lord Drakan. The exact cause of Draynor's banishment remains unknown, although the vampyre Solomon Lamescus claims it was "for his cowardice." [1]

Draynor became extremely weak in isolation. His separation from Morytania eventually led to a loss of most of his race's inherent strengths, including the limited precognition that makes vampyres so adept in combat. Somehow Draynor made it to western Misthalin, where he took up residence in a manor that would come to be fittingly known as Draynor Manor. He would reign terror in nearby Draynor Village, where he constantly fed to satiate his thirst for blood.

Other information

Count Draynor's coffin in the basement of Draynor Manor.

Count Draynor can't be killed with a typical, everyday weapon, but he can be damaged by one. A player needs to have a stake and a hammer to drive a stake through his heart, although players have to take almost all of his Hitpoints first. If a player does not have the hammer and stake, he will heal to full health when his Hitpoints are low. Garlic is known to weaken him too. Players cannot kill Count Draynor if they have already completed the Vampire Slayer quest. Some players say that a high Prayer level would help a lot.

Also, the normal HP recovery rate of Count Draynor is very high, such that it's possible to deal damage equivalent to twice its HP to make it zero. The rate decreases with time if you have Garlic and are doing the quest. It is still recommended to bring certain amount of food even if the player has more than 34 combat.

However, if the player has a high max hit, it is possible to kill him within a few hits. For this reason, due to low magic defence of Count Draynor, low class combat spells like Earth Strike can also severely damage him. Please notice the stake can still be stabbed and Draynor being killed even if the player is not adjacent to him.

Silverlight has no damage increasing effect on him, probably because he is a vampyre.


Count Draynor's basement.
  • The Count Draynor character is loosely based on the popular Count Dracula from a 1897 horror novel of the same name.

Count Draynor's first name was revealed by Jagex, along with a short story revealing that Count Draynor used to have a nice well-kept manor, but then lost his wife in the war[2]. He then disappeared and his house fell into disrepair. This story conflicts with in-game information regarding Draynor, however, and may be more of a folk-lore version spread following his disappearance.

  • In the past, Count Draynor would jump out and attack people even after completion of the quest, and he is invincible to any damage, by healing quickly. Nowadays Count Draynor will not appear again after the quest, along with the examination sentence: "There's only a pillow in here..." upon search of his coffin.
  • The fact that he says he lost his wife in the war is a reference to the 1897 Bram Stoker horror novel Dracula. Dracula claims to have lost his wife in a war and fell to a vampire, but it is unknown if he is honest.
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