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The Moff Council in 130 ABY.
"They are gravel-maggots waiting to feed…"
Darth Krayt

The Council of Moffs or Moff Council was the governing body of the remaining loyal members of the Galactic Empire, Imperial Remnant, the Fel Empire and Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire following the death of the reborn Emperor Palpatine.



The Council of Moffs was in existence as early as 12 ABY, and was possibly formed in response to the implosion of the Interim Ruling Council in 11 ABY. It may also have been a successor of or influenced by the Central Committee of Grand Moffs. By 19 ABY they were based in Disra's palace on Bastion. In 41 ABY, the Council supported an alliance with Jacen Solo in order to reclaim Borleias and Bilbringi; when Gilad Pellaeon was murdered at the Second Battle of Fondor, they took over the Remnant and directed it to continue working with Darth Caedus.

When the Imperial Remnant reasserted itself as a Galactic power, the Moff Council continued to exist under the rule of the Fel dynasty. Seeking to reassert Imperial domination over the Galaxy and tired of how Emperor Roan Fel constantly played them off against one another, they overruled his objections and declared war on the Galactic Alliance with the help of the One Sith. By the later stages of the Sith-Imperial War, the Moffs on the council were known by the title of High Moff. With the defeat of the Galactic Alliance in 130 ABY, they relocated to Coruscant, and by 137 ABY if not earlier, the body was styled the Moff High Council.

They soon came to regret their decision however, as once the war ended, the new Sith leader, Darth Krayt, promptly deposed Roan Fel, and installed himself as the new Emperor, forcing Fel into exile. The council immediately realized that they'd helped replace a relatively benevolent ruler for a dictatorial one. Krayt forced them into swearing allegiance to him, though some soon started plotting against him and the rest of the Sith.


"The Empire is not run by committee, Princess. If I find that the Moff Council needs to know the substance of your message, then I'll be the one who tells them."
Gilad Pellaeon

The Council of Moffs, while technically the governing body of the Empire, was chaired by the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet. The Council convened at the behest of the Supreme Commander, or in order to debate, pass, or dissolve laws of inter-sector jurisdiction and taxation. Laws, regulations, in-sector taxation and the like were all handled by the Moffs individually, with few known checks or balances to their authority inside their given sectors. Moffs also had authority over regional forces within their jurisdictions, known as Sector Fleets, which by the time of the Bastion Accords, were centered around a dozen or so Star Destroyers. On the highest level, the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces commanded the remainder of the Empire's military assets through the regular chain of command in both the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Army. In times of emergency, or at the Supreme Commander's discretion, the Sector Fleets that were normally answerable to the individual Moffs were commanded by the Supreme Commander.

The Moff Council receives instructions from Darth Maladi.

By 130 ABY, the Moffs held considerably more power, and were true partners to the Emperor. They, and not the Emperor, also controlled the Imperial Service and Imperial Intelligence; the Director of Imperial Intelligence and the Grand Admiral were on the Council. It was the Council who invoked the Treaty of Anaxes to launch the Sith-Imperial War.

At the end of the war, they pledged allegiance to Darth Krayt, although some of them still harbored sympathy to the then fugitive Roan Fel. With Coruscant under the grip of the Empire, the Council held its meetings inside a conference chamber within the New Imperial Palace. While some Moffs considered the war and the coup as a way to reassert their dominance, in the new order established by Darth Krayt, the Council now answered to Krayt's Sith Lords, particularly Darth Maladi and Darth Wyyrlok.


The Council was initially composed of the Moff from each sector of the Empire, and met to decide matters of high level or pan-Imperial importance. Each Moff had one vote on the Council, and it appeared that only a simple majority vote was needed to pass a resolution. There were eight Moffs on the Council, not including the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet.

It was unclear how the Council of Moffs appointed or elected a new Supreme Commander or how Moffs gained their positions. Some of the Moffs, such as Disra, had certainly been those appointed by Palpatine or his successors to govern their sectors when the Galactic Empire still controlled the Galaxy, while others could have seized power as much of the Imperial hierarchy splintered into factions led by warlords. Latterly, however, newcomers were evidently apointed by constitutional means within the Imperial Remnant: between 19 ABY and 25 ABY, Disra and three other Moffs were replaced, by Ephin Sarreti, Kurlen Flennic, Crowal and Freyborn.

A meeting of the Moff Council in 137 ABY

In additions to the Moffs and the Supreme Commander, the positions of Minister of State and Deputy Minister of State were also important positions in the Remnant government, although it is unclear what they did or who held them.

For reasons that are unclear, the Moffs council had undergone a transformation by the time of the Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY. When the Imperial government allied itself with Darth Caedus, shortly before the Second Battle of Fondor, there were more than two dozen more Moffs on the Council. Pellaeon retaind his role as head of the Council, although the constitutional significance of the position had changed: he had retired from the Imperial Navy and spent the years 25-40 ABY serving as head of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force. Pellaeon and several other members of the Council were killed during the war, and at the end of the conflict, Jagged Fel was installed as the Council's new leader.

At some point after 41 ABY, Fel was appointed as a new Galactic Emperor, and Imperial space ceased to be known as the "Remnant". The Moff Council remained an important element of the government, not fully controlled by the monarchy, although its organization changed further over time. By the end of the Sith-Imperial War in 130 ABY, although the Empire had expanded in size, the Council had contracted, and appears to have numbered just six Moffs. It was now led by a High Moff, and known as the Moff High Council.

These Moffs still controlled one sector each, but all of them were now also in charge of elements of the federal Imperial apparatus. The High Moff was Morlish Veed, who also served as the Grand Admiral in charge of the Imperial Military, suggesting that the ex officio connection between the role of Supreme Commander and the leadership of the Council had been restored. The other positions on the council were the Director of Imperial Intelligence (a role taken by the female Moff Nyna Calixte in 130-137 ABY), the head of the Imperial Mission (Konrad Rus), the commanders of the Imperial Navy ( Rulf Yage), and the Imperial Army (Geist), and the leader of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps (a position held at this time by Fehlauur, the only alien on the Council, a Chiss who was also responsible for relations with his people's government). The Council of Moffs answered to Darth Krayt, who usually did not bother himself with bureacratic matters of the state, leaving them to the Council.

Some Moffs still retained the old prejudices, and many of them were opposed to letting Princess Marasiah Fel become Empress simply because of her sex, but others were more open-minded and liberal, and as well as women, at least one near-Human alien had become a Moff by this date.


In 19 ABY

During the Yuuzhan Vong War

During the Second Galactic Civil War

Following the Second Galactic Civil War

During the Second Imperial Civil War



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