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Council of First Knowledge
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First Knowledge Chambers, Jedi Temple




19 BBY

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Rise of the Empire era


Jedi Order

"We are keepers of the wisdom of the Jedi. We maintain the Great Library, we oversee the teachings of the younglings, and we seek out the ancient histories and Holocrons that will bring us greater knowledge of the light side of the Force. But we are more than just caretakers. We are also guardians."
―Master Obba explaining the duty of the Council of First Knowledge.

The Council of First Knowledge was one of the four Jedi Councils of the Jedi Order in operation during the rule of the Galactic Republic. The Council of First Knowledge met in the Council Chambers atop the northwest tower of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.



The purpose of the Council of First Knowledge was to advise Jedi on matters which required use of ancient Jedi lore, and to oversee the instruction of the Order's younglings. This Council maintained the Jedi Archives and the repository of ancient holocrons stored in the Tower of First Knowledge. The lore stored in this sacred chamber was maintained by a Caretaker, who served as the leader of the Council. The Caretaker position was known to have been held by fourteen Jedi in the history of the Order as of 30 BBY--with Astaal Vilbum having had at least thirteen predecessors.

The Council had one permanent member, the Caretaker, while the other four seats were filled by a rotation of Masters from the High Council, or other influential members of the Order.[1] Even Piell was a member towards the end of the Clone Wars, and it is possible that Jedi Master T'un was a member of this council.


Following the New Sith Wars, the Council dedicated itself and its agents to the recovery of Sith artifacts. Deeming the possesion of such material illegal, agents of the Council were sent out to virtually eradicate all traces of the Sith. They were responsible for the near elimination of Darth Andeddu from all text found within the Republic. Agents serving the Council worked primarily in the tower. These Jedi included Knights Medd Tandar, Ma'ya, Pendo, Winnoa, and Set Harth. Before turning to the dark side, Harth stole several of the artifacts that the Order sent him to retrieve, hiding them away in his estate on Nal Hutta.

At some point in it's history, the Council settled the E9D8 Rebellion.

After the execution of Order 66, the Council was dissolved and all its members were executed, or went into hiding. When Luke Skywalker rebuilt the Order, it is unknown if the Council was reformed within the new Jedi Temple.


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