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Council Seat

location: Rivet City
given by: Bannon
reward: Schematics - Deathclaw Gauntlet
10% shop discount at Potomac Attire
10% shop discount at Rivet City Supply

Council Seat refers to an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.


Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough


Starting the quest

This quest can be started by speaking with Bannon inside the Rivet City Market District. He will inform you that he believes Seagrave Holmes is planning to steal his seat in the city council. He then tasks you to find incriminating evidence on Seagrave Holmes that will put a rest to his stealing of the chair.

Retrieve the evidence

You can wander into Seagrave's Room (easy lock) in the Mid-Ship Deck right by the door to the Market District. Once inside find Seagrave's Incriminating Letter near the footlocker at the end of his bed. After retrieving the tape you can read it and learn that Seagrave is communicating with the slaver boss Eulogy Jones. Now you can talk with Bannon and Seagrave Holmes.

Choose a side

Seagrave claims that the message makes it clear that he is not going to cooperate with the slavers and that you should inform Lana Danvers that Bannon is trying to blackmail him.

Bannon will tell you to report this evidence to Lana Danvers but must not tell her that it is he who sent you on the task to find evidence of Seagrave.

You can find Lana Danvers at the 3rd level of the tower. Just go up the stair well to the top, and enter the door that says bridge tower. Choose the person to side with and denounce the other to Lana Danvers.


This mini-quest awards no immediate Bottle caps (though the 10% discount is a win situation) or Karma.

Bannon's reward

Seagrave Holmes's reward


Whichever party you turn in will also penalize you with a 10% price increase at their store. Choosing which party to support is a tactical choice, since Bannon rewards the player with a Deathclaw Gauntlet Schematic and sells the player apparel at a discount whereas Holmes gives no instant reward, yet has more material at a better discount.

Rivet City

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