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Final Fantasy

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Cottage, artwork from Final Fantasy.

The Cottage (コテージ Kotēji), also known as the Cabin or House, is a recurring item throughout the series. It completely restores the HP and MP of the active party. It can only be used on the World Map and at Save Points. It works much like the Tent from some games, and in those that they both appear, the Cottage is usually the more effective item. In Final Fantasy VIII, the Cottage can also heal all Guardian Forces at once.

The Cottage item has been phased out since Final Fantasy X, due to save points having the added effect of completely healing the party.



Final Fantasy

Effect Fully restore the party's HP and MP on the World Map.
Location Elfheim, Crescent Lake, Gaia, Onrac
Other info Also known as House.
Price 2,000 gil

Final Fantasy II

Effect Fully restore the party's HP and MP on the World Map.
Location All item shops in the game.
Other info Also known as Cabins.
Price 2,000 gil

Final Fantasy IV

Effect Restores all HP and MP, cures all statuses, and revives all KO'ed party members. World map and Save Points only.
Location Mysidia, Dwarf Castle, Tomra, Land of Summons, Hummingway Home
Find Eblan, Dwarf Castle (x3), Cave of Eblan, Sylvan Cave, Land of Summons
Steal from Mac Giant, Red Giant
Won from Blade Man, Centaur, Epee Girl, Horse Man, Mac Giant, Red Giant, Roc, Sword Man, Warrior, Zuu
Cost 500 gil
The Cottage in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Cottage can be bought in several stores, and can also be won as a rare drop.

Final Fantasy V

Cabin artwork from Final Fantasy V.
Effect Restores all HP and MP to the party.
Location Lugor, Val, Surgate, Kelb, Mirage, Moore
Find Kerwin, Tycoon Castle (x3), Fire Ship, Ronka Ruins, Moogle Forest, Valley of the Dragons, Moore Forest, Pyramid, N-Zone - Ruins
Steal from Blue Dragon, Yojimbo, Catastroph
Won from N/A
Cost 600 gil

Final Fantasy VIII

Effect Fully restores HP, MP, and status to the party and all GFs.
Location Esthar Shop (only with Familiar)
Find Balamb Garden - Attack on Galbadia Garden (2nd Floor)
Steal from Command Leader (Low, Moderate, and High [Rare, very rare]), Elite Soldier (Low [Rare, very rare], Moderate [Common, rare, very rare], High)
Won from Command Leader (Low and Moderate [Very rare], High [Rare, very rare]), Elite Soldier (Low and Moderate [Very rare], High [Rare, very rare]), Esthar Soldier (Cyborg) (Low, Moderate, and High [Very rare]), Wedge (1st round)
Refine From 1 Whisper into 1 Cottage (Tool-RF)
1 Healing Ring into 30 Cottage (Tool-RF)
1 Diamond Armor into 50 Cottage (Tool-RF)
Cost 500 gil

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