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Costume selection for exchanging points for a costume.

Costume points are possible reward from Random event gifts. When players have saved up enough costume points, they can claim items from one of five random event costumes.

As of 25 February 2009, with the Random Event Update and More update, players can no longer exchange their frog tokens. This was because all the frog tokens changed into random event gifts after to the update. Instead, this shop will be the place where players can cash in their costume points from a reward at the random event gift. Players are required to go to the shop and speak to an old lady named Iffie, who sits against the northern wall of the store in her rocking chair. There players may cash in their Costume points, and exchange them for a costume.

It is important to note that after choosing the "Save up for an outfit!" option from the random event gift menu, one point will be added to the respective random event's costume points. When trading the points for clothes, one point equals to one piece of the outfit (mask, legs, torso, etc.) The maximum number of points a player can save up for each set is equal to the number of pieces in that set.

For example, the Frogs random event set of clothes is composed of a frog mask, prince tunic and prince leggings (or princess blouse and princess skirt). Therefore, the maximum number of points that can be saved up for trading these clothes is 3. If a player has the maximum number of points already saved up, and then chooses to save another point from the random event gift menu, players will be informed that the maximum number of points is already saved up for that event, and the player needs to choose another option.


  • In the Frogs random event costume selection, if a player tries to choose a costume for the opposite gender, the message will say: "You'd look a bit silly wearing that."

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