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Corvis Minor system

Outer Rim Territories, Ciutric Hegemony


Corvis Minor


The Corvis Minor system in the Ciutric Hegemony contained Corvis Minor III, Corvis Minor IV, Corvis Minor V, and the primary star Corvis Minor. An asteroid belt was located beyond the fifth planet. The Corvis Minor system had a generally unremarkable history. Most Imperial libraries had a box disguised as a multiple datacard set named the The Complete History of Corvis Minor. Contained within the box would be a small emergency blaster.

During his escape from the Lusankya, Corran Horn obtained a blaster from a Corvis Minor history box in Ysanne Isard's private library onboard the Lusankya. He noted that if a blaster was considered the complete history of the planet that he didn't think it was a vacation spot. Mara Jade was able to use her knowledge of Imperial procedure to obtain a blaster from a library on a residential floor of the Imperial Palace when she realized the Palace had been infiltrated by Imperial agents.


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