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Battle of Naboo


Second battle of Bakura

Coruscant Uprising

Galactic Civil War[1]


4 ABY[1]


Coruscant (then-Imperial Center)[1]


Imperial victory[2]


Galactic Empire[1]


Ysanne Isard[2]



Presumed minor

Many civilians[3]

The Coruscant Uprising was an event that occurred shortly after the Battle of Endor.[1]



Following the Rebel Alliance's triumph on Endor and the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and his right-hand man Darth Vader, riots, uprisings, and celebrations took place on a multitude of Imperial-held worlds, as the news spread across the galaxy.[1]

Despite the Empire's attempts to prevent the details of the Battle of Endor from becoming public until they could put a proper spin on it, several Rebel groups began transmitting the unaltered facts just hours after the Death Star was destroyed.[1]

The uprising

On Coruscant, several Rebel insurgent groups, including one of which future Wraith Squadron pilot Castin Donn was a member, retransmitted the news feed from a New Republic HoloNet broadcast showing the explosion of the second Death Star. The rebroadcast overrode the normal channels and went out on a wide band, ensuring that every personal comlink and holoprojector would show the footage.[3]

A stormtrooper in the CSF is attacked by Rebel-loyal citizens during the uprising.

Subsequently, billions of citizens began celebrating the fall of the Empire, and an armed uprising sprang out in several sectors. Imperial patrols were attacked in the streets, statues of Palpatine were toppled with explosives and skimmers and other Imperial symbols were desecrated by Rebels and Rebel-leaning civilians.[1]

In the midst of all the celebrating and rioting, Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard ordered a massive crackdown on the rebellious elements in the city-planet's population and gave full power to the local military force to end the uprising and restore order to the system. The populace was eventually put back under control through military retaliation, with high death-tolls on the part of the insurrectionists.[3][2]


Lighters of fireworks are executed, shortly after the uprising is struck down.

When he received the news that the uprising had been struck down, Grand Vizier Sate Pestage was glad of the results, although was less pleased with the fact that Isard took action without seeking his permission first.[2]

Despite the victory and display of power, this was the beginning of the Galactic Empire's end, as feuding warlords and an ever-growing New Republic ensured its eventual disintegration into the Imperial Remnant. Two years after the initial uprising was struck down, the New Republic freed the system from Imperial control.[4]

Behind the scenes

The Coruscant Uprising is somewhat of a retcon maneuver to erase the incompatibility between the celebration scenes inserted in the 1997 special edition of Return of the Jedi and the notion of the Empire maintaining control of Coruscant for some years after the Battle of Endor.

Portions of the uprising, most specifically the immense crowds and the tearing down of Palpatine's statue, mirrors the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.


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