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Coruscant Security Force
General information
Notable members

Anskow, Berin B'naian, CC-4477, CC-1010, Dovel, Loowil Galt, Ottegru Grey, Ia, Jat'ho, Jaller Obrim, Qade, Gwad Raatu, Lye Rooker, Dherik Rule, Max Ryko, Raim Tibekk, Mill Timmer, Tobyl, Chal Tozr, Wets Tranoj, Vil


CSF Divisional HQ


CSF Divisional HQ, Coruscant Security Force Staff and Social Club, Coruscant

Historical information

27 ABY


6 ABY, 11 ABY


c.29 ABY

Other information
"We're the law on Coruscant. Not the Jedi."
Gwad Raatu

The Coruscant Security Force (CSF), also known as the Coruscant Police Force, was a police/paramilitary force in the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, New Republic, and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. It was in charge of maintaining order on Coruscant.



With such a large and diverse population, crime was a constant presence for the Coruscanti. The Coruscant Security Force was tasked with providing law enforcement and security on the planet. They performed this duty under most of the galactic governments though at times were regulated to more of a support role such as during the Clone Wars or replaced with other units such as during the Imperial era. During the Galactic Republic, the members of the Jedi Order would also at times assist the CSF though this was not as common during the time of the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance. Other organizations they would work with at various times were the Judicial Forces, the Senate Guard, clone troopers, the Stormtrooper Corps, the Coruscant Planetary Defense Force, and Galactic Alliance Security.

The majority of crime was in the undercity. Most politicians and influential citizens refused to do much, preferring to live in the upper levels and skyscrapers away from the unpleasantness of the lower levels and slums of the city. Areas such as the Factory District or The Works were especially heavy with crime. These areas were rarely visited by police and when they did it was in force. It was not until the time of the New Galactic Empire that a large effort was made to clean up the lower levels and provide more police presence.

Along with patrol units, the CSF employed detectives to investigate serious crimes such as murder, organized crime, and terrorism. Droids were also used as patrol units and to support organic officers. Police droids were present as of 22 ABY, though it has not been made clear if they were units of the CSF.

The CSF had their headquarters in the A-89 quadrant of Galactic City. They used the VAAT/e as a rapid troop deployment platform as well as speeders for regular patrol.



Pre-Clone Wars

The Coruscant Police Force was the homeworld police force helping to protect Coruscant before the formation of the Grand Army of the Republic. In 42 BBY, the Bothan Yur T'aug was the maximum authority of the Coruscant Security Force. The CSF responded to the apartment of Connus Trell when bounty hunter Jango Fett was interrogating him.

Clone Wars

By the time of the Clone Wars, the CSF was made secondary to clone trooper units, such as the clone shock troopers and the 501st Legion that were stationed on Coruscant. The shock troopers that were stationed on Coruscant became known as the Coruscant Guard and would take on a larger role during the the Imperial era. Clone commando units like Omega Squad and Delta Squad began to get the hard jobs that Special Agents and SWAT teams used to handle, and the non-clone units were relegated to support roles. Although the clone units were brought in under the guise of combating Separatist terrorist organizations, it was really just a move by Chancellor Palpatine to further his power and to make his transition to Galactic Empire smoother.

Imperial era

After the rise of the Empire, the last remnants of the traditional CSF were gradually phased out with the introduction of new Coruscant Guard units, various stormtrooper regiments, and the Emperor's Royal Guard—all stationed on Imperial City.

A stormtrooper in the CSF being attacked by anti-Imperial Coruscanti during the Coruscant Uprising.

In 1 BBY, Moff Kadir was the maximum authority of the CSF, now consisting mostly of stormtrooper units. He tried to use specially-trained clones under his command to kill Emperor Palpatine and take control of the Empire, but the plot failed.

In 4 ABY, the security force stormtroopers were attacked by angry crowds, spurred on by the news of Palpatine's death at Endor. In the ensuing uprising, many people were killed as the security forces organized under Ysanne Isard and beat them back.

New Republic

The capture of Coruscant from Imperial forces in 6 ABY and again in 11 ABY left no Guard units or stormtroopers to provide security. The CSF was presumably reorganized under the New Republic along with it's sister agency, they Coruscant Planetary Defense Force. In 26 ABY, Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya ordered the arrest of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker. When they tried to flee Coruscant aboard the Jade Shadow, they were pursued by 4 interceptors and fought a brief battle. None were reported killed and the Jedi managed to escape with the intervention of Rogue Squadron. During the First Battle of Coruscant (Yuuzhan Vong War), the Coruscant Planetary Defense Force was completely wiped out. It is unknown if the CSF suffered the same fate. Those who survived would have either evacuated the city or escaped down into the substructures.

Galactic Alliance

With the return of the government after the Yuuzhan Vong War, the CSF was reorganized, this time under the Galactic Alliance. Before and during the Second Galactic Civil War, some of its members were recruited into the Galactic Alliance Guard, alongside members of the Galactic Alliance Special Forces and the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service in order to counter Corellian terrorist activity on Coruscant. The GAG was dissolved sometime in 41 ABY. Galactic Alliance Security was formed c.43 ABY and became a major security force for the Galactic Alliance. They would assist the CSF in protection of the capital.




  • Special Agent was used by those working undercover or on special assignments.
  • Incident Commander was used to describe the officer in charge of a major operation or police action.
  • Commander was used by clone troopers that operated as part of the CSF.
  • Moff was used during the Imperial era.



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