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This article is about the Coruscant Guard. You may be looking for the Red Guard, Palpatine's elite bodyguards.
Coruscant Guard
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Supreme Chancellor Palpatine


Commander Fox

Notable members


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Around 21 BBY

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The Coruscant Guard, also known as the Elite Stormtroopers, were a specialized branch of the Imperial stormtroopers who served as law enforcers on Coruscant and a few other Core Worlds during the height of the Galactic Empire. They were commonly called Imperial Guards, but should not be confused with the Emperor's Royal Guard.



A Clone Wars-era Coruscant Guard.

These troops were descendants of the Republic shock troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.[1] Established during the height of the Clone Wars, they began as a pure-clone unit led by Clone Commander Fox and were initially charged with protecting the Republic Senate facilities and all senators in residence, filling the role of the Republic Senate Guardsman that were in use prior to the Great Sith War, but not supplanting the non-clone Senate Guard already in place. As the Clone Wars continued, the unit's directives were expanded to maintaining law and order on the capital world.[2]


Raid on Ziro the Hutt's Coruscant club

"We've secured the Hutt location, sir. Senator Amidala's unharmed and she's returning to the Senate with her protocol droid. We have Lord Ziro in custody. He's claiming he was forced into the kidnapping of Jabba's son by Count Dooku. Zero casualties—unless you count droids, of course."
―Clone Commander Fox, reporting the successful hostage extraction
Fox and his troops storm the throne room.

After Senator Padmé Amidala was captured by Ziro the Hutt, C-3PO contacted the Coruscant Guard about Amidala's abduction and piloted the senator's H-type Nubian yacht to Ziro's Palace, accompanied by Clone Commander Fox and five other Coruscant Guards. Fox's rescue team blasted their way into the palace, destroying the B1 battle droids guarding the entrance in the process. In the ensuing commotion, Amidala freed herself and destroyed the IG-86 droid guarding her with an appropriated E-5 blaster rifle. Taking cover from return fire, the Coruscant Guards made quick work of the remaining security droids. When the last two battle droids were destroyed, the clone troopers surrounded the fleeing Hutt, cutting off his escape.[3][4]

Post-Clone Wars

In the time of the Galactic Empire, under Palpatine's issue of martial law and sweeping emergency powers, the Coruscant Guards were empowered to search any facility or dwelling, arrest any citizen, and locate and detain suspected criminals and Rebel agents. These elite troops rarely saw combat, and were instead strictly for police service. They were in almost all Coruscant's districts and many of them were assigned to watch the city planet's sewers.

Shortly before the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, and Dash Rendar traveled to Coruscant to rescue Princess Leia Organa. In order to rescue her, they went though the sewers underneath Prince Xizor's palace, where they faced several Coruscant Guards on patrol. Eventually, they got rid of them and rescued the Princess.

By the time of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, members of the the 1,001st Stormtrooper Division wore armor based on that of the Coruscant Guard.[5]


Diplomatic Escort Group

During the Clone Wars, the clone troopers of the Coruscant Guard operated the Diplomatic Escort Group which were soldiers charged with the protection of diplomats on key missions involving negotiations.



During the Clone Wars, the clone troopers of the Coruscant Guard utilized the Phase I armor. As individuality and creativity steadily became promoted within the Grand Army of the Republic, the Guard used the crimson red color to designate their status as the capital world's police force - the most notable symbol being the emblem of the Galactic Senate, located in the center of their torso armor. The symbol was more ornately fashioned on the chest plate of Commander Fox, designating him as the commander of the Guard.

As of the Galactic Civil War, the Coruscant Guards wore light yet heavily padded crimson and black armor that provided protection against physical attacks. Their sophisticated battle helmet which was lined with advanced sensors, allowed them to work in complete darkness, and also contained a comlink scrambler for communication with fellow personnel. A unit commander's helmet was also equipped with a voice activated heads-up display that showed Coruscant Guard positions. Optional tracking beacon software let a unit commander know the whereabouts of his subordinates at all times.


The weapons used by Coruscant Guards included:

A female Coruscant Guard with taser stafe

Standard weapons included Merr-Sonn taser staves, Merr-Sonn e-ss Suppressor riot rifles, stun grenades, and a blaster rifle. The Merr-Sonn taser staves were used to control crowds and suppress riots. It also had variable power settings and was capable of delivering a lethal or incapacitating charge when it strikes its target. Some Coruscant Guards also carried the more advanced Merr-Sonn R-88 Suppressor riot rifle. During the Clone Wars they were seen using Z-6 rotary blaster cannons and Rocket launchers.

Notable Coruscant guards

Coruscant Guards face off against Cad Bane's posse

Behind the scenes

The Coruscant Guard were developed for the Shadows of the Empire multimedia project. Kenner developed an action figure of Luke Skywalker in Coruscant Guard armor as a tie-in to the novel. The novel itself refers to them as "Elite Stormtroopers".

The Hasbro toys of the Senate Guard incorrectly name them as Coruscant Guards.


Non-canonical appearances


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