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Species: Human
Gender: male
Affiliation: Federation
Occupation: science officer
Assignment: USS Slayton
Rank: commander
Insignia: Rank insignia.Combadge insignia.

Cortin Zweller was a human Starfleet officer in the 24th century.


Early Career

Zweller attended Starfleet Academy in the same class with Jean-Luc Picard and Marta Batanides. At one point during his Academy career, Zweller, along with Picard, risked possible expulsion and imprisonment for bringing the comatose Batanides to the black-market genetics laboratory on the world Yrskatdon, after discovering that the only known cure for Batanides' Fetal Incompatibility Syndrome was a banned genetic resequencing procedure. (SA comic: "Judgment"; TNG - Section 31 novel: Rogue)

Shortly after graduation in 2327, while at Starbase Earhart awaiting his assignment to the USS Ajax under Captain Narth, Zweller's game of dom-jot resulted in a barfight with three Nausicaans. In the brawl, Ensign Picard was knifed through the heart. (TNG episode: "Tapestry")

Section 31

In 2331, Zweller was recruited into Section 31. By 2373, he had been promoted to Commander and was assigned as Chief Science Officer of the USS Slayton. The vessel was sent to Chiaros IV to calm hostilies between the government and rebel factions, and to oversee a vote on whether the planet would join the Federation or the Romulan Star Empire. Zweller mission for Section 31 was to influence the vote in favor of the Romulans, in return for a list of Tal Shiar agents operating in the Federation. During the mission, the Slayton was destroyed and Zweller was exposed. (TNG - Section 31 novel: Rogue)




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