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The Nightfall manual describes Corsairs as follows.

"On land, Elona’s laws are defined and enforced by its three provincial governments. Life at sea is different. On every ship, a captain’s word is law, and many sailors follow their own personal codes of honor. Corsairs live outside the law, whether they’re standing on solid ground or the treacherous deck of a fast ship. As a matter of survival, each one recognizes the Code of the Corsairs, although many disagree on its particulars."
"The most important concepts in the Code are loyalty to one’s captain (and the conditions under which you can justifiably mutiny), fair methods of distributing wealth (and the best times and places to steal it), and honorable ways of resolving differences (as well as the best ways to cheat in a duel). Land dwellers are often baffled by the inherent contradictions of this code. No matter how a sailor defines a personal code of honor, corsairs unite against their common enemies, setting aside all differences. The Code has kept the corsairs around for generations, passing on traditions, superstitions, and contradictions from one generation to the next."
"The corsairs have remained free by learning to survive in treacherous waters, sailing where the Istani will not or cannot follow. Their fleets remain hidden near the most dangerous stretches of the Elonian coast. Between the northwest1 coast of Cantha and the southern rim of Elona, a deadly sea is troubled by sudden storms and cyclones, hidden reefs, and dangerous sea creatures. These waters were once navigated by fearless Luxon raiders from Cantha, and to this day, brigands from many cultures search for secret coves hidden by these deadly waters."
  1. This is likely a typo. In Lion's Arch Jiaju Tai says that Cantha is to the south, and in Kodlonu Hamlet Jatoro Musagi states that Shing Jea Island is to the southwest. However, it could be referring to the northwestern coast of Cantha, and not implying that Cantha's coast is to the northwest.

Almost all, if not all, Corsairs use Dervish emotes and animations.


Region Type Collectable Drop
Nightfall Campaign
Istan and Kourna
  1. Only appear during quests.

For a list of corsairs, including bosses, see: Category:Corsairs


  • Corsairs were French privateers from the north-western French port of St-Malo. After gaining a reputation of swashbucklers, the term 'corsair' has since been used as a more romantic version of privateer or pirate.
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Cyclops' Squad


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The Corsairs are one of the many six-member squads formed to facilitate the training and development of the older students at the Xavier Institute.

Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir

First appearance

New X-Men Vol 2 #2
(August, 2004)



Cyclops’ squad, The Corsairs won second place in the Feild Day Events at the Xavier Institute. They were named after Cyclops’ father, Christopher Summers who went by the name Corsair as a member of the intergalactic adventurers known as the Starjammers.


  • Three-In-One consists of only three of the quintuplets are in the squad (other two are dead).
  • Dryad is chlorokinetic, and has pointed ears, and pinkish skin.
  • Quill has porcupine-like quills that grow on his head and body and can be used as projectiles.
  • Specter can go into his own shadow and even become one.
  • DJ can manipulate music into his powers.

There are also other teams advised by different X-Men. For a complete list of students prior to Decimation see Xavier Institute student body.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • The squad’s colors are blue and white.
  • The three Stepford Cuckoos are all co-leaders.


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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

The Corsairs were a group of colonists on the planet Exocron who resisted the rule of the Devisors. They lived in the western canyons, and flew Raider skyfighters. They were known to attack ships of the Exocron Airfleet.

In 8 ABY, they attacked the Airfleet cruiser Desaclates in an attempt to retrieve a probe droid from the New Republic ship FarStar that the cruiser had intercepted. Their attack was driven off by X-wings from the FarStar.



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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

Corsairs in pre-Rebellion times were bands of pirates, usually Vargr, who raid both ships and worlds for goods. During the Rebellion period, with the failing naval powers to suppress them, many armed ships turned to raiding to support themselves.

As always, the bulk of corsair recruits are military deserters, criminals, and desperate indiviuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. Corsairs do not like fighting against well-organized and comparably-equipped defense units—they prefer preying on the weak and attacking by surprise.

Many corsair societies have adopted an appropriatly macabre, ritualized method of announced assassination, which discourages casual attempts at assassination and thereby stablizes the band's leadership.

Corsair bands in 1126 are retaining an increased numbers of dependents, who may either be stashed in a safe place immediately before a "hit" or brought along for the ride. The crowding and filth aboard corsair hulls is legendary.

Note that all raiders who work within a single system are of the corsair variety. Vikings are too smart to stay in one place, and rippers either self-destruct or are hunted down and exterminated.

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Hard Times

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