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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Prefix Title earned by gaining +30,000 (Warmly) faction with the Seafury Buccaneers in South Freeport.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Corsair Artifact Armor
See also: Gambler.

The Corsair is a special job class in Final Fantasy XI, based off the gambler. They are, in a large sense, modeled after pirates in this rendition, but according to the game's plot they are not pirates at all. They are incapable of wearing heavy armor and use mostly their knives, swords, and special hexa-guns to dish out damage. They use the rolling of dice and the drawing of cards to increase attributes of their fellow party-members.

Corsairs have a number of abilities that have very gambling inspired names, like Double-Up, and then another set of abilities that they use which are modeled after other classes and give bonuses based on what you would assume those jobs would be good at. For instance, a Ranger's Roll will give nearby party members increased accuracy. The rolling of dice, however, is not a guaranteed success story. Each ability has lucky and unlucky numbers.

Story-wise, Corsairs were once a sort of naval fleet under the command of the Kingdom of Ephremand, which was invaded and taken over by The Empire of Aht Urghan. The fallen Corsairs pose as undead enemy-type characters and take on a Fomor form and are particularly violent and aggressive. The other Corsairs, a small group known as the Seagull Phratrie, still survives. The Phratrie's hideout is located in Arrapago Reef; their ship was damaged while escaping an Imperial naval fleet, so they cannot sail as they once did. In current times, the Imperials are determined to wipe out the Corsairs once and for all, but they always seem to escape capture one way or another. Even though the Empire has tried bribing and even a double-agent, the Seagull Phratrie always seems to elude their grasp.


Becoming a Corsair

Feared by many player characters in Final Fantasy XI, The Corsair Job Quest: Luck of the Draw can be started in Aht Urgan Whitegate. Details concerning this quest include the passing of many powerful monsters, such as Orderly Imps, whose magical prowess and True Sight are more than most single adventurers can handle. Timing, time of day, and sheer courage can oftentimes be a solo adventurer's best friend in completing this quest. Sneak Oil and Prism Powder are essentials for daredevil Level 30 players who wish to test their courage, and being a Thief couldn't kill you. In fact, most Orderly Imps cannot catch a thief using Flee, even with their most powerful spells. Keep this in mind.

To complete the quest for the Corsair job class, first view two cutscenes in White Gate at (J-12) NPC Ratihb and (L-9) Mafwahb in that order. Head to Nashmau by way of Port Ephraem. Once in Nashmau, take the north exit out and proceed to I-6. This area is infested with Lamia, Undead, Chigoe, and Malboro type enemies who will all aggro via Sight/Sound. Sneak Oil/Sneak and Prism Powder/Invisible are required for getting through this zone unharmed. Beware the Orderly Imps, as they have True Sight. Pass through this area around 20:00-4:00 Vana'diel time, and the Imps will not be amongst the Monster Host in the Mire.

At I-6, you will zone into Arrapago Reef. Inside, you will find an Iron Gate only unlockable using Thief's Tools or a Lamian Fang Key. To obtain the Key, kill Lamias in either the Mire or the Reef, or look for a ??? behind a large enemy called the Jnun. After passing the Iron Gate, there will be a set of passages and eventually you will find a ship. On it will be another ???; click on it to view a cutscene. Beware of the Lamia and Undead moving around within aggro range.

Return to Nashmau by either Death Warp or simply Escape, whichever fits your preference or is at your disposal. Once in Nashmau, take the west path out of the city. Beware; most monsters (most notably Orderly Imps) in the Mire area you are entering range in level from 60-80. Head from that point to the coordinate E-9 on your map. If you do not possess a map, this area is easy to find. Just remember to pass through E-10 (Graveyard) heading north to Talacca Cove.

Once inside Talacca Cove, proceed along the coastline until you find another ???. You will receive a Forgotten Hexagun and a cutscene pointing to a cave near you. At the conclusion of the cutscene, proceed to the back of the cave to a large Rock Slab to view another cutscene. At its conclusion, you will become a Corsair and receive the Corsair's Die.

""Will I hit the jackpot or end up with Snake Eyes? I feel I've finally found a risk worth taking..""
―Gultada, Final Fantasy XI Treasures of Aht Urhgan Happy Gambling Corsairs and Good Luck in your endeavors.

Job Abilities

Level  Name
01  Wild Card
05  Phantom Roll
05  Double-Up
40  Quick Draw
50  Random Deal
Merit  Snake Eye
Merit  Fold

Job Traits

Level  Name
05  Resist Paralyze
15  Rapid Shot
Merit  Winning Streak
Merit  Loaded Deck

Phantom Roll

Main article: Phantom Roll
Level  Roll Lucky # Unlucky #
05  Corsair's Roll 5 9
08  Ninja Roll 4 8
11  Hunter's Roll 4 8
14  Chaos Roll 4 8
17  Magus's Roll 2 6
20  Healer's Roll 3 7
23  Puppet Roll 4 8
26  Choral Roll 2 6
31  Monk's Roll 3 7
Level  Roll Lucky # Unlucky #
34  Beast Roll 4 8
37  Samurai Roll 2 6
40  Evoker's Roll 5 9
43  Rogue's Roll 5 9
46  Warlock's Roll 4 8
49  Fighter's Roll 5 9
52  Drachen Roll 3 7
55  Gallant's Roll 3 7
58  Wizard's Roll 5 9
61  Dancer's Roll 3 7
64  Scholar's Roll 2 6

Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
 Dagger B+ 5 109 256
 Sword B- 5 109 240
 Marksmanship B 5 109 250
 Throwing C+ 5 105 230
 Parrying A- 6 114 269
 Evasion D 4 101 210

Corsairs in Final Fantasy XI

Corsairs are a "support" job in Final Fantasy XI. This means they are not used primarily for dealing damage, taking damage, or healing. While this is true, Corsairs do have a good damage potential using ranged attacks. The true power of a Corsair has to do with their ability to bolster their party members around them. Though their status effects are variable, on average, they provide the best bonuses available in the game.


  • Corsair bonuses, on average, are the single largest ability buff available to players.
  • Corsairs can dispel positive bonuses on enemy creatures.
  • Corsairs can sleep enemy creatures.
  • Corsairs can boost the enfeebling capacity of their other part members with quick draw.
  • Corsairs have access to ranged attack weapon skills.
  • Corsairs have an ability to refresh job ability timers, including 2-hour recast abilities.


  • Corsairs do not have good hit points or defense.
  • Most Corsair abilities are entirely based on luck.
  • It can be very costly.
  • Corsairs Cannot refresh their own Two Hour Ability "Wild Card"
  • A failed roll can spell Disaster for party and Corsair as well.



Ninja is a common subjob for Corsairs wishing to melee. Corsairs have no real access to shields, so they would ordinarily have an empty hand. Dual wield helps them use a weapon in both hands, and utsusemi is useful for avoiding damage if the Corsair is pulling creatures back to the group.

White Mage

Corsairs, like bards, are treated as a Support Class, and many parties will expect a Corsair to sub White Mage. This is not a bad thing; while Corsairs are not great at soloing low level, the White Mage Subjob can be useful after the Corsair obtains his/her first Hexa-Gun, and allows he/she to Solo while healing. This is especially useful if attacking enemies like Worms and other magic using enemies.


The Ranger subjob is a high end Damage Dealing subjob for the Corsair class of FFXI, allowing access to some marksman Weapon Skills that the corsair doesn't have access to. Ranger also allows for the ever useful Sharp Shot Job Ability that raises Ranged Accuracy a great deal. This Subjob is an acceptable if not almost required Subjob for Corsairs to level if He/She wishes to engage in a DD role in an XP party.

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Guild Wars

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From GuildWiki

The Nightfall manual describes Corsairs as follows.

"On land, Elona’s laws are defined and enforced by its three provincial governments. Life at sea is different. On every ship, a captain’s word is law, and many sailors follow their own personal codes of honor. Corsairs live outside the law, whether they’re standing on solid ground or the treacherous deck of a fast ship. As a matter of survival, each one recognizes the Code of the Corsairs, although many disagree on its particulars."
"The most important concepts in the Code are loyalty to one’s captain (and the conditions under which you can justifiably mutiny), fair methods of distributing wealth (and the best times and places to steal it), and honorable ways of resolving differences (as well as the best ways to cheat in a duel). Land dwellers are often baffled by the inherent contradictions of this code. No matter how a sailor defines a personal code of honor, corsairs unite against their common enemies, setting aside all differences. The Code has kept the corsairs around for generations, passing on traditions, superstitions, and contradictions from one generation to the next."
"The corsairs have remained free by learning to survive in treacherous waters, sailing where the Istani will not or cannot follow. Their fleets remain hidden near the most dangerous stretches of the Elonian coast. Between the northwest1 coast of Cantha and the southern rim of Elona, a deadly sea is troubled by sudden storms and cyclones, hidden reefs, and dangerous sea creatures. These waters were once navigated by fearless Luxon raiders from Cantha, and to this day, brigands from many cultures search for secret coves hidden by these deadly waters."
  1. This is likely a typo. In Lion's Arch Jiaju Tai says that Cantha is to the south, and in Kodlonu Hamlet Jatoro Musagi states that Shing Jea Island is to the southwest. However, it could be referring to the northwestern coast of Cantha, and not implying that Cantha's coast is to the northwest.

Almost all, if not all, Corsairs use Dervish emotes and animations.


Region Type Collectable Drop
Nightfall Campaign
Istan and Kourna
  1. Only appear during quests.

For a list of corsairs, including bosses, see: Category:Corsairs


  • Corsairs were French privateers from the north-western French port of St-Malo. After gaining a reputation of swashbucklers, the term 'corsair' has since been used as a more romantic version of privateer or pirate.
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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Christopher Summers
Mainstream Continuity

Alternate Reality Versions · Television · Video Games



Alternate Reality Versions



File:Christopher Summers (Earth-92131).jpg

Video Games



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ST Expanded

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The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

In starship classification the term corsair refers to a type of ship (spaceship or starship) that is a small, maneuverable, lightly armed warship, smaller than a frigate but larger than a planetary patrol craft.

Before the advent of the 24th century's runabout type vessels and escorts, many Federation starbases were assigned their own corsairs for local space travel and defense. (Trekker's Alternity Galactopedia)

starship classification
armed courierarmed scoutassault cruiserassault gunshipassault shipattack cruiserattack fighterattack frigateauxiliary craftbattle cruiserbattleshipbird-of-preyborder cuttercargo transportcarrierclippercolony shipcombat support tendercommand cruiserconstruction shipcorsaircorvettecouriercruisercutterdestroyerdestroyer escortdreadnoughtdropshipescortespionage shipexploratory cruiserexplorerfar courierfar scoutfar starbirdfast attack shipfast cruiserfast frigatefreighterfrigatefuel transportgeneration shipgunboatgunshipheavy courierheavy cruiserheavy destroyerheavy escortheavy explorerheavy frigateheavy gunshipheavy scoutheavy starbirdheavy warbirdheavy warshiphospital shipincursion frigateincursion cruiserinterceptorlight cruiserlight escortlight explorerlight frigatelight starbirdlight warbirdlong range tactical cruisermedium cruisermonitorpassenger linerpatrol shipperimeter action shippersonnel carrierpicket shipprison shipproberaiderrepair tenderresearch vesselresearch cruiserrunaboutscience vesselscoutshuttlecraftshuttlepodsleeper shipspace control shipstarbirdstarlinerstarshipstrategic frigatestrategic heavy cruiserstrike frigatestrike cruiserstrike warbirdstrike warshipsublight gunshipsuper carriersuperscoutsurveyorswift bird-of-preyswift courierswift cruiserswift frigateswift warbirdtactical cruisertactical frigatetankertendertimeshiptransporttugwarbirdwarship

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Up to date as of February 04, 2010

From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about Derriphan-class battleship. You may be looking for other uses of the term.
Production information



Derriphan-class battleship

Technical specifications
  • Force-enhancing Sith magic devices capable of wrenching out the heart of a star
  • Laser cannons
"A thousand years ago, one of my predecessors, the Dark Lord Naga Sadow, used this ship to flee Republic fighters. Here is the power to wrench fire from the stars... let me show you how to use it, Aleema."
Exar Kun

Corsair was a massive Derriphan-class battleship built before 5,000 BBY. It was equipped with powerful Force-enhancing devices capable of causing stars to become supernovae.



The battleship was green in color and larger than most other capital ships. Its control room was dominated by a bank of crystals which the pilot could use to control the ship through the dark side of the Force. As with many other dark side-controlled devices, it left a dark presence in the Force and enhanced the powers of dark siders. The Sith crystal was in reality a superweapon, enabling someone adept in the Force to cause stars to become supernovae.


"Naga Sadow's weaponry is so powerful...I can't wait to use it. Why don't they hurry up and find us?"
Aleema Keto

During the Great Hyperspace War, the Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow used it as part of the Sith fleet which invaded the Galactic Republic. During the battle of Primus Goluud, Sadow used the Force and the vessel's crystals to cause the red supergiant Primus Goluud to go supernova, forcing the Sith fleet and Empress Teta's Koros forces to retreat. This allowed Naga Sadow's forces to flee back to Sith Space.

The Dark Lord's fleet came out of hyperspace over Korriban, and was quickly confronted by a larger fleet under his rival Ludo Kressh. Ludo Kressh declared himself the new Dark Lord, casting Naga Sadow out of the Sith Empire forever. A brief space battle ensued between the two, until Naga Sadow crashed one of his own ships into Ludo's flagship, killing the self-proclaimed Dark Lord.

Onboard the Corsair, Aleema Keto learns from Exar Kun how to create supernovae.

Moments later, Empress Teta's forces arrived above Korriban, and attacked Sadow's fleet. The Koros ships quickly took advantage, crippling the Dark Lord's flagship. As a last resort, Naga Sadow ordered the Massassi on two of his ships to kill their captains, forming a barricade between himself and the Republic ships. A small squadron of gunships followed Sadow however, but he once again used the Force weapons attached to his ship, this time on the nearby Denarii stars, causing them as well to go nova, destroying the gunships and their pilots. Empress Teta and her Jedi and Republic allies, presuming Sadow to have died in the explosion, recalled her fleet and returned to Koros Major.

Naga Sadow, however, escaped to the remote jungle moon of Yavin 4. There, he performed cruel genetic experiments on his Massassi soldiers and later forced them to build temples and palaces to honor him. He also had his flagship buried beneath one of the temples while he kept himself in suspended animation through the use of Sith alchemical technology to await the arrival of one whom he would bestow upon his Sith teachings and bring about the new Sith Golden Age that the late Dark Lord Marka Ragnos had prophesied.

In 4,400 BBY, the fallen Jedi Freedon Nadd awoke Naga Sadow, and after the Sith Lord bestowed his Sith teachings upon him, Nadd killed him. Nadd would later start a dark side theocracy on Onderon which would last until Jedi/Republic intervention in 4,000 BBY.

When another fallen Jedi named Exar Kun arrived on the jungle moon in 3,997 BBY, he enslaved the native Massassi and had them construct yet more temples. During an excavations of an ancient temple, his slaves discovered Naga Sadow's entombed battleship. Later, during the Great Sith War in 3,996 BBY, he placed the Krath leader Aleema Keto and the fallen Cathar Jedi Crado in command of Naga Sadow's battleship during an attack on Kemplex IX. When the Jedi and the Republic fleet arrived, Aleema used the battleship's Force device to rip the cores from the ten stars of the Cron Cluster. This brought about the Cron Supernova, which obliterted both battle fleets, the Corsair, and the entire Cron Cluster.


  • Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire
  • Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith (First appearance)
  • Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War


Notes and references

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Star Wars Fanon

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The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

The Corsair was a small S40K Phoenix Hawk-class light pinnace transport ship flown by Red Talon.


  • Star Wars: Red Talon

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

Randomly found on Lok, scattered in the desert.

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(Redirected to Pirate Corsair article)

From TibiaWiki

File:Pirate Corsair.gif
This creature is in the Humans class.
Pirate Corsair

675 Hit points
350 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: --/775 (Illusionable)
Abilities: Melee (0-170), Throwing Stars (0-150), Musical Strike (Decrease your melee skills by 75%).
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 320 hp per turn
Immune To: Invisibility
Strong To: Holy (-10%), Earth (-20%)
Neutral To: Physical, Energy, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To: Death (+1%?), Fire (+10%), Ice (+5%)
Sounds: "Hiyaa!"; "Give up!"; "Plundeeeeer!".
Behavior: They will pursue their opponent while using distance attack with Throwing Stars, they run in very low health and will always attack the weakest Player they see and will switch back quickly even if Challenged by an Elite Knight.
Field Notes: The strongest class of pirates you will come across. They look fearsome and can deal a lot of damage if you are not careful. Usually they are found with large groups of other pirates. Deadly as a Vampire, maybe more so level 40+ recommended.
Location: Nargor, Trade Quarter, Foreigner Quarter (Dock).
Strategy: If hunting a certain area littered with an assortment of Pirates with Pirate Corsairs there too, make sure the other Pirates run (by hitting them down to an extremely low hp), to avoid being swarmed. Convincing other corsairs in the area can really prove effective as it'll cost less mana and resources to heal them rather than yourself.

Mages: Mages should use Flame Strike, Ice Strike or Death Strike with a blocker or solo with mana shield and/or runes to bring them down faster. Watch out when you running after them or away from them, you might encounter more Pirates.

Paladins: These should be dealt with care if you are below level 60. While running these creatures make sure you don't run into another spawn of pirates. Take them down as fast as possible; use a few heavy magic missile shots if it is necessary. Be careful of their throwing star attacks, if you forget to heal in between hits you might be killed. Using a throwing weapon with a shield helps alot to take less damage; still, they can do 300+ combos with just throwing stars.

Knights: With at least 70/70 skills you can solo one with a good onehanded weapon and a good shield but to hunt them with profit, you should have at least 80/80 skills and level 60+. At lower skills, you probably want to use berserk to take them down faster. If meeting multiple corsairs along with other Pirates, you may want to use the Groundshaker and/or some GFBs.
Loot: 0-100 gp, Bag, Sabre, Sword, Dark Shield, Dark Armor, 0-12 Throwing Stars, Treasure Map (Pirate), Hook (semi-rare), Peg Leg (semi-rare), Eye Patch (semi-rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Skull Candle (rare), Pirate Backpack (rare), Pirate Hat (rare), Pirate Boots (very rare), Piggy Bank (very rare). (Loot Statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future


  1. A fast ship used for piracy
  2. A pirate. esp. Vargr

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