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Real Name
Jackson Day
Current Alias



Leader of the now defunct Inner Circle


Base Of Operations


6' 1"

225 lbs (102 kg)



Unusual Features
Blue skin


Marital Status

Former factory worker


Place of Birth

First appearance



Jackson Day was a factory worker at the shipping department of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company that specialized in psychoactive chemicals. When a fire broke out he was doused with a mixture of potent heated chemicals. Day later discovered that the chemicals had affected both his body and mind, psycho actively unleashing his selfish, hateful tendencies, turning his skin a sickly blue-black, and granting him the ability to subvert the wills of those he touches.

Calling himself the Corruptor, he touched the Asgardian thunder god Thor and caused him to lose his inhibitions against wanton violence. Thor was brought back to his senses by the fledgling crime fighter, Nova, and the two apprehended Day. While undergoing medical treatment, Day reverted to his Corruptor persona, escaped, and formed a criminal organization called the Inner Circle. The Corruptor planned to loot New York with armies of ordinary citizens under his influence, but his scheme was again thwarted by Nova. The Corruptor has since used the Hulk as his pawn. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities



The Corruptor has the power to subvert the will of virtually any living being by mere touch. The sweat glands of the Corruptor's skin release a highly potent psychoactive chemical that upon contact with another person's skin triggers a metabolic change that overrides the inhibition center of the brain. As a result, the victim is very susceptible to the Corruptor's suggestions, or left to his or her own volition, will act in a highly uninhibited, selfish, or immoral manner. The period of time under the Corruptor's influence is dependent upon the length of contact with the Corruptor's akin, and hence the amount of toxin that has been absorbed by the skin and reached the brain through the bloodstream. This period of "corruption" varies from about a half-hour to twenty-four hours. The limit to the amount of toxin his' skin produces is not yet known, nor is the limit to the number of people the Corruptor can put under his influence consecutively. He can affect more than one person at a time if more than one person is touching or being touched by him. In order to keep a person under his influence over a long parted of time he must touch him or her before the toxin dissipates. Through experimentation, the Corruptor has discovered that if a person is in a highly emotional state of mind he or she will remain under his influence for a far greater period of time, perhaps even for days. This occurs because the inhibition centers of the brain are already stimulated at the time the toxin enters.

Strength level

The Corruptor possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build, who engages in minimal regular exercise.


  • For the first week of Day's transformation into the Corruptor, his body tried to shake off the effects of the chemicals and he would revert to his normal form periodically. Since then, his body has fully assimilated the psychochemicals and he can no longer revert to human.


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This article is about the archetype. For the badge, see Corrupter Badge.



Corruptors twist the forces of the universe to do their bidding. As a Corruptor, you might strike your foes down with blasts of fire, entomb them in ice, infect them with radiation, or curse them with pure darkness. As your foes are weakened, your Scourge ability kicks in, increasing your damage to an enemy as their hit points drop. You can even impart a portion of your twisted power to your allies to protect them from harm, heal them, or increase the damage they deal. This wide array of abilities comes at a price. Your defenses aren't strong, and you can quickly attract the ire of your enemies if you aren't careful.

Faction: Villain

The Corruptor's power sets are:

Primary: Ranged
Secondary: Buff/Debuff

The Corruptor has Low Hit Points and High Damage.

Power Sets

Primary Power Sets

A Corruptor's primary power sets are designed for ranged attacks. They are:

Secondary Power Sets

A Corruptor's secondary power sets are designed for buffing or debuffing. They are:

Patron Power Pools

Inherent Power


Due to the nature of the Corruptor's primaries and secondaries, there is currently some debate as to which truly identifies the Corruptor. As it stands, the Corruptor has almost exclusive access to reliable buffing/debuffing in City of Villains, which can mean many groups may feel they cannot function without a Corruptor. This can give a Corruptor player an inflated sense of his own importance to a team's function — which can in turn lead to the Corruptor playing ineffectively, focusing on restoring Hit Points rather than on ensuring the damage is never taken.

Corruptors offer some fantastic defenses to a team, but have powers that they simply cannot use on themselves. For this reason, it is best to be sure whether your Corruptor plans on teaming a lot (such as on a server with much activity and an inclination to pick up groups, or a pre-arranged playtime with a circle of friends), or if they intend to solo. Both styles of play are very different, and in some cases, powers that are good for one are terrible for another.

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