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A player wearing corrupt dragon equipment

Corrupt dragon equipment is a set of armour and weapons released to both members and non-members, with the release of PvP worlds on 15 October 2008. This equipment shares the same stat bonuses as the corresponding pieces of regular Dragon equipment and is nearly identical except for two key points: They are available to both pay-to-play members and free-to-play players, and all pieces of this equipment can only be worn for thirty minutes before they crumble to dust. The Corrupt dragon weapons have the same special attacks as their normal Dragon weapon counterparts, but the special attacks are available only on members' only servers.

Corrupt dragon equipment is only popular among high-levelled F2P players, and is rarely used by members, due to regular dragon equipment being a much better option. Corrupt dragon is the only kind of Dragon equipment that F2P has any access too, which means that Corrupt dragon serves as a sort of "demo" of the Dragon equipment available to members.

To obtain this equipment, players must engage each other in the PvP worlds to potentially receive a piece of this equipment as a drop, or they buy it from other players or on the Grand Exchange.

This equipment is not recommended for training, due to the 30 minute time limit and the high cost. It can be used for aesthetic reasons should a player choose to do so, however the 30 minute time limit still applies, even if not in combat. Where this equipment excels, however, is in F2P PvP situations, where they boosted stats can give a player the edge they need to defeat an opponent.

Keep track of the amount of time you wear this armour for. Once its about to disappear, it is possible to cast High Level Alchemy on the armour to save some of the money used, which is more effective for parts such as the chainbody or plateskirt.


Image Armour GE Price Dragon armour price
Corrupt dragon chainbody 565,600 coins update 7,100,000 coins update
Corrupt dragon med helm 154,500 coins update 60,300 coins update
Corrupt dragon platelegs 186,500 coins update 943,023 coins update
Corrupt dragon plateskirt 108,700 coins update 173,800 coins update
Corrupt dragon sq shield 176,800 coins update 300,400 coins update
Item Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning Strength Ranged Strength Prayer
Med helm 0 0 0 -3 -1 +33 +35 +32 -1 +34 +10 0 0 0
Chainbody 0 0 0 -15 0 +81 +93 +98 -3 +82 +50 0 0 0
Plate legs/skirt 0 0 0 -21 -7 +68 +66 +63 -4 +65 +20 0 0 0
Sq shield 0 0 0 -6 -2 +50 +52 +48 0 +50 +50 0 0 0
Totals 0 0 0 -45 -10 +232 +246 +241 -8 +231 +130 0 0 0


Image Weapon GE Price Dragon weapons price
Corrupt dragon battleaxe 3,600,000 coins update 120,400 coins update
Corrupt dragon dagger 278,300 coins update 30,400 coins update
Corrupt dragon longsword 1,600,000 coins update 98,000 coins update
File:Corrupt dragon mace sprite.png
Corrupt dragon mace 403,500 coins update 31,000 coins update
Corrupt dragon scimitar 2,400,000 coins update 100,200 coins update
Corrupt dragon spear 309,100 coins update 37,500 coins update


  • The corrupt dragon items initially had the same descriptions as their non-corrupt counterparts, but this was changed to "This item degrades while worn, and will turn to dust." This was most likely due to players complaining about not being told that it degrades.
  • Corrupt dragon equipment are all rusted.
  • Currently, there are no corrupt dragon platebodies, full helms, two-handed swords, halberds, hatchets, pickaxes or claws.
  • Putting corrupt dragon equipment in the bank will "freeze" the degradation but will not reset the time left on that item.
  • Once you equip any item it will become degraded (shown by (deg) on the end of the items name) and untradeable, it is best to note these items as not to equip them accidentally.
  • Also, there is a 20-30 second delay on each of the corrupt dragon equipment put in for accidental equipment. After that delay is finished, the item will become permanently degraded, shown by (deg). There have been reports by some players that several pieces of the more powerful corrupt dragon equipment, such as the battleaxe, do not have a delay at all, and instantly changes to (deg) and becomes untradeable when it is put on. This is to prevent players from using it for 10–15 seconds, selling/trading it, then buying it back to get more free time off of it. It should be noted that this delay is decreased drastically if the player engages in combat with the corrupt dragon weapon/armour.
  • Corrupt Dragon is the best armour available for Free players, but few free players use it. Most F2P users prefer to use rune, as it does not degrade.
  • The animation of red dust swirling the player can be seen when a piece corrupt dragon equipment turns to dust, similar to the white dust swirling when a Bunyip heals a player.
  • The left shoulder spike on the corrupt dragon chainbody is rusted.
  • The corrupt dragon platelegs do not have spikes, unlike the normal dragon platelegs
  • Corrupt Dragon weapons have the same special attacks as their Dragon counterparts but these can only be used on Members Servers.

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