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Corrupt Ancient Warriors's Equipment is a lesser version of Ancient Warriors' Equipment . Players only need 20 Defence, Attack, Magic, and Ranged to wield them all, but they only will last for 15 minutes of Wielding and/or Combat, on or off a PvP world and lack a special attack. Once it disentegrates, it's gone for good. So take extreme caution in which situations are best suited for these armour sets. The price of these weapons has recently (May 2009) plummeted, with only the Corrupt Vesta's longsword keeping a high price. This could be due to the fact that they are becoming more common or the fact that there is much less demand for corrupt versions of the Ancient Warriors' equipment, due to the fact that they degrade after a mere 15 minutes, as stated previously.

Corrupt Equipment degrades once players wield it. And since even having one in hand degrades it, it is veritably useless and a waste of money. The only way these can be useful would be to pull it out for one blow at a time or using the weapon switching technique to make sure it doesn't stay out longer than a few seconds. This is best because even brandishing it while looking for an opponent or waiting for a boss to respawn can leave you unarmed (and possibly doomed). Use these only on things you can beat fast or need some extra damage for, like the Jad or the Corporeal Beast. The armour, in this respect, is even less useful, and should not be used in ANY situation unless you have money to burn, because you cant just bring a whole replacement armour set once it degrades. 

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