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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Hypno Crown artwork from Final Fantasy VII.

The Hypno Crown (ヒュプノクラウン Hyupunokuraun) , also known as Coronet, is a recurring piece of equipment in the Final Fantasy series. It has various effects depending on the game.



Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Hypno Crown is a helmet that provides 7 Defense, 16 Magic Defense, 6% Evasion, 17% Magic Evasion, and +5 Intelligence, as well as preventing Pig, Mini, and Toad.


Final Fantasy V

Coronet artwork from Final Fantasy V.

The Coronet, renamed as the Hypno Crown in the GBA version, can be equipped by the party and improves the effectiveness rate Control. It provides +5 Defense and Magic Evasion, +1 Magic, and +4 Evasion. It can only be found in Drakenvale.

Final Fantasy VI

The Hypno Crown, previously known as Coronet, can be equipped by Relm in order to improve the rate of Control. It provides +23 Defense and Magic Defense, +2 Speed, and +4 Magic. One can be found in Kefka's Tower, and more can only be gotten through betting Red Caps in the Colosseum.

Final Fantasy VII

The Hypnocrown improves the rate of Manipulate.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The Hypno Crown is an accessory in Crisis Core. It raises the player's Magic stat by 20.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Hypno Crown is a GF Ability item that teaches "Mag+40%" to any Guardian Force.

Final Fantasy IX

The Coronet provides +1 Defense, +35 Magic Defense, and makes the wearer immune to Wind damage. It teaches the abilities Man Eater and Return Magic. It can be equipped by all characters except Steiner and Freya.

Final Fantasy X-2

Raises Magic and Magic Defense stats by 20 points.

Final Fantasy XII

The Hypnocrown is a high-level hat that can be equipped after obtaining the Mystic Armor 8 license. It provides +44 Magick Resist, +2 Strength, and +7 Magick Power. It can be purchased from Archades and Balfonheim for 8,100 Gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Hypnocrown is a level 85 hairpin which lowers HP by 272, but raises Bravery by 326. Furthermore, it boosts Bravery recovery by 75%.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Coronet could mean four things:

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

Coronet is the capital city of Corellia and, in many ways, the center of the entire Corellian system. Often referred to as the "Jewel of Corellia," Coronet City is a bustling, urban metropolis. Although Coronet is certainly among the galaxy's most advanced cities, it is not without its problems. Roving gangs of thugs threaten visitors in some areas of the city, and the local government is dominated by corrupt Imperial officials. Corellia is also home to both Imperial and Rebel agents, and clashes between these two groups occasionally spill into Coronet's otherwise peaceful streets.

Coronet was arguably the most populous city in SWG; at any time you were be able to find other players nearby, especially around the starport. During the time of the Doc Buff, Coronet was also a likely place to get a buff. The city is not a stronghold, so the patrolling NPC forces can switch between Imperial and Rebel, depending on who controls the planet.

Table of contents

City Services

Coronet, Corellia
The Capitol



Faction Locations

Quest Givers

Other NPC's

Star Wars Lore

Located on the larger of the two continents, near the eastern ocean, Coronet attracts entrepreneurs, merchants, and tourists from all five of the Corellian worlds, along with a great many visitors from beyond the system.

Coronet has a number of important landmarks and interesting sites, but it is probably best known for its park land and abundant open space. The city also offers advanced technological facilities, including the Coronet Medcenter which specializes in experimental medical treatments.

The weather usually consists of warm days with a lot of sunshine, yet severe rainstorms are also a common occurrence.

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