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1986 was Coronation Street's twenty-seventh year. In the late 1980s, the series' position in the ratings was frequently challenged by the BBC's EastEnders, and although the programmes were never in direct competition the press would frequently compare ratings.

Perhaps because of this, Coronation Street was given something of a makeover in 1986, with a popular storyline seeing the Rovers Return Inn catch fire, followed by a major overhaul and grand re-opening of the pub, which had been largely unchanged since 1960. Likewise, bigger storylines began to appear - such as the marriage of Ken Barlow's daughter Susan to his enemy Mike Baldwin.

105 new episodes were broadcast on ITV in 1986.



# No. Date Production code Writer Director
1 2583 Wednesday 1st January P694/1583 H.V. Kershaw Bill Gilmour
2 2584 Monday 6th January P694/1584 Adele Rose Malcolm Taylor
3 2585 Wednesday 8th January P694/1585 Peter Whalley Malcolm Taylor
4 2586 Monday 13th January P694/1586 Leslie Duxbury Gareth Morgan
5 2587 Wednesday 15th January P694/1587 John Stevenson Gareth Morgan
6 2588 Monday 20th January P694/1588 John Stevenson Bill Gilmour
7 2589 Wednesday 22nd January P694/1589 H.V. Kershaw Eva Kolouchová
8 2590 Monday 27th January P694/1590 Barry Hill David Carson
9 2591 Wednesday 29th January P694/1591 Adele Rose David Carson
10 2592 Monday 3rd February P694/1592 Julian Roach Malcolm Taylor
11 2593 Wednesday 5th February P694/1593 Bob Mason Malcolm Taylor
12 2594 Monday 10th February P694/1594 Tony Perrin Mary McMurray
13 2595 Wednesday 12th February P694/1595 Leslie Duxbury Mary McMurray
14 2596 Monday 17th February P694/1596 Adele Rose Bill Gilmour
15 2597 Wednesday 19th February P694/1597 Peter Whalley Eva Kolouchová
16 2598 Monday 24th February P694/1598 John Stevenson Ron Francis
17 2599 Wednesday 26th February P694/1599 H.V. Kershaw Ron Francis
18 2600 Monday 3rd March P694/1600 H.V. Kershaw Gareth Morgan
19 2601 Wednesday 5th March P694/1601 Stephen Mallatratt Gareth Morgan
20 2602 Monday 10th March P694/1602 Barry Hill Bill Gilmour
21 2603 Wednesday 12th March P694/1603 Peter Tonkinson Bill Gilmour
22 2604 Monday 17th March P694/1604 Leslie Duxbury Ron Francis
23 2605 Wednesday 19th March P694/1605 Peter Whalley Ron Francis
24 2606 Monday 24th March P694/1606 Adele Rose Gareth Morgan
25 2607 Wednesday 26th March P694/1607 Barry Hill Gareth Morgan
26 2608 Monday 31st March P694/1608 Tony Perrin Bill Gilmour
27 2609 Wednesday 2nd April P694/1609 John Stevenson Bill Gilmour
28 2610 Monday 7th April P694/1610 Peter Whalley Ron Francis
29 2611 Wednesday 9th April P694/1611 Leslie Duxbury Ron Francis
30 2612 Monday 14th April P694/1612 H.V. Kershaw Gareth Morgan
31 2613 Wednesday 16th April P694/1613 Leslie Duxbury Gareth Morgan
32 2614 Monday 21st April P694/1614 Adele Rose Eva Kolouchová
33 2615 Wednesday 23rd April P694/1615 Bob Mason Eva Kolouchová
34 2616 Monday 28th April P694/1616 Peter Tonkinson Ron Francis
35 2617 Wednesday 30th April P694/1617 Tony Perrin Ron Francis
36 2618 Monday 5th May P694/1618 Tony Perrin Gareth Morgan
37 2619 Wednesday 7th May P694/1619 Adele Rose Gareth Morgan
38 2620 Monday 12th May P694/1620 Leslie Duxbury Bill Gilmour
39 2621 Wednesday 14th May P694/1621 H.V. Kershaw Bill Gilmour
40 2622 Monday 19th May P694/1622 John Stevenson Eva Kolouchová
41 2623 Wednesday 21st May P694/1623 Barry Hill Eva Kolouchová
42 2624 Monday 26th May P694/1624 Barry Hill Gareth Morgan
43 2625 Wednesday 28th May P694/1625 Leslie Duxbury Gareth Morgan
44 2626 Monday 2nd June P694/1626 Peter Whalley Bill Gilmour
45 2627 Wednesday 4th June P694/1627 Bob Mason Bill Gilmour
46 2628 Monday 9th June P694/1628 Stephen Mallatratt Eva Kolouchová
47 2629 Wednesday 11th June P694/1629 H.V. Kershaw Eva Kolouchová
48 2630 Monday 16th June P694/1630 Tony Perrin Gareth Morgan
49 2631 Wednesday 18th June P694/1631 H.V. Kershaw Gareth Morgan
50 2632 Monday 23rd June P694/1632 Adele Rose Bill Gilmour
51 2633 Wednesday 25th June P694/1633 John Stevenson Bill Gilmour
52 2634 Monday 30th June P694/1634 Peter Whalley Eva Kolouchová
53 2635 Wednesday 2nd July P694/1635 Leslie Duxbury Eva Kolouchová
54 2636 Monday 7th July P694/1636 Leslie Duxbury Howard Baker
55 2637 Wednesday 9th July P694/1637 Tony Perrin Howard Baker
56 2638 Monday 14th July P694/1638 Adele Rose Bill Gilmour
57 2639 Wednesday 16th July P694/1639 H.V. Kershaw Bill Gilmour
58 2640 Monday 21st July P694/1640 John Stevenson Eva Kolouchová
59 2641 Wednesday 23rd July P694/1641 Barry Hill Eva Kolouchová
60 2642 Monday 28th July P694/1642 Barry Hill Gareth Morgan
61 2643 Wednesday 30th July P694/1643 Adele Rose Gareth Morgan
62 2644 Monday 4th August P694/1644 Tony Perrin Howard Baker
63 2645 Wednesday 6th August P694/1645 Leslie Duxbury Howard Baker
64 2646 Monday 11th August P694/1646 Peter Whalley Oliver Horsbrugh
65 2647 Wednesday 13th August P694/1647 John Stevenson Oliver Horsbrugh
66 2648 Monday 18th August P694/1648 Peter Whalley Gareth Morgan
67 2649 Wednesday 20th August P694/1649 Bob Mason Gareth Morgan
68 2650 Monday 25th August P694/1650 Tony Perrin Eva Kolouchová
69 2651 Wednesday 27th August P694/1651 Leslie Duxbury Eva Kolouchová
70 2652 Monday 1st September P694/1652 H.V. Kershaw Pedr James
71 2653 Wednesday 3rd September P694/1653 John Stevenson Pedr James
72 2654 Monday 8th September P694/1654 Adele Rose Sarah Harding
73 2655 Wednesday 10th September P694/1655 Peter Whalley Sarah Harding
74 2656 Monday 15th September P694/1656 Stephen Mallatratt Eva Kolouchová
75 2657 Wednesday 17th September P694/1657 H.V. Kershaw Eva Kolouchová
76 2658 Monday 22nd September P694/1658 Barry Hill Bill Gilmour
77 2659 Wednesday 24th September P694/1659 Leslie Duxbury Bill Gilmour
78 2660 Monday 29th September P694/1660 Peter Tonkinson Howard Baker
79 2661 Wednesday 1st October P694/1661 H.V. Kershaw Howard Baker
80 2662 Monday 6th October P694/1662 John Stevenson Eva Kolouchová
81 2663 Wednesday 8th October P694/1663 Leslie Duxbury Eva Kolouchová
82 2664 Monday 13th October P694/1664 Peter Whalley Bill Gilmour
83 2665 Wednesday 15th October P694/1665 Tony Perrin Bill Gilmour
84 2666 Monday 20th October P694/1666 John Stevenson Howard Baker
85 2667 Wednesday 22nd October P694/1667 Tony Perrin Howard Baker
86 2668 Monday 27th October P694/1668 Barry Hill Eva Kolouchová
87 2669 Wednesday 29th October P694/1669 Adele Rose Eva Kolouchová
88 2670 Monday 3rd November P694/1670 Bob Mason Bill Gilmour
89 2671 Wednesday 5th November P694/1671 Leslie Duxbury Bill Gilmour
90 2672 Monday 10th November P694/1672 Stephen Mallatratt Howard Baker
91 2673 Wednesday 12th November P694/1673 Adele Rose Howard Baker
92 2674 Monday 17th November P694/1674 Tony Perrin Eva Kolouchová
93 2675 Wednesday 19th November P694/1675 Peter Whalley Eva Kolouchová
94 2676 Monday 24th November P694/1676 Leslie Duxbury Bill Gilmour
95 2677 Wednesday 26th November P694/1677 H.V. Kershaw Bill Gilmour
96 2678 Monday 1st December P694/1678 Barry Hill Howard Baker
97 2679 Wednesday 3rd December P694/1679 Leslie Duxbury Howard Baker
98 2680 Monday 8th December P694/1680 Bob Mason Brian Mills
99 2681 Wednesday 10th December P694/1681 Peter Whalley Brian Mills
100 2682 Monday 15th December P694/1682 H.V. Kershaw Bill Gilmour
101 2683 Wednesday 17th December P694/1683 John Stevenson Bill Gilmour
102 2684 Monday 22nd December P694/1684 Adele Rose Howard Baker
103 2685 Wednesday 24th December P694/1685 John Stevenson Howard Baker
104 2686 Monday 29th December P694/1686 Leslie Duxbury Eva Kolouchová
105 2687 Wednesday 31st December P694/1687 H.V. Kershaw Eva Kolouchová

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