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1980 was a landmark year for Coronation Street, featuring both its 20th anniversary and 2000th episode. Violet Carson made her final appearance as Ena Sharples. At the time she was expected to return, but ill health kept the actress away from the series.

Prominent storylines included the death of Renee Roberts in a traffic accident, the marriage of Emily Bishop and Arnold Swain, who later turned out to be a bigamist, and the birth of Nick Tilsley on New Year's Eve.

105 new episodes were broadcast on ITV in 1980.



# No. Date Production code Writer Director
1 1957 Wednesday 2nd January P694/957 H.V. Kershaw Richard Holthouse
2 1958 Monday 7th January P694/958 Adele Rose Laurence Moody
3 1959 Wednesday 9th January P694/959 Barry Hill Laurence Moody
4 1960 Monday 14th January P694/960 Tony Perrin Malcolm Taylor
5 1961 Wednesday 16th January P694/961 H.V. Kershaw Malcolm Taylor
6 1962 Monday 21st January P694/962 Peter Whalley Alan Bromly
7 1963 Wednesday 23rd January P694/963 Barry Hill Alan Bromly
8 1964 Monday 28th January P694/964 Adele Rose Richard Holthouse
9 1965 Wednesday 30th January P694/965 Julian Roach Richard Holthouse
10 1966 Monday 4th February P694/966 Leslie Duxbury Malcolm Taylor
11 1967 Wednesday 6th February P694/967 Leslie Duxbury Malcolm Taylor
12 1968 Monday 11th February P694/968 John Stevenson Laurence Moody
13 1969 Wednesday 13th February P694/969 John Stevenson Laurence Moody
14 1970 Monday 18th February P694/970 H.V. Kershaw Alan Bromly
15 1971 Wednesday 20th February P694/971 Alec Baron Alan Bromly
16 1972 Monday 25th February P694/972 Brian Finch Jeremy Summers
17 1973 Wednesday 27th February P694/973 John Stevenson Richard Holthouse
18 1974 Monday 3rd March P694/974 Leslie Duxbury Paul Bernard
19 1975 Wednesday 5th March P694/975 Alan Downer Paul Bernard
20 1976 Monday 10th March P694/976 Leslie Duxbury Roger Jenkins
21 1977 Wednesday 12th March P694/977 Adele Rose Roger Jenkins
22 1978 Monday 17th March P694/978 Barry Hill Richard Holthouse
23 1979 Wednesday 19th March P694/979 John Stevenson Richard Holthouse
24 1980 Monday 24th March P694/980 Peter Whalley Paul Bernard
25 1981 Wednesday 26th March P694/981 Tony Perrin Paul Bernard
26 1982 Monday 31st March P694/982 Tony Perrin Roger Jenkins
27 1983 Wednesday 2nd April P694/983 Barry Hill Roger Jenkins
28 1984 Monday 7th April P694/984 John Stevenson Richard Holthouse
29 1985 Wednesday 9th April P694/985 Adele Rose Richard Holthouse
30 1986 Monday 14th April P694/986 H.V. Kershaw Ronald Fouracre
31 1987 Wednesday 16th April P694/987 Leslie Duxbury Ronald Fouracre
32 1988 Monday 21st April P694/988 Adele Rose Roger Jenkins
33 1989 Wednesday 23rd April P694/989 Julian Roach Roger Jenkins
34 1990 Monday 28th April P694/990 Barry Hill Richard Holthouse
35 1991 Wednesday 30th April P694/991 Leslie Duxbury Richard Holthouse
36 1992 Monday 5th May P694/992 Alan Downer John Michael Phillips
37 1993 Wednesday 7th May P694/993 H.V. Kershaw John Michael Phillips
38 1994 Monday 12th May P694/994 H.V. Kershaw Malcolm Taylor
39 1995 Wednesday 14th May P694/995 Adele Rose Malcolm Taylor
40 1996 Monday 19th May P694/996 Tony Perrin Richard Holthouse
41 1997 Wednesday 21st May P694/997 Leslie Duxbury Richard Holthouse
42 1998 Monday 26th May P694/998 Leslie Duxbury Alan Grint
43 1999 Wednesday 28th May P694/999 John Stevenson Alan Grint
44 2000 Monday 2nd June P694/1000 H.V. Kershaw Malcolm Taylor
45 2001 Wednesday 4th June P694/1001 Peter Whalley Malcolm Taylor
46 2002 Monday 9th June P694/1002 John Stevenson Richard Holthouse
47 2003 Wednesday 11th June P694/1003 Julian Roach Richard Holthouse
48 2004 Monday 16th June P694/1004 Tony Perrin Matthew Robinson
49 2005 Wednesday 18th June P694/1005 Leslie Duxbury Matthew Robinson
50 2006 Monday 23rd June P694/1006 Alan Downer Malcolm Taylor
51 2007 Wednesday 25th June P694/1007 John Stevenson Malcolm Taylor
52 2008 Monday 30th June P694/1008 Leslie Duxbury Chris Lovett
53 2009 Wednesday 2nd July P694/1009 Leslie Duxbury Chris Lovett
54 2010 Monday 7th July P694/1010 H.V. Kershaw Brian Lennane
55 2011 Wednesday 9th July P694/1011 Julian Roach Brian Lennane
56 2012 Monday 14th July P694/1012 Barry Hill Stephen Butcher
57 2013 Wednesday 16th July P694/1013 John Stevenson Stephen Butcher
58 2014 Monday 21st July P694/1014 Peter Whalley Chris Lovett
59 2015 Wednesday 23rd July P694/1015 Tony Perrin Chris Lovett
60 2016 Monday 28th July P694/1016 H.V. Kershaw Ken Grieve
61 2017 Wednesday 30th July P694/1017 Leslie Duxbury Ken Grieve
62 2018 Monday 4th August P694/1018 H.V. Kershaw Stephen Butcher
63 2019 Wednesday 6th August P694/1019 H.V. Kershaw Stephen Butcher
64 2020 Monday 11th August P694/1020 Leslie Duxbury Oliver Horsbrugh
65 2021 Wednesday 13th August P694/1021 Tony Perrin Oliver Horsbrugh
66 2022 Monday 18th August P694/1022 Julian Roach Ken Grieve
67 2023 Wednesday 20th August P694/1023 John Stevenson Ken Grieve
68 2024 Monday 25th August P694/1024 Leslie Duxbury Stephen Butcher
69 2025 Wednesday 27th August P694/1025 Peter Whalley Stephen Butcher
70 2026 Monday 1st September P694/1026 Tony Perrin Richard Holthouse
71 2027 Wednesday 3rd September P694/1027 John Stevenson Richard Holthouse
72 2028 Monday 8th September P694/1028 Barry Hill Ken Grieve
73 2029 Wednesday 10th September P694/1029 H.V. Kershaw Ken Grieve
74 2030 Monday 15th September P694/1030 Leslie Duxbury Stephen Butcher
75 2031 Wednesday 17th September P694/1031 Barry Hill Stephen Butcher
76 2032 Monday 22nd September P694/1032 Peter Whalley Richard Holthouse
77 2033 Wednesday 24th September P694/1033 Julian Roach Richard Holthouse
78 2034 Monday 29th September P694/1034 John Stevenson Oliver Horsbrugh
79 2035 Wednesday 1st October P694/1035 John Stevenson Oliver Horsbrugh
80 2036 Monday 6th October P694/1036 H.V. Kershaw Stephen Butcher
81 2037 Wednesday 8th October P694/1037 Leslie Duxbury Stephen Butcher
82 2038 Monday 13th October P694/1038 Peter Whalley John Michael Phillips
83 2039 Wednesday 15th October P694/1039 Dave Simpson John Michael Phillips
84 2040 Monday 20th October P694/1040 Julian Roach Richard Holthouse
85 2041 Wednesday 22nd October P694/1041 Tony Perrin Richard Holthouse
86 2042 Monday 27th October P694/1042 Leslie Duxbury Oliver Horsbrugh
87 2043 Wednesday 29th October P694/1043 H.V. Kershaw Oliver Horsbrugh
88 2044 Monday 3rd November P694/1044 H.V. Kershaw Stephen Butcher
89 2045 Wednesday 5th November P694/1045 Peter Whalley Stephen Butcher
90 2046 Monday 10th November P694/1046 Tony Perrin Richard Holthouse
91 2047 Wednesday 12th November P694/1047 Leslie Duxbury Richard Holthouse
92 2048 Monday 17th November P694/1048 John Stevenson Oliver Horsbrugh
93 2049 Wednesday 19th November P694/1049 Leslie Duxbury Oliver Horsbrugh
94 2050 Monday 24th November P694/1050 Leslie Duxbury Stephen Butcher
95 2051 Wednesday 26th November P694/1051 Barry Hill Stephen Butcher
96 2052 Monday 1st December P694/1052 John Stevenson Richard Holthouse
97 2053 Wednesday 3rd December P694/1053 Peter Whalley Richard Holthouse
98 2054 Monday 8th December P694/1054 H.V. Kershaw Brian Mills
99 2055 Wednesday 10th December P694/1055 Julian Roach Brian Mills
100 2056 Monday 15th December P694/1056 H.V. Kershaw Stephen Butcher
101 2057 Wednesday 17th December P694/1057 Adele Rose Stephen Butcher
102 2058 Monday 22nd December P694/1058 Tony Perrin Stephen Butcher
103 2059 Wednesday 24th December P694/1059 Julian Roach Stephen Butcher
104 2060 Monday 29th December P694/1060 John Stevenson Brian Mills
105 2061 Wednesday 31st December P694/1061 Leslie Duxbury Brian Mills

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