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Cornelia is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XI, an influential figure to the Hume race and Galka, Cornelia plays several roles in several quest regarding the Hume and Galka race.


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One of two female Hume characters of Bastokan descent who are both involved in the Bastok line of missions and concerned with the fair treatment of the Galka race, the current Cornelia is alive during the timeframe of the game and the other deceased on the infamous Northlands Expedition two generations ago.

The living Cornelia is the daughter of the President of Bastok, who plays roles in several quests centered around the Galka race and appears in some of the Bastok Mission assignment cutscenes. She is friends with several Galka and hopes to improve the race relations between Hume and Galka.

The deceased Cornelia was a Bastokan representative on the Northlands Expedition. She attempted to prevent the racial hate motivated murder of Raogrimm, the Galkan talekeeper and Galkan representative on the Expedition, by a Hume named Ulrich but this resulted in her dying along with Raogrimm. Raogrimm later reincarnated and died again, saying her name and seeing her reaching for him as he does so. Cornelia also appears before the adventurer later pleading for help on behalf of Raogrimm. This leads to the dimensions of Dynamis.

Both the deceased and living Cornelia are seen in the Monk Artifact Armor series of quests.


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