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"You know us Corellian Jedi—notoriously contrary and bent on going our own way."
Corran Horn

Corellian Jedi were Jedi native to the Corellian Sector, and were known for several distinctive practices.

Though just from a single Core region sector, Corellians seemed to represent a large number of Jedi within the Order—relative to its size and diversity.




In the Old Jedi Order

Keiran Halcyon, a Corellian Jedi of the Old Republic.
"A Corellian Jedi who leaves the system does so at his own peril."
―Corellian saying

During the time of the Old Republic, Corellian Jedi usually remained within the Corellian Sector. They were also known for using Jedi Credits (a dozen or so of which were minted when a Jedi became a Master and were given to the Jedi's former Master, favored students, and close friends and family) and for their familial bonds, despite the Jedi High Council's rules governing marriage and raising families.

It was also not unusual to see Corellian Jedi working alongside Corellian Security Force officers, and they often eschewed Jedi apparel for more inconspicuous street clothes. When they did wear Jedi clothing, they wore a type which was unique to Corellian Jedi, and that included emerald-sleeved tunics. They garnered a reputation among Corellia's smugglers as being cold and uncaring of anything but following their duty.

It is not known which position the Jedi took over the Corellian secession attempt of 470 BBY.

When Contemplanys Hermi was enacted just before the Clone Wars, two dozen Corellian Jedi decided to return to the Republic after a review of the situation, placing their loyalties to the Jedi Order and the galactic government above their devotion to Corellia. Whether this was the entire complement of Corellian Jedi is unknown.

In the New Jedi Order

The green uniform of the Corellian Jedi, as donned by Corran Horn.

Under the New Republic, the practices of Old Republic Corellian Jedi were kept alive through the Jedi Praxeum's holocrons. At least one new Jedi, Corran Horn, was influenced by the stories of them; he had his own Jedi Credit and wore the green uniform of the Corellian Jedi.

At some time between the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War and 40 ABY, a Jedi enclave was established on Corellia, to presumably train more Corellian Jedi.

Even though the First Corellian Insurrection in 18 ABY caused no schism in the New Jedi Order, the effects of the Second Galactic Civil War on the Jedi were less clear. Several members of the Corellian government were distrustful of the Jedi, but the feeling was not universal, despite the fact that Grand Master Luke Skywalker and Master Horn both stated that the Jedi were to follow the Galactic Alliance over Corellia. The Corellian Jedi were moved to a safe house in Coronet City, the capital of Corellia, although there was no evidence that they would have been arrested if they had remained public.

Horn was responsible for at least five young Corellians as Jedi in Coronet, as well as a number of non-Corellian Jedi and older native Corellian Jedi. Despite his support of the Alliance, Skywalker did not include any Corellian Jedi in missions against Corellia, not wanting to make them criminals against their homeworld.

Although the non-native Corellian Jedi felt no compunction against serving the Alliance over Corellia, the native Corellian Jedi were distressed. Skywalker and Horn decided to move them offworld so they could be in a more neutral environment, even though they realized that separating the younglings from their family without consulting either could have detrimental effects on both.



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