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Core Worlds[1]


Corellian sector


Corellian system[1]


1: Corell[1]

Orbital position



Gus Talon[2]

Grid coordinates


Rotation period

25 standard hours

Orbital period

329 standard days




11,000 km[1]


Oxygen Mix, Type I (Breathable)





Primary terrain
Points of interest
Native species
Immigrated species
Primary language(s)

3 billion[1]



Major cities
"The bigger the galaxy, the sweeter the homecoming."
―Corellian proverb

Corellia was the capital planet of the Corellian system, which included Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus. It was also the birthplace of smuggler and New Republic General Han Solo as well as Rogue Squadron pilot and New Republic hero Wedge Antilles.

Collectively, the planets of the system were known as the Five Brothers. As the largest planet and the closest to Corell, Corellia was often called the "Eldest Brother" or the "Eldest." Historians believed the Celestials assembled the system artificially, the worlds brought from other parts of the galaxy for unknown reasons. Some believed that these Celestials populated Corellia with Humans from Coruscant.


Geographic features

Snow-covered mountains on Corellia.

Corellia's surface was extremely temperate, dominated by rolling hills, thick forests, lush farmland, golden beaches, and large seas. With most of its famed manufacturing centers lifted into orbit, the planet remained largely rural and undeveloped, with small villages and farming communities comprising the bulk of urban development. It is rumored to have many deep underwater caverns with orange Lightsaber crystals.

The largest cities were Coronet—the planetary capital, the tourist haven of Kor Vella, the double-city Tyrena, and the mountain hamlets of Doaba Guerfel and Bela Vistal. Immigrants from the neighboring planet of Selonia constructed an elaborate network of tunnels beneath the planet's surface. These Selonian Tunnels were used by people of all races as a kind of subterranean metropolis, though the deepest levels were traveled exclusively by Selonians. Space above Corellia was dominated by massive shipyards.


Corellians were often considered intrepid and maverick by other Core peoples, spawning expressions warning against telling a Corellian the odds for success; for a Corellian, beating the odds is always a reward in itself. This sense of immortality was visible in the common Corellian tradition of cremating the dead and compressing their ash into synthetic diamonds with artificial gravity generators. Corellians also dealt justice to those that committed the most heinous acts with a death penalty.

A rural community on Corellia.

Corellians were a sentimental breed, and when separated from their homeworld became sentimental at the sight of Corellian treats like the sweet ryshcate pastry or a bottle of the woody, potable Whyren's Reserve. There was a Corellian sect known as the Ensterites, who forbade marriage with anyone from outside the Corellian system. Marrying someone from outside the Corellian system would result in being shunned by one's fellow Ensterites. It was a Corellian custom for husbands-to-be to have large bachelor parties with their friends.

Family was held in high respect on Corellia. It was considered most dishonorable to involve innocent family members in a quarrel held with one family member. Conversely, great courage was seen as highly honorable, deserving of outward recognition through traditions such as the Corellian Bloodstripe. The color green also seemed to hold special meaning, as it was considered the traditional coloration for wedding gowns,[5][6] Jedi robes,[7] and CorSec markings.[8]

Corellia was originally a monarchy, but was ruled by a democratic government after Berethron e Solo established constitutional rule in 312 BBY.


The Corellians were known for their prowess with ships. From building ships to flying them, Corellians were well known for their skills. Because piracy and smuggling were well-known occupations of a strong number of Corellians, the local navy had been specializing in techniques designed to combat economic loss due to their activities. Because of this need, the navy was well-developed and modernized.


The CR90 Corvette and the Corellian Gunship were two examples, as well as the powerful Corellian Dreadnaught, three of which were constructed in 40 ABY. These three ships were painted dark blue and had egg-shaped hulls. The Millennium Falcon's threat board gave each of these at least twice the firepower of an Imperial Star Destroyer. They were designed mainly for close combat with other capital ships. The Dreadnaughts were constructed in the Kiris shipyards, located in an asteroid field at the edge of the system. Two of the Dreadnaughts were destroyed in an attempt to turn the Hapes Consortium against the Galactic Alliance.

Of interest is the fact that Corellia's navy remained autonomous from the Imperial Navy throughout the time of the Galactic Empire, maintaining its own independence and individual naval traditions until it was dissolved following the original Centerpoint crisis. From this point until partway through the Yuuzhan Vong War, Corellia lacked any autonomous military forces, relying solely on the sector fleet provided by the New Republic.


Infinite Empire

Corellia was a slave world of the Infinite Empire. In circa 30,000 BBY, Corellian slaves helped build the Star Forge. When the Rakata fell victim to a plague, the Corellians freed themselves in a revolt that occurred around 25,200 BBY.[4] Corellian explorers early in their history scaled the Kor Vella mesa.

Galactic Republic

Corellians spent the next 200 years reverse-engineering the hyperdrive without the Force tools of the Rakata. A midstep, hyperspace cannons, connected Corellia with other Core Worlds such as Coruscant and Duro. The reinvention of the hyperdrive in circa 25,053 BBY let the afore-mentioned and other worlds become the Core Founders of the Galactic Republic.

While rumors of the Jedi Order's dawn on Corellia were false, the Corellian Jedi did keep a distinct set of traditions that set them apart from other Jedi, including green robes and Jedi Credits.

A Blockade Runner above Corellia.

Corellian Engineering Corporation was founded early on, perhaps before the dawn of the Republic. Corellia Star Drive splintered off CEC in c. 5,000 BBY, but was bought out by CEC in c. 3,000 BBY. CEC was one of the larger shipbuilding firms in the galaxy, and its shipyards were one of the most extensive in the galaxy. Examples of Corellian ships included the CR90 Corellian Corvette, the YT-1300 freighter, and the DP-20 Corellian Gunship.

Corellians were among the first and foremost hyperspace explorers. Within a millennium, the Corellian Run was mapped; the Corellian Trade Route by 5,500 BBY. The Corellians discovered New Plympto in 10,019 BBY, Goroth Prime in 8,000 BBY, and Koboth prior to 219 BBY. They colonized Rabaan (7,299 BBY), Socorro (3,000 BBY), Trulalis, and Trigalis. Corellia was an early trading partner of the Wookiees when Kashyyyk entered the Republic (c. 3,956 BBY). In the Mandalorian Wars, it was the site of important Republic Navy drydocks.

Almost 10,000 BBY, a spartan sect established a monastery on Kor Vella. During a boom in CEC's popularity, miners discovered ore deposits near the mesa, transforming the Kor Vella community into a luxurious center of tourism and wealth.[9]

Corellia allied with Selonia and Drall circa 500 BBY in a failed attempt to conquer the Federation of the Double Worlds. 30 years later, Corellia attempted to secede from the Republic; although progressing far enough to close its sector's borders and withdraw from the Senate using Contemplanys Hermi, the plan ultimately failed and the system continued as a begrudging Republic member-state.

The elitist Nomad's Retreat in the Nomad Mountains expanded its membership to become a public resort in 400 BBY. Over the next few centuries, a village grew around the retreat, known as Doaba Guerfel, and eventually merged with the Retreat, becoming a resort town.[9] A few decades later in 380 BBY, a Corellian Jedi named Keiran Halcyon defeated the Afarathu pirates, a sect of Selonian terrorists, whom were trying to kill all Humans on Corellia.[7] The Afarathu were not gone forever, and would plague Corellia during the Galactic Civil War.[9]

King Berethron e Solo established a democratic government in 312 BBY, replacing his own absolute monarchy. Corellia was home to several multi-stellar corporate conglomerates, including Gowix Computers (founded in 219 BBY), the Corellian Mining Corporation, and of course CEC. Many of these competed directly with the Trade Federation and InterGalactic Banking Clan for galactic influence. Over time these companies became very powerful and in 150 BBY overthrew the historic parliamentary constitutional monarchy founded by the Royal House of Solo in favor of a government more amenable to unrestricted commerce. This new business-supported regime was called the Diktat.

The capital city of Coronet by night.

Centuries later in 33 BBY, Corellia was represented directly in the Galactic Senate by Com Fordox, whom the next year helped elect Palpatine Supreme Chancellor.[10] In 27 BBY, Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis personally defended Corellia during the crisis with Ashaar Khorda.

The planet's name was pronounced K'rell by Mitth'raw'nuruodo in 27 BBY, but it is unknown if this is the actual name of the planet in Cheunh or if this was on account of Mitth'raw'nuruodo's unfamiliarity with Basic, or indeed if he even knew of the existence of Corellia prior to his first contact with Humans.

In 22 BBY, in the months leading up to the Clone Wars, Corellian Senator Garm Bel Iblis and Diktat Shyla Merricope withdrew Corellian Sector from the Galactic Republic in protest of the Military Creation Act. Bel Iblis invoked Contemplanys Hermi, an obscure clause in the Galactic Constitution that allowed for "meditative solitude." 23 Corellian Jedi returned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, including Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon. This attempt to insulate the system failed and Corellia, like the rest of the galaxy, was soon embroiled in the turmoil of the Clone Wars. Though the planet was spared an invasion or aggressive military action, presumably the intense fighting on nearby Duro weakened its already troubled economy. The Corellian Sector was heavily fortified, but the CIS fleet bypassed it through the Deep Core to attack Coruscant in 19 BBY.

Galactic Empire

"The Emperor's Corellian government got scared. Not just scared of the Rebellion, but scared of everyone. They decided the safest thing to do was not to trust anyone at all."
Leia Organa Solo
The Millennium Falcon departs Corellia.

With the declaration of the New Order, Diktat Dupas Thomree made a deal with Palpatine: Thomree could govern Corellian Sector as he wished (mostly free of Imperial mandates) as long as he paid taxes, war matériel, and homage to the Emperor. Immediately after the start of the New Order, Corellia was wracked by anti-Imperial protests.

The Republic's planetary Governor of Corellia, Fliry Vorru, became the Imperial Moff of Corellian Sector. The Moff was a lenient ruler, turning a blind eye to crime, being more interested in greater power, and was considered a rival of Palpatine. In 7 BBY, Vorru was sent to Kessel after being framed by Prince Xizor. This allowed Xizor to set up his Black Sun lieutenant Zekka Thyne as criminal kingpin on Corellia.

Public peace was maintained by the Corellian Security Force, a fiercely proud organization whose members enjoyed an almost familial sense of loyalty and camaraderie. Officers of CorSec usually followed their parents or siblings into the organization, donning the gray and khaki uniforms as part of a longstanding tradition. Rostek Horn, his adopted son Hal Horn and his son Corran Horn are a perfect example of the multi-generational CorSec legacy.

As Corellians were drafted into military service for the Empire, so as to deal with the growing Rebellion, the overall security of the sector decreased. Pirates took advantage of the opportunity that presented itself and grew more brazen, launching many raids upon starships that used nearby trade routes.

Diktat Dupas Thomree died in 2 BBY. He was replaced by Daclif Gallamby whom was little more than a puppet of the Imperial Governor. At this time, Thrackan Sal-Solo went underground and began plotting secession.

Following the abandonment of Massassi Station, the Rebel Alliance established a base on Corellia in 1 ABY before moving on to Hoth.[9] That same year, Gowix Computers moved its HQ to Corulag.

The Corellian Merchants' Guild was banned from the Corporate Sector in 2 ABY. The defecting General Crix Madine was rescued from an Imperial ambush in Coronet City by Rogue Squadron and Han Solo. One year later, Zekka Thyne was captured on Corellia by Colonel Maximilian Veers and Grand Admiral Thrawn. During this action, Thrawn placed a tracking device on a freighter that led the Empire to the Rebellion at Derra IV.[11]

A week after the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Alliance pilots from Rogue Squadron, as well as Ten Numb and Han Solo, were ambushed by Imperial forces on Corellia. A large number of Imperials streamed into the planet following the death of Palpatine, giving new power to pro-Imperial factions on the world. A large Imperial fleet was soon sent by the Imperial Ruling Council to defend the world and its shipyards, including forces from Ord Mirit.

Six months after Endor, this fleet was one of the most powerful concentrations of Imperial might anywhere in the Core Worlds, consisting of twenty-five Imperial Star Destroyers under Admiral Jaeffis—by comparison, Kuat had just fifteen Star Destroyers, and Corellia's defenses were scheduled to be even more heavily reinforced when Admiral Roek arrived to assume overall command, with the Super Star Destroyer Aggressor and five more Imperial-class ships.[12]

Coronet's capital building was destroyed in 2 ABY.

In spite of this massive defending presence, the Rogues returned to Corellia to rescue Fyric Fel and Wynssa Starflare from their kidnappers.[13]

In the year after Endor, the Imperial Intelligence liaison officer with CorSec, Kirtan Loor, ordered CorSec to attack "Rebels" of the New Republic. Many CorSec officers would not cooperate, believing CorSec answered only to the Diktat and not to the Empire, and was for fighting criminals rather than "Rebels." One such officer, Corran Horn, was targeted by Loor for assassination, and fled the planet. He was soon followed by fellow officers Gil Bastra and Iella Wessiri, as well as Iella's husband Diric Wessiri, all of whom faked their own deaths. In the light of this lack of cooperation, the Diktat dissolved CorSec and replaced it with the pro-Imperial Public Safety Service.

Grand Admiral Danetta Pitta had taken command of the Imperial forces at Corellia in 6 ABY, largely by bribing the Diktat, although it is likely that both Pitta and Gallamby remained nominally loyal to Imperial Center. They were challenged by Josef Grunger, who had seized control of Aggressor and possibly some other elements of the defending fleet, and who was now aiming to claim the Imperial throne. As Grunger moved to seize control of Corellian space, he clashed with Pitta at the Battle of Tralus, which left both Grand Admirals dead, Aggressor and Pitta's torpedo sphere destroyed, and both fleets badly mauled.

It is not clear how effective the Imperial military presence at Corellia was after Tralus, but, the New Republic was slow to take control, and the Diktat remained in power as late as 12 ABY. It was probably only after this date that Gallamby withdrew to hiding in the Outlier systems, with Thrackan Sal-Solo and other Imperial functionaries;

Corellia also formed a small rebel alliance like protest named the Corellian Trade Alliance, who's goal was to give better hyperspace and space travel freedom, this movement soon fused with, and became a decent percentage of the Rebel Alliance

Due to the many Corellian fighters serving in the Rebel military, Corellia had long been accorded a leading political role in the Alliance, and now, with countless Corellian expatriates at large within New Republic-held territory, the planet was represented in absentia by Doman Beruss on the New Republic Provisional Council. As an unhappy consequence, many Corellian expatriates loyal to the New Republic were forbidden from returning to their homeworld by the Diktat, so the Corellian Sanctuary was built on Coruscant to honor the war dead and provide a focus for the community.

New Republic

In circa 12 ABY, Corellian Sector finally joined the New Republic. Diktat Daclif Gallamby was replaced by the New Republic-appointed Governor-General Micamberlecto of Froz to administrate Corellian Sector. The New Republic Medical Institute was established on Corellia.

Corellia had a number of mag-lev train systems as a means of transportation for citizens and cargo.[14]

However, the New Republic government was almost ousted when Thrackan Sal-Solo usurped power during the First Corellian Insurrection in 18 ABY, murdering Micamberlecto and declaring himself Diktat. He was defeated and Marcha of Drall was made Governor-General.

Sal-Solo tried again to restore Corellian independence and actually managed to get elected Governor-General after his attempt to control Centerpoint Station during the Battle of Fondor, which ended in disaster for a New Republic/Hapan task force at Fondor in 25 ABY. This resulted in Marcha's resignation.

The Jedi Master Eelysa maintained an eye on Sal-Solo's Centerpoint Party and escaped Corellia with the Solos in 26 ABY after being injured, only to return upon her recovery. A year later, Eelysa was killed by a voxyn on Corellia, although Corran Horn and his wife Mirax Terrik managed to escape another voxyn.

In 14 ABY, Kyle Katarn and Jaden Korr went on a investigation mission after receiving reports of cult activity in Coronet. Upon receiveing a distress call from a mag-lev train, Jaden and Kyle found out that the Disciples of Ragnos were behind the attempts to blow up the train. Korr eventually stopped the bomb and the train, and Katarn destroyed mercenary cargo ships successfully, thus ending the Disciples of Ragnos presence there for the time being.[14]

A year after the Fall of Coruscant, Sal-Solo traveled to Yuuzhan'tar, in an effort to gain their help in expelling the New Republic, but was instead forced to lead the Peace Brigade, and was impeached as Governor-General and kicked out of the Centerpoint Party. Corellia remained a loyal member of the New Republic, and later the Galactic Alliance.

Galactic Alliance

"To all appearances, Corellia is about to experience a—a pasting, I believe the term is."

In 40 ABY, following the political unrest sparked by a disastrous Jedi mission to uncover an illegal missile factory on Adumar, Corellia joined several other worlds in resisting the Galactic Alliance. In response the Galactic Alliance launched a preemptive strike on and above the planet Tralus in the Corellian system in an attempt to bring the rogue worlds to heel.[15]

This only widened the divide between the Galactic Alliance and the rebellious worlds. Even worse, the furious Corellians launched a counterstrike, thus worsening the confrontation even further and turning it into a full scale war. Corellia would be joined by Commenor, Bespin, Cassin, elements from the Corporate Sector, Adumar, and Fondor.[15]

During the insurrection, the government of the Corellian system was led by a Prime Minister, and each of the five worlds had a Head of State. The systems' military was led by a Minister of War and answered to the Prime Minister. At the start of the uprising, Aidel Saxan was Prime Minister and Thrackan Sal-Solo was the Head of State of Corellia. In the midst of chaos the Galactic Alliance made its first strike at Corellia, starting a full scale war.[15] While all of this was going on Thrackan Sal-Solo was assassinated by his cousin Han Solo with the help of Boba Fett and Mirta Gev.[16]

During the war, the Corellian leadership planned on drawing the Hapes Consortium into the war on their side by assassinating its Queen Mother, Tenel Ka, and her child, Allana. The result of their plan failed as the Queen Mother and her daughter survived and most of the Hapans allied with the Corellian Alliance were captured or killed during the Battle of Hapes.[17]

The Corellians later reactivated Centerpoint Station. Darth Caedus, learning of this, led a task force to Corellia to capture it. But sabotage by the Jedi Coalition destroyed the station before Caedus could take control of it.

When the war ended, although Corellia and the rest of the Confederation made peace, they did not rejoin the Galactic Alliance, but did resolve post-war disputes 2 years later on the alliance capital of Coruscant, alongside with the Imperial Remnant of Bastion.

Behind the scenes

The name "Corellia" may come from the "Korellian Republic," in Isaac Asimov's book, Foundation. The Korellian Republic was based upon the planet Korell; in early drafts to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Corellia was to be called "Corell."

In Outbound Flight, Commander Thrawn pronounces Corellian as K'rell'n

When developing Han Solo's background for licensees in 1977, George Lucas named the Corellian homeworld as Crell, describing it as a "grim", "gaseous" world. The cities of Crell were satellites floating in the gas clouds, while the natives of Crell were winged fliers with clawed hands. This description appears to be derived from the Imperial Capital in his earlier drafts (then called Alderaan), which was reused for Bespin in Episode V.[18]

Star Wars Galaxies indicates Agrilat was a swamp on Corellia itself, but Star Wars: Rebellion indicates it is a separate planet in the Corellian Sector.

In the Russian Federation there is a federal subject that goes by the name of the Republic of Karelia.

In the Polish language Corellia is named Korelia, as a matter of pronouncing issues. The same fact applies to Carida (named Karyda in some translations). Other planets starting on the letter 'C' however are named in their original form. Both 'C' and 'K' versions are used in the polish Fan fiction and web boards, depending on the point of view on the original names and translations.

In the Marvel Star Wars comics, Corellia was often referred to as Correlli.



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Corellian System




Gus Talon




11,000 km







Primary terrain

Most of surface covered with cities, bodies of water, and little grassland.

Points of interest
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  • Corellian Senate Hall
  • Fortress Corellia
  • Torchwood Towers
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Various other species.

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Over 15 Trillion

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Coronet City

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"The bigger the galaxy; the sweeter the homecoming."
—Corellian Proverb

Corellia was once a slave world of the Rakatan's Infinite Empire in 30,000 BBY when the Star Forge was being constructed. Many years later it became a member of the Galactic Republic. In 19 BBY when the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire, Corellia was ruled by an Imperial Moff. After the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance, and many other vents Corellia started to want to rule itself.


The Torchwood Insitute, a secret organization, was set up to protect the dominant ruling goverment, or empire within the galaxy from non-human threats. It was first set up near the time of the first galactic empires, its base was situated in its capital city of Coronet City. Although most of the planet knew what Torchwood was, and where their head quarters was. No one knew what they did, not even the Corellian government. The Torchwood Insitute had cases where journalists and Senators found out what they were doing, with these cases, well trained agents would terminate any of them by either shooting them, or poisoning them, and then covering their death up. After the collapse of the Corellian Goverment, the Corellian Empire took its place following Torchwood's example of killing aliens, even after Torchwood disapeared.

In the Legacy era, when Darth Krayt seized control of the major portion of the galactic empire, they had not long returned there influence to the galaxy, but as part of Fel's Galactic empire. Torchwood Tower now served as the New Corellian Goverments Govements Head Quarters, it was renamed Tuchdown Tower, after the Tuchdown Coup, which gave the planet its freedom from its' hated and corrupt military government. Torchwood retook the tower with stormtroopers given to them by Emperor Roan Fel, they were uniformed in the GCW style Torchwood uniforms, and they retook the tower from the Tuchdown Corellian Government. They killed all the solders engaging them in battle.

The Government did not try and retake the building, and anticipated Torchwood's control of the Tower, this battle known as the "Crotex Revolution," after the dead prime minister Freon Crotex who was killed for treason against Torchwood and the Galactic Empire. Now that Torchwood was in high power again, they waged war against Krayt's Sith Empire, trying to get Krayt off the galactic thrown, and reinstating Roan Fel. This would give Torchwood full power again. Once they found out Krayt was human, a small group within Torchwood based in the Telos system, belived they should ally themselves with Krayt's empire, as it was the dominant empire. Torchwood broke into the base and took them all prisoner, it is unknown what happened to Torchwood's influence once Krayt died.

Seeds of an Empire

In the year 86 ABY the people of Corellia voted to withdraw from the New Republic. The Corellian dictator, the leader of Corellia, denied his people their wishes. A revolution began, and the dictator was killed, along with his supporters. The people of Corellia then picked the leader of the Corellian revolution, Kane Horn as the Grand Chancellor of the Corellian Empire.

Project Corellia

Main article: Project Corellia

With the Corellian Empire laws now in place, many changes began. The changes were named Project Corellia. Forests, plains and grasslands were cleared away, to make room for more cities. Cities were also built over water, covering entire oceans. In 116 ABY, Project Corellia was finished. Corellia looked like another similar to the Core World Coruscant. It would remain like this. until the fall of the Corellian Empire in 3960 ABY.

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Corellia is one of the Core Worlds, planets of great importance that lie near the center of the known galaxy. As such, it acts as the largest, most populated planet in Galaxies, home to the largest cities and most hyperspace routes of any planet. Its strategic location in the galaxy brings innumerable wealth to Corellia, which helps the planetary CorSec police maintain independence from Imperial domination. However, Corellian cities are open to control by factional forces and do take part in the planetary control meta-game.

Corellia is also home to the faithful CorSec Squadron, and those wishing to learn the piloting profession from this organization should seek out Sergeant Rhea.

Like its neighbor Talus, Corellia is dominated by open grasslands, dense forests, and long beaches that make every corner of the planet a picturesque sight. Most areas of the planet are a quick ride from at least one major city, although the north-western mountains remain isolated from civilization; rumors hint at a hidden Rebel base somewhere in the area, though Imperial forces have been unable to verify these allegations. CorSec security has been similarly powerless to eliminiate the presence of terrorist Nyax, Drall, and Afarathu organizations that make their homes among Corellia's varied terrain.

Table of contents

Planetary Data

Planetary map of Corellia

Corellia is part of the Corellian System.

A Corellian landscape
A Corellian seashore
A Rebel hideout


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Star Wars Lore

Home planet of the gregarious Corellians, Corellia is a world renowned for its impressive shipwrights who build large, speedy and powerful vessels. Corellia has also earned an infamous reputation for the many pirate raids carried out in nearby trade routes.

Since the inception of the Republic, Corellia has always proudly followed its own path, occasionally at the expense of the larger galactic community. It is a fiercely independent world governing a fiercely independent sector that has traditionally been inward-looking, detached from seismic political events that have reshaped the galaxy time and again.

Corellia and four other planets orbit the star of Corell in the Corellian sector. The entire system is an astrophysical curiosity, an enigmatic relic possibly left behind by an incredibly advanced ancient culture. As unlikely as it seems, all five planets are habitable, and floating between the fifth and sixth planets -- Tralus and Talus, the Double Worlds -- is an immense artifact known as Centerpoint Station. It is an unimaginably ancient device floating at the gravitic balance point between both worlds. Some xenoarchaeologists posit that Centerpoint was employed by an ancient, incredibly powerful culture to move the planets of the Corellian system into place.

Corellia is known as the "Elder Brother" of the system, serving as the administrative center not only for its "Brother planets" Drall, Selonia, Talus and Tralus, but also the entire sector. The planet is governed by a Diktat, while the sector itself was represented in the Galactic Senate by a Senator.

Corellia is a beautiful world of fields, forests and seas. Despite its age and influence in Galactic affairs, it has not become a completely urbanized city planet like Coruscant. Corellians take pride in the open expanses of razor grass fields and unpolluted sandy beaches. Their solution to urban overgrowth was in moving shipbuilding facilities off-planet. The shipyards of such monolithic companies as the Corellian Engineering Corporation are immense, producing such famous vessels as Corellian CR90 corvettes, Republic cruisers and the ubiquitous YT-series freighters.

Corellia's cluster of continents are bracketed by two huge oceans, an eastern and western one. The capital city of Coronet lies on a coastal front along the Golden Beaches, with other cities such as Bela Vistal and Tyrena. Though the planetary population has fluctuated during the decades of the Galactic Civil War, it numbered over 15 billion, with Coronet being the largest single concentration of citizenry. Scattered inland are a number of small towns and farming hamlets.

Though Coronet was a bustling city, it was filled with parks, plazas and open-air trading stalls, indicative of the Corellian love of wide open spaces. One of the most popular locales was Treasure Ship Row, an garishly eclectic bazaar filled with a complex tapestry of alien cultures.

The native species of the Corellian system -- Humans, Selonians and Drall -- could be found throughout Coronet. Selonians preferred to live beneath the surface of the planet, in complex warrens and tunnels that date back to pre-Republic times. Also located beneath Corellia's soil is an ancient planetary repulsor, further evidence of the planet having been relocated by an unknown alien force in the far distant past.

The Corellian system was wealthy enough to afford its own fleet and security forces. During the time of the Republic, it handled its own law enforcement free from the involvement of the galactic government. The Corellian Security Force, or CorSec, remained largely intact even after the rise of the Empire. Even Corellian Jedi were reputed to be non-traditionalists in that most ascetic of orders.

Corellians have a cultural wariness towards big galactic government. Though one of the founding worlds of the Republic, Corellia has fostered a tradition of independence, and has, during its long history, attempted to vie for separation from the union more than once.

When Count Dooku's Separatist movement arose during the waning days of the Republic, Corellia tried to remain neutral in the conflict. Not wanting to be involved in a decisive Military Creation Act vote that would determine the future of armed conflict in the galaxy, Senator Garm Bel Iblis withdrew Corellia from the vote, and sealed up its borders, hoping to wait out the coming conflagration. His attempt at isolation failed, and before long, Corellia too was dragged into the Clone Wars that followed.

With the rise of the Empire, Corellia once again bristled under the authority of Coruscant, but did not actively join the Rebellion. The shipyards of Corellia were controlled by the Imperial starfleet, and many Corellians were drafted into Imperial service. As the sector's native military forces were dispatched throughout the galaxy to deal with the growing Rebellion, piracy bled into Corellia's borders, disrupting the valuable trade that had kept Corellia independent for so long.

Senator Garm Bel Iblis disappeared from galactic politics, waging his own private war against the Empire, while many Corellians joined the nascent Alliance. As the Rebellion began scoring increasingly larger victories against the Empire, the Corellians enacted strict isolationist measures, restricting trade and ship traffic through the region. Under such hermetic conditions, the population of the sector fomented an almost xenophobic character, encouraging a paranoid resentment towards outsiders.

With the collapse of the Empire started at the Battle of Endor, Corellia suffered as Imperial forces withdrew to shore up defenses at Coruscant and elsewhere. The Corellian Diktat, who was little more than an Imperial puppet, lost his power base and became a target of resentful Corellians. He fled to the Outlier section of Corellian sector, prompting the collapse of the Corellian government.

Into this mess stepped the New Republic, who appointed a new leader to help clean up the disarray. Governor-General Micamberlecto attempted to infuse order into a bewildering tangle of conflicting agendas. Many of the humans who prospered under Imperial rule held great disdain over the new government and the cultural aversion to outsiders created a great challenge to the New Republic's efforts.

Fourteen years after Endor, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo voyaged to Corellia for an historic trade summit, eager to work out some of sector's problems. Instead, she was drawn into a sudden flash-fire of insurrection that history would later recall as the Corellian Incident.

The Sacorran Triad, a secretive council of human, Drall and Selonian dictators based in the Corellian sector, had grown in power since the collapse of the Empire, and attempted a coup of the sector that would ensure Corellian independence. The Triad took control of Centerpoint station's immense repulsorlift technology to target distant stars for destruction, and essentially hold any system hostage lest its demands be met. This bid for independence was thwarted by the efforts of a joint New Republic and Bakuran task force, and the actions of the young Jedi siblings, Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo.

In early Expanded Universe sources, the name of the Corellian homeworld was also noted as Corell and Corelli, though the name Corellia can be traced back to a set of InterGalactic Passport souvenirs printed around the time of The Empire Strikes Back.

Corellia would remain largely unexplored as a setting until a trilogy of novels published in 1995 took the heroes of the Rebellion to the system to deal with the Sacorran Triad insurrection. That series, written by Roger MacBride Allen, consisted of Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia and Showdown at Centerpoint.

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