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Coral Sword artwork from Final Fantasy V.

The Coral Sword (珊瑚の剣 Sango no Tsurugi) is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. It is often either Lightning or Water-elemental in nature.It can also be described as mediocre in most games.




Final Fantasy

The Coral Sword first appears in the original Final Fantasy. It has an Attack power of 19 and deals extra damage against Aquatic enemies.

Final Fantasy IV

The Coral Sword only appears in the Easy Type version of the game. It is effective against Aquatic monsters. It is found in the chest that the Ancient Sword is usually in.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Coral Blade returns from Final Fantasy IV Easy Type as a mid-ranked sword that provides 38 Attack and is Lightning-elemental. It can be acquired either by winning them from Sahagin Knight, buying in Kaipo or Mist (while Kain), or find it in the Old Waterway (as Ceodore).

Final Fantasy V

The Coral Sword is a Lightning-elemental sword with an Attack power of 34.

Coral Sword as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Final Fantasy IX

The Coral Sword can be equipped by Steiner. This is a Lightning-elemental weapon, which can be used to learn the Sword Art Charge!.

Final Fantasy XI

The Coral Sword appears as a generic high-level short sword, with its only notable traits granting minor Water resistances and extra Water damage to some attacks.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Coral Sword is a Lightning-elemental sword. It is Delita's default weapon in his first fight in Chapter 2.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Coral Sword is a level 50 sword that adds 38 to Attack and increases base Bravery by 20% at the start of the battle.

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