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Dr Who

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Series: Doctor Who comic strip stories -
Tenth Doctor comic strip stories
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companions: Heather McCrimmon
Wolfgang Ryter
Editor: Moray Laing
Artist: John Ross
Colourist: Alan Craddock
Lettering: Paul Vyse
Published In: Doctor Who Adventures 127
Publication: 6 August 2009
Publisher: BBC Magazines
Format: Comic - 1 parter (4 pages)
Previous Story: Sweet Dreams
Next Story: Shadow of the Vaipid



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Original Print Details (Publication with page count and closing captions)

  1. DWA Issue 127 (4 pages)


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  • The DWAM comic strip adventures were very much aimed at a younger audience and the artwork and colours was bold and bright reflecting the tone of the magazine.
  • Self contained one part stories were the norm in the early issues later being expanded to two-parters.


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External Links

  • The official BBC Magazine site with cover gallery and news of the latest available issue.

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DC Comics

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From DC Database

Character Template Character Template

Real Name
Gem Antonelli
Current Alias




Base Of Operations
I.O. facilities


5' 10"





Marital Status

I.O. Operative, Adventurer

Born Gen-Active

Place of Birth
Los Angeles, California


First appearance

Gen 13 Volume 2 #7



Gem Antonelli, a native of Los Angeles, was part of a series of experiments carried out by International Operations under the control of the director of the Department of Science and Technology, Ivana Baiul. As John Lynch broke into I.O. security to rescue a group of youngsters from her experiments, Ivana was forced to escape and moved her base to Isla Caballito to continue with her experiments on the frozen specimens she managed to carry with her. One of those gen-active kids frozen in liquid nitrogen was Gem herself.

Gem is a neuro-dominator, able to temporarily control the bodies of others. After passing hard training she earned a place in DV8, Ivana's group of super-powered operatives. However, due to her weak stomach, she almost got eliminated (literally), but somehow got chosen by Threshold, Ivana's right hand, to be part of his team. Unlike her DV8 partners, Gem didn't take her activities so seriously and constantly fooled around.

Due to an incident involving Bliss, she had four split personalities in addition to her normal persona. This made her teammates very uneasy around her and lead them to believe she was quite insane and unstable. Her four extra personalities were:

Soldier, a tough militaristic fighter Nihilist, a disobedient and mischievous personality Spy, a methodical thinker Little Gemma, a cute but often cowardly child like persona

The three personalities are protective of Little Gemma. Ivana and her teammates believed the personalities were a reaction to the booster drugs all DV8-members received to increase their powers.

Gemma's already unstable mental state would receive a further blow when she was temporarily captured in an attack on a foreign scientific facility. She was forcibly made to experience a white room with no reachable ceiling or walls.

When Threshold turned against DV8, he mentally attacked Copycat, putting her in a coma. Gemma stayed in the coma for a long time and when she woke up something had changed; the link between Bliss and herself had been broken and her real mind slowly started to heal. The final trigger happened when she tried to possess her teammate Freestyle. Her mind was restored and her alternate personalities disappeared.

Shortly afterwards DV8 was disbanded and Copycat left with Frostbite and Sublime to try to live a normal life. They later joined up with Genevieve Cray, a female clone of Michael Cray, Sublime's father.

Powers and Abilities



Neuro-Domination: ability to temporarily take control of others bodies by making contact or being within proximity to them. She has to mimic the actions she wants her victim to perform (like shooting with an imaginary gun if her victim is supposed to shoot with a gun). At first, she was only able to control one person at a time, but she overcome this limitation later in her career.


Multiple Personality Disorder


  • Copycat suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder

See Also

Links and References

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Mimic, also known as Mime and Copycat, is a command ability that appears in several Final Fantasy games. It usually gives the character using it the ability to copy an ally's previous command. It typically does so without having to pay whatever costs or other requirements that the move may have had, making it very powerful if used right.



Final Fantasy V

Mimic is the main command ability for the Mime class.

Final Fantasy VI

Gogo's special ability is Mimic.

Final Fantasy VII

Equipping the Command Materia Mime gives a character the ability to mimic other character's actions.

Final Fantasy X

The ability Copycat can mimic an ally's previous command. It is located near the start of Lulu's section of the basic Sphere Grid, but a Lv. 4 Key Sphere is needed to access it.

Final Fantasy XI

Colibri may cast any spell cast upon them within the last 30 seconds. They will cast the spell either onto the character who cast upon them or onto the member of the group with the greatest enmity. Abilities cannot be copied, only magic (including songs, ninjutsu, and Blue Magic).

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Mime cannot actually use the mime ability, since it will copy a unit's actions the second it sees them.

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

This is the Copycat disambiguation page.

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Disambig Template Help

Vanessa Carlysle

See Also

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