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4 8 15 162 3 42

If one searches the numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) in coordinates: 4 8 15 162 3 42 in Google Maps, the result is located in the Pacific Ocean near the Marshall Islands.

Google Maps screenshot

Closer Look

Once we try a closer look with the satellite mode on, we can see a little island near the spot.

A closer look.

Possible Island

This is a zoom on the small island which is close to the coordinates at 5°19'02.35" N, 162°57'34.61" E .

A zoom in on the runway on the island shows the number 23.

Number 23

This island is called Kosrae and it is part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

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4 8 15 16 23 42 - The coordinates in Google Maps

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While doing coordinates, you must have a chart, sextant, and watch in your inventory. Think of it as the RuneScape equivalent of geocaching. If you don't have those, talk to the professor in the Observatory to get the chart, Brother Kojo at the Clock Tower for the watch, and Murphy at Port Khazard for the sextant (note: You must talk to the professor in the observatory first, you don't need to have completed the observatory quest to get the items but if you start it you must finish it before he lets you claim/reclaim them (If you are reclaiming them you don't need to talk to the professor again unless it's about the chart)). You will also need a spade to dig up the chest.

Multiple Zamorak wizards attacking a player in the wilderness.

If you're doing a level 3 scroll, you will be attacked by a powerful NPC  so prepare for combat (Note:This applies only to level 3 clues;wizards do not appear on level 2 coordinate clues). If you're in the Wilderness, it will be a Zamorak wizard who can use Flames of Zamorak. If you're in a non-Wilderness area, you will be attacked by a much stronger Saradomin Wizard who can use Saradomin Strike and wields a super poisoned Dragon Dagger. If you do not kill the mage before attempting to dig again another mage may appear at which point all mages will need to be killed before digging again (it is not known whether this is intentional). To kill the Saradomin wizard it is recommended that you bring at least one prayer or super restore potion, wear the best dragon hide you can and protect melee while ranging/meleeing it, although the wizard hits harder with magic than melee, and therefore you might need more food. Do whatever works best for you; maging is not recommended due to his high magic defence. You can alternatively wear your best melee defence armour while protecting from magic. Should you chose to do this then you will need to bring an antipoison potion since his melee attacks are extremely likely to poison unless you have some kind of immunity (such as that provided by an antipoison). The best way to kill a Saradomin wizard is to run a small distance away and range him, using Protect from magic, as the wizards cannot move very far from where they appear, thus negating their melee attack. Regardless of your strategy, always bring a one-click teleport and have fully charged prayer.

Coordinate clues do not appear in level 1 clues, and the wizards will only attack if the player is on a level 3 coordinate clue. The coordinates 0,0 centre at the Observatory. Top of the world (northern Iceberg) is about 30 North, southern Pest Control about 18 South, western Lunar Isle about 12 West, and eastern Mos Le'Harmless about 40 East.

A high resolution RuneScape world map marked with treasure trail coordinates is also available here.

Clue Short-hand Description
00 degrees 00 minutes north, 07 degrees 13 minutes west 00.00 N 07.13 W
In Tirannwn, by the western spawn point of the roving elves, near the Tyras Camp. A Saradomin Wizard will appear and attack.
00 degrees 05 minutes south, 01 degrees 13 minutes east 00.05 S 01.13 E
West of the Tree Gnome Village, almost directly south of the fruit tree farming patch. On the other side of the river from the observatory.
00 degrees 13 minutes south, 13 degrees 58 minutes east 00.13 S 13.58 E
Karamja, west of the general store in the free-to-play section of the island, in the middle of the two lakes.
00 degrees 18 minutes south, 09 degrees 28 minutes east 00.18 S 09.28 E
South of Brimhaven at the gold mine near the entrance to the Brimhaven Dungeon. Dig 1 space south of the gold rock immediately in front of the dungeon door.
00 degrees 20 minutes south, 23 degrees 15 minutes east 00.20 S 23.15 E
Lumbridge Swamp. South of the swamp, south-west of the small hut, north of large east rock. 10 steps north of jungle plant then 1 step west (between the 2 ferns).
00 degrees 30 minutes north, 24 degrees 16 minutes east 00.30 N 24.16 E Slightly north-east of the small hut (that leads to Zanaris) in Lumbridge swamp. Zandar Horfyre offers free transportation to this spot.
00 degrees 31 minutes south, 17 degrees 43 minutes east 00.31 S 17.43 E
South of Port Sarim, just south of the ladder to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, on the edge of the cliff .
01 degrees 18 minutes south, 14 degrees 15 minutes east 01.18 S 14.15 E
Across the water from Musa Point, on the western seaweed spawn next to the river. Tiadeche from the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest can be found to the east. Use Fairy Ring code DKP or the Gnome glider transport to Karamja.
01 degrees 24 minutes north, 08 degrees 05 minutes west 01.24 N 08.05 W
01 24 North 08 05 West
Directly north of the catapult used in Regicide. From Lletya, pass the tree, go west across the tripwire, continue west through the dense forest, continuing west past the Elf musician. Turn north and up the path to Prifddinas. Before the bridge and the water, head west through the dense forest and continue west till arriving at a elven lamp next to mushrooms. Head south down the small path to the pond. Pass the stick trap and dig by the north-east edge of the pond. A Saradomin wizard will appear and attack. This clue can be annoying due to the frequency of activating the stick traps, which deal 8 damage.
01 degrees 26 minutes north, 08 degrees 01 minutes east 01.26 N 08.01 E
In the centre of Moss Giant Island. The island can be found by swinging on the rope swings west of Brimhaven.
01 degrees 35 minutes south, 07 degrees 28 minutes east 01.35 S 07.28 E
The Green Spider Island east of Yanille. Use Fairy ring code CLS. Dig between a boulder, a leafy tree, and a creeping plant.
02 degrees 46 minutes north, 29 degrees 11 minutes east 02.46 N 29.11 E
Duel Arena in obstacle combat area. You will need to duel another player with obstacles turned on to get to this spot. Make sure you have empty space in your inventory in case you receive your reward during this clue.
02 degrees 48 minutes north, 22 degrees 30 minutes east 02.48 N 22.30 E
Just west of the ladder leading to the HAM Dungeon, dig a space east of the nearest tree to the building.
02 degrees 50 minutes north, 06 degrees 20 minutes east 02.50 N 06.20 E
South of Ardougne Zoo, on a small cape.
03 degrees 35 minutes south, 13 degrees 35 minutes east 03.35 S 13.35 E
On Karamja, north-east of the nature altar.
03 degrees 45 minutes south, 22 degrees 45 minutes east 03.45 S 22.45 E
In the Bedabin camp, at the north side of the watering hole. A Saradomin Wizard will attack.
04 degrees 00 minutes south, 12 degrees 46 minutes east 04.00 S 12.46 E
In the centre of the mine, north of Shilo Village (not the gem rock mine, but rather the one just north-west of the Nature altar).
04 degrees 03 minutes south, 03 degrees 11 minutes east 04.03 S 03.11 E
In the Ogre City. You must have started the Watchtower quest to gain access. This point is after crossing the third bridge. Twenty coins will be needed to pay an ogre guard if you haven't already done so. A Saradomin wizard will attack once you dig.
04 degrees 05 minutes south, 04 degrees 24 minutes east 04.05 S 04.24 E
From castle wars, go south and then east around Gu'Tanoth, until you see a cave. Enter this cave and you will end up on an island south-east of Yanille. Dig on the east side of the island, near one of the spear walls. A Saradomin wizard will attack and must be killed. Another faster way to get to the dungeon is by using the Gnome Glider(Use Duelling Ring to get to [Kharid]) to get to Feldip Hills if you have finished One Small Favour.
04 degrees 13 minutes north, 12 degrees 45 minutes east 04.13 N 12.45 E
North side of Crandor.
04 degrees 16 minutes south, 16 degrees 16 minutes east 04.16 S 16.16 E Outside the east wall of the Ship yard building where G.L.O. Caranock hangs out. A Saradomin wizard will attack.
04 degrees 41 minutes north, 03 degrees 9 minutes west 04.41 N 03.09 W
By Red Spider Eggs in Arandar Pass, A Saradomin wizard will attack. You'll have to complete the quest 'Regicide' to access the area.
05 degrees 20 minutes south, 04 degrees 28 minutes east 05.20 S 04.28 E
In the Feldip Hills. East of the Glider. At the eastern end of an iron rock mine, between two "rockslides".
05 degrees 37 minutes north, 31 degrees 15 minutes east 05.37 N 31.15 E
In Mort Myre swamps, over Nature Spirit's grotto, dig to the north of the grotto tree. A Saradomin Wizard will appear and attack. Druid pouches are recommended, because ghasts may rot your food.
05 degrees 43 minutes north, 23 degrees 05 minutes east 05.43 N 23.05 E
In the cow pasture, directly across the River Lum from the Champions' Guild bush farming patch.
05 degrees 50 minutes south, 10 degrees 05 minutes east 05.50 S 10.05 E
On Cairn Isle, Karamja, dig in the centre of the hut with the broken walls. A Saradomin Wizard will attack.
06 degrees 00 minutes south, 21 degrees 48 minutes east 06.00 S 21.48 E
West of the Bandit Camp (Kharidian Desert), where the coast looks like a nose. Dig at the tip of the "nose". A Saradomin Wizard will attack.
06 degrees 11 minutes south, 15 degrees 07 minutes east 06.11 S 15.07 E
On the eastern half of southern Karamja (probably best to take gnome glider there and travel south), just north of some stepping stones across a waterfall. Dig in the brown patch of ground near the Jogres. A Saradomin Wizard will attack.
06 degrees 31 minutes north, 01 degrees 46 minutes west 06.31 N 01.46 W
Travel south-west from the Tree Gnome Stronghold and you should see three small lakes. Dig in the middle of the two eastern lakes.
07 degrees 05 minutes north, 30 degrees 56 minutes east 07.05 N 30.56 E
In Mort Myre Swamp. Next lake south of the 2 most western fishing spots. Dig west of a rotting tree.
07 degrees 33 minutes north, 15 degrees 00 minutes east 07.33 N 15.00 E
South east of Taverley, on the peninsula where the The Lady of the Lake resides. Dig on the south-west part of the peninsula.
07 degrees 43 minutes south, 12 degrees 26 minutes east 07.43 S 12.26 E
In the middle of the Kharazi Jungle, right below the pond south of Shilo Village. Remember to bring a hatchet and a machete to cut through the jungle. A Saradomin Wizard will attack. You must have at least started the Legends Quest in order to gain access to the area.
08 degrees 03 minutes north, 31 degrees 16 minutes east 08.03 N 31.16 E
South west of BKR fairy ring and slightly north-east of the fishing spot (the one just above the words Mort Myre on the map), in the centre of Mort Myre swamp. Chest is just between farthest east and middle log. A Saradomin Wizard will attack.
08 degrees 05 minutes south, 15 degrees 56 minutes east 08.05 S 15.56 E
In the Kharazi Jungle on south-eastern Karamja. It's right next to the furthest south-east totem pole. A Saradomin Wizard will attack. Prerequisite: Legends Quest.
08 degrees 26 minutes south, 10 degrees 28 minutes east 08.26 S 10.28 E
In the south-west corner of the Kharazi Jungle on Karamja. Dig north of a skeletal corpse. A Saradomin Wizard will attack. Prerequisite: Legends Quest.
08 degrees 33 minutes north, 01 degrees 39 minutes west 08.33 N 01.39 W
At Tree Gnome Stronghold, in the south-west section you'll find a bridge, and a pen containing Terrorbirds. Open the gate by them and go to the edge of the river as far east as you can and dig there.
09 degrees 33 minutes north, 02 degrees 15 minutes east 09.33 N 02.15 E
You must have at least begun the Waterfall quest to get here. Go to the Baxtorian falls, board the log raft, use a rope with the rock to get to the second island with the tree and dig in the centre of that island.
09 degrees 48 minutes north, 17 degrees 39 minutes east 09.48 N 17.39 E
On Ice Mountain, south of the oracle, in an area where there are Icefiends.
11 degrees 03 minutes north, 31 degrees 20 minutes east 11.03 N 31.20 E
East of the fence opening to the Slayer Tower grounds.
11 degrees 05 minutes north, 00 degrees 45 minutes west 11.05 N 00.45 W
In the swamp, west of the Grand Tree.
11 degrees 41 minutes north, 14 degrees 58 minutes east 11.41 N 14.58 E
In the fenced in area, outside of the bar in Burthorpe.
12 degrees 48 minutes north, 20 degrees 20 minutes east 12.48 N 20.20 E
Three squares east of the ladder which gives you access to the Air Obelisk in level 7 wilderness. Can only be accessed via the Edgeville Dungeon. A Zamorak Wizard will attack.
13 degrees 46 minutes north, 21 degrees 01 minutes east 13.46 N 21.01 E
Just outside the south-west corner of Stealing Creation in level 11 wilderness. There are 3 small mushrooms and lots of trees, dig in the centre of the mushrooms. A Zamorak Wizard will attack.
14 degrees 54 minutes north, 9 degrees 13 minutes east 14.54 N 09.13 E
Two steps west of the Enchanted lyre swaying tree which is east of Rellekka (rare tree icon).
16 degrees 03 minutes north, 14 degrees 07 minutes east 16.03 N 14.07 E
Above the entrance to Mad Eadgar's cave on Trollheim mountain, next to the Trollheim teleport spot. A Saradomin Wizard will attack.
16 degrees 31 minutes north, 12 degrees 54 minutes east 16.31 N 12.54 E
In the Troll Stronghold, outside next to the sleeping troll, Mushroom. A Saradomin Wizard will attack.
16 degrees 35 minutes north, 27 degrees 01 minutes east 16.35 N 27.01 E
Just east of the clan wars area, located at level 22 wilderness. A Zamorak wizard will attack.
16 degrees 43 minutes north, 19 degrees 13 minutes east 16.43 N 19.13 E
At the Bandit Camp in the Wilderness, dig south of the most northern lake in the northern-east corner. A Zamorak wizard will attack.
17 degrees 50 minutes north, 08 degrees 30 minutes east 17.50 N 08.30 E
North east of Rellekka by the rock crabs. South west of DKS fairy ring. Dig a bit east of the pier, on one of the seaweed spawns. A Saradomin Wizard will attack.
18 degrees 3 minutes north, 25 degrees 16 minutes east 18.03 N 25.16 E
Level 28 wilderness, in the far east building of the Ruins north of the Graveyard of Shadows. Dig directly on the steel platelegs spawn. A Zamorak wizard will attack.
18 degrees 22 minutes north, 16 degrees 33 minutes east 18.22 N 16.33 E
Level 29 wilderness just North-west from Bandit Camp, in the south-west section of the Forgotten Cemetery. Dig directly south of one of the graves. A Zamorak wizard will attack.
19 degrees 43 minutes north, 25 degrees 07 minutes east 19.43 N 25.07 E
Level 34 wilderness just a little south-east of the Southern side of Red Dragon Isle by some Chaos Dwarves, you should see 4 large cave like objects. Dig almost directly in the centre of them. A Zamorak Wizard will attack.
20 degrees 05 minutes north, 21 degrees 52 minutes east 20.05 N 21.52 E
In level 36 wilderness, just north of a small lake by some moss giants. This can be difficult because of the nearby moss giants and skeletons. A Zamorak Wizard will attack. The wilderness canoe exit is a quick way to get here.
20 degrees 07 minutes north, 18 degrees 33 minutes east 20.07 N 18.33 E
In level 36 wilderness, just beneath the lava maze, in the middle of the hobgoblin mine. A Zamorak Wizard will attack.
20 degrees 33 minutes north, 15 degrees 48 minutes east 20.33 N 15.48 E
Level 38 wilderness, the very west side where there is a Chaos Temple. Dig outside the building, just to the south of the altar. A Zamorak wizard will attack.
21 degrees 24 minutes north, 17 degrees 54 minutes east 21.24 N 17.54 E
Level 41 wilderness, in with the lesser demons, west of the lava maze in the wilderness, about 3 steps west & 3 steps south of the ladder to the King black dragon. A Zamorak wizard will attack. Do not enter the Lava Maze for this clue.
22 degrees 30 minutes north, 03 degrees 01 minutes east 22.30 N 03.01 E
At the end of the path leading to the northern houses in Miscellania.  Use fairy ring code CIP.
22 degrees 35 minutes north, 19 degrees 18 minutes east 22.35 N 19.18 E
Between the two western rune rocks north of the lava maze, in level 46 wilderness. A Zamorak wizard will attack.
22 degrees 45 minutes north, 26 degrees 33 minutes east 22.45 N 26.33 E
At Demonic ruins level 47 Wilderness, middle of north-east room. Dig on the north-east pentagram. A Zamorak Wizard will attack.
24 degrees 24 minutes north, 26 degrees 24 minutes east 24.24 N 26.24 E
Inside the Rogues' Castle in level 53 wilderness, just north of the north-west tower. Be careful of the Chaos Elemental near the tower! A Zamorak Wizard will attack.
24 degrees 56 minutes north, 22 degrees 28 minutes east 24.56 N 22.28 E
A little bit north of the spiders web in level 55 wilderness, north of the lever to teleport to Ardougne. A Zamorak wizard will attack.
24 degrees 58 minutes north, 18 degrees 43 minutes east 24.58 N 18.43 E
Behind the Pirates' hideout in the level 56 wilderness - You have to dig directly north of the Pirate's bar - the casket is near the north-western corner. A Zamorak wizard will attack.
25 degrees 03 minutes north, 17 degrees 05 minutes east 25.03 N 17.05 E
Level 56 wilderness, north west of the agility course. A Zamorak wizard will attack.
25 degrees 03 minutes north, 23 degrees 24 minutes east 25.03 N 23.24 E
Level 56 wilderness, dig on the north side of the magic axe hut located north east of the Deserted Keep. A Zamorak wizard will attack. It helps to have Jennica's ring and a Forinthry brace here, as you can access the Spirit Realm with the portal south of the building (using the brace to erase a revenant's teleblock if necessary), and you can teleport out of the Wilderness while in the Spirit Realm.

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City of Heroes

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All maps in City of Heroes and City of Villains use a coordinate system to track where people and objects are. These coordinates are all in the form of an (x, y, z) triplet. The coordinates are in units of in-game feet. For example, the point at coordinates (1, 0, 0) is one in-game foot away from coordinates (0, 0, 0).


The X-, Y-, and Z-Axes

The coordinates are slightly odd in that they do not follow a traditional mapping system. The x-axis is the east-west axis on game maps. However, as one travels east (right), the x-coordinate decreases. The y-axis is the vertical location of a person or object and increases as one increases one's altitude. The z-axis is the north-south axis on game maps, and increases as one travels south (down). Notice that coordinates can be positive or negative.

The axes are summarized in the diagram below, a modified map of The Hollows:


The origin of the maps (coordinates (0, 0, 0)) vary from map to map, and in some cases, is off the primary map area entirely.

Obtaining Coordinates

Internally, the game tracks coordinates to six decimal places, or +/- 0.000001 feet (0.000012 inches). This is a high degree of accuracy, usually a degree that is not needed for practical purposes.

Using the /loc command

The simplest way to obtain one's coordinate is to type /loc on the chat command line. This will show one's coordinates on a map accurate to within 0.1 feet (1.2 inches).

Binding the /loc command

If the /loc command will be used often, it might be useful to bind the command to a key. For example, if the L key is not being used in some other capacity, typing the following on the chat command line will allow a player to simply press the L key to gather his or her location:

/bind L "loc"

Using demorecord files

If a higher degree of accuracy is desired, the full six decimal places of coordinates are recorded in demorecord files. To create a demorecord file, type /demorecord filename on the chat command line. The file will be saved in a subdirectory of the City of Heroes application directory (C:\Program Files\City of Heroes by default) named client_demos. To stop the demorecord file, type /demostop on the chat command line. For simple coordinate-gathering, the demostop command can usually be issued immediately after the demorecord command.

Once the demorecord file is created, open it using a text editor and search for the character's or object's name you wish to get the coordinates of. The name should be contained on a line such as the following:

0   32  NEW "DJ Zero"

The second number in this line (32 in the example) is the identification number of the character or object. All coordinates related to this character or object will be contained on similar lines with this identification number, but with the POS command instead of NEW. For example, the following line may appear in a demorecord file with the previous example line in it:

0   32  POS -80.09375 23.0625 -1057.03125

The numbers following the POS command are the x-, y-, and z-coordinates of the character or object. In this example, DJ Zero is located at coordinates (-80.093750, 23.062500, -1,057.031250). The /loc command rounds these coordinates to the nearest tenth, so in the game, this would appear as (-80.1, 23.1, -1057.0).

This article uses material from the "Coordinates" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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