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This article is about the object used primarily in Cooking. For other uses, see Range (disambiguation).
"Stove" redirects here. For cooking devices that members can build in a stove hotspot in their houses, see Kitchen..
For the combat skill, see Ranged.
A range
A Stove

A Cooking range is an object used primarily to cook food via the Cooking skill. To cook raw food, simply use it on the range. Any food can be cooked on a range, except for special cases that need to be cooked on a fire using an iron spit. Players can also burn seaweed on a range to turn it into soda ash.

All ranges have lower burn rate than fires, and the range in Lumbridge Castle has an even lower burn rate. However, this does not eliminate the player's risk of burning food, until the player has reached the necessary cooking level not to burn.

There are many other cooking areas that may be used as ranges, but do not have the name of "range". For example, the sulphur vents in the TzHaar City can be used as a range. Members may also build a variety of ranges, ovens and stoves in the kitchen of their house.

Stoves had a long unfixed problem, that is a player would cook the food at the coal gate rather than on the cooking pan. This is not a glitch but a thinking problem. It was finally fixed on 17 September, 2009. Please notice only the cooking range at Lumbridge was free of that problem, but it should not indicate it is superior because characters cook at this range in the "correct" way.



Ranges are located in many other places than the areas mentioned above. They are marked on a player's minimap by the Range icon. Notable ranges are listed here.




Lumbridge Castle range

The range in Lumbridge Castle has an even lower burn rate, but players need to complete Cook's Assistant quest in order to use it. It is interestingly enough called the Cook-o-Matic 25. If asked for permission to use the range, the Cook of Lumbridge will give you a Cook-o-matic manual, to explain its benefits for low-level food items.

The nearest banks are the Culinaromancer's chest in the cellar (which requires the first part of the Recipe for Disaster quest to be completed) and at the top of Lumbridge Castle.

Sulphur vents

Sulphur vents are small, round holes in volcanic rock from which hot sulphur and gases rise. They are found only in the TzHaar City. They are used to cook food on. One is located relatively close to the bank, making cooking fast. Oddly, although when your player is cooking on it, he/she copies the movement that he/she uses for cooking on a fire but, the vent has a lower burning rate than a normal range!

They can also be used as a safe spot to range or mage a monster from.

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