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This article is about the item made by cooking meat from ordinary cows, bears or giant rats. For the item made by cooking meat from an undead cow, see Cooked meat (undead).
"Meat" redirects here. For others meats, see Food.

Cooked meat is a food item that players can eat by itself, or they can use it to make stews, meat pies, and meat pizzas[1]. It is made by using any of the animals' steak-like raw meats with a fire or range.

To obtain meat, players must first kill a cow, cow calf, giant rat, Yak, Pawya or bear. It will drop raw meat, which players can then cook.

There is a risk that the meat will burn to produce a piece of burnt meat (which is required for the Witch's Potion quest) (if your level is too high to burn meat then simply cook it twice). Although many burning incidents may occur at first, these will decrease rapidly as the player's cooking skill increases and eventually never happen.

This is one of the easiest of items to cook, requiring a cooking level of only 1 (to gain 30 experience), and heals 3 hitpoints when consumed[2].

Cooked meat can also be purchased at Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim, at the general store in Ardougne, and from Chargurr at Oo'glog. It is also a fairly common drop from Minotaurs in the Stronghold of Security (level 1).

Tools/Utensils none
Ingredients Raw beef, Raw rat meat, Raw bear meat, Raw yak meat, or Raw pawya meat.
Cooking Level 1
Cooking Experience 30
Range Only? no
Instructions Use raw meat with fire or range.
Servings 1
HP per Serving 3

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