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Recapture of Kuat


Convoy Beta Raid

Convoy Alpha Raid

Dark Order War


14 ABY


Kuat system, near Ristel


New Republic Victory


New Republic

Dark Order of Korr




  • 1 A-wing Squadron
  • 6 Y-wings
  • Legionnaire damaged
  • 1 Carrack-class light cruiser
  • Majority of fighters and bombers
  • Entire convoy

Convoy Alpha Raid was the code name for a New Republic attack on a supply convoy bound for the planet Kuat, which was controlled by the Dark Order of Korr during the Dark Order War.


After the forces of the Dark Jedi Jaden Korr successfully took control of the Kuat system, his faction gained control over the system's enormous shipyards. With these industrial facilities at Jaden's disposal, repairs on the ships in his fleet were commenced and production of the numerous warships at Kuat were resumed. However, in the aftermath of the conflicts that had been damaging and destabilizing the Kuat sector as a whole, the shipyards did not possess enough resources or materials required to allow production for long. To counter this, Jaden ordered the assembly of three convoys to transport the necessary resources to the shipyards.

A spy working for the New Republic intercepted Jaden's orders and reported them to Republic Intelligence. The New Republic Defense Fleet in turn commissioned a small task force led by the Defender-class Star Destroyer Evening Star and had it covertly deployed outside the Kuat system. The task force then broke into three smaller groups which independently patrolled for the Imperial convoys. The first convoy, designated "ISC Alpha" was carrying capital ship components, durasteel, and other building materials. It was intercepted in the Kuat system near the planet Ristel.

The battle

The Republic group led by Nebulon-B2 frigate Legionnaire spotted Convoy Alpha as it traveled past the planet Ristel in the Kuat system. It and the frigate Liberator moved to intercept, launching A-wing and Y-wing starfighters. The convoy's escorting TIE Vanguards spotted the Republic ships and attempted to send a distress signal to the Imperial fleet at Kuat, but their communications were jammed by the Legionnaire. The primary escort vessels of the convoy, consisting of two Carrack-class light cruisers armed with proton bomb launchers, moved to engage the frigates. They also launched TIE Fighters and Bombers to protect themselves and the convoy, which continued on its present course.

The TIE Fighters and Vanguards engaged the Republic fighters, while the Bombers stayed at a distance to guard the Imperial cruisers. With their communications jammed, however, the Imperial forces were at a severe disadvantage, and were scattered by laser fire from the Republic frigates. Their numbers rapidly started to wane as a result.

The Y-wings then split into two groups. The first one attacked the Carrack cruisers and the second engaged the convoy vessels with their proton torpedoes. The A-wings split up appropriately to cover the bombers. Although they came under fire from the TIE Fighters and some of the armed transports, the Y-wings maintained formation and destroyed numerous convoy vessels. Meanwhile, the Carrack-class cruisers were overpowered by the combined firepower of the Republic frigates, both of which managed to stay out of their bomb launchers' fire arc. After the first cruiser was destroyed by turbolaser fire, the rest of the Y-wings broke off to engage the convoy, leaving the frigates to finish the cruiser off.

With the help of the frigate Liberator, the Y-wings destroyed the rest of the convoy. The remaining Carrack cruiser managed to retaliate against the Legionnaire, however, by launching a single pair of proton bombs at the frigate, eliminating the shields on its port side and damaging its hull. Before it could fire again, however, the frigate fled outside of the cruiser's warhead range. As the Republic vessels regrouped, they were detected by a patrolling Victory II-class Star Destroyer as it investigated the delayed arrival of the convoy. After arriving at the location of the convoy's destruction, the Star Destroyer engaged the frigates. Although the vessel managed to save the remaining Carrack cruiser, the convoy was lost and the Republic forces escaped.


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