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Construction Platform 966A, alternatively nicknamed Station Delphi, was a deep space UNSC shipyard and construction platform. It was similar to refitting stations like the Cradle. Essentially, it is a massive plate of Titanium-A containing a floating city of welded scaffolding cranes, docking pods, tubes, and grappling claws. [1]

The station was decommissioned in 2528 and abandoned near the Groombridge 34 System. Due to poor maintenance, the platform was a mess by 2531. That year, ONI arranged for the Spartan-IIs to be sent on a mission to the station to check for any "rebel activity." This was actually a guise for them to abduct Spartan-051 for use in the upcoming Spartan-III project[2]. After he was taken, the station was tagged with a HAZNAV satellite to ward off future exploration of it.

Another curious fact about the station was that it had a hull-support cradle built specially for the Stealth Cruiser UNSC Point of No Return.[3] This could possibly suggest that the station was not abandoned except in de-classified papers, and intended to service the UNSC Point of No Return, so that it could have regular maintenance without needing special concerns to not be seen.


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