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Almanian Uprising


Galactic Civil War, First Corellian Insurrection

Conquest of the Death Watch

16 ABY (Dxun clan wars), 18 ABY



Major battles

Unification of Dxun - Assimilation of Onderon - Invasion of Naboo - Battle over Sluis Van


New Republic

Imperial Remnant (19 ABY)


The Conquest of the Death Watch was a war that pitted the fragile New Republic against the Death Watch in 18 ABY with the Death Watch's capture of Onderon. The Imperial Remnant later joined the war when internal conflicts from within the Death Watch resulted in small amounts of infighting with the Imperial Remnant. Along the way, The Death Watch began to take important planets in order to gain a foothold in the Galaxy.




Prelude to battle: The Dxun clan wars

Main article: Unification of Dxun

In 16 ABY, a man under the codename of "Theta", began a clan war on the Mandalorian controlled planet of Dxun. He began to unite the clans of the banner of the Death Watch, the name of an old splinter group of Mandalorians who had been defeated in 34 BBY. His ideals were the same as Vizsla, the original leader of the Death Watch, start a new Mandalorian war and conquer the Galaxy. With these ideals in place, Theta and the Death Watch began to plan out their first strike, the orbiting planet of Onderon.

The opening conflict

2 years later, the Death Watch made the first strike by attacking the neighboring planet of Onderon. Using the closeness of the planets to their advantage, the Death Watch bombarded the capital city of Iziz, and never let up on the offensive. Onderon was unable to push the Death Watch back, and soon, the planet fell with the Governor's surrender. Theta soon took the throne for his own and began to use Onderon's resources to build up his army once more. He was then called to help the Imperials to invade Naboo.

Striking under the radar

Main article: Invasion of Naboo

In an attempt to gain a foothold in the Mid Rim, the Imperials had planned to invade the planet of Naboo. With news just reaching Coruscant about Onderon, Theta and his new army traveled to Naboo to help their allies with the invasion. They quickly destroyed the main communications, preventing Naboo from calling for help. After they succeeded in taking control of the planet, they quickly repaired the communications and tricked the New Republic into believing that Naboo was fine. With Naboo at their command, the Imperials prepared to strike at some of their former colonies and take them back. Theta received information about an experimental hyperdrive that was being built on Sluis Van. He also received news that a man who had ruined his plans before, Echon Tarkin, was on board a space station orbiting the planet. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, he ordered his troops to attack both the planet and the space station.

A massacre

Main article: Battle over Sluis Van

Theta attacked Entrench Station, hoping to remove any form of reinforcements that could hinder his progress on the planet. However, his progress was once again hindered by Echon Tarkin, along with the help of others, which included Silas Skirata of Mandalore, and Dagger of the Wolf Star Coalition.

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Conquest of the Death Watch
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